WWE Divas, September 28th Raw Results – With Friends Like These…
Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 28 Raw Results:


Last week on Raw we got a huge curveball to interrupt the celebration of Charlotte’s Divas’ Championship win: Paige turned heel and broke things off with Team PCB. An attempt at placating her on Smackdown did nothing to change her mind. So this week on Raw, Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be appearing on Miz TV again (because that went so well the first time) to address the situation. Team Bella likewise have more than a few things to get off their chests too. And since Natalya made her return to Raw last week, you can expect she’ll have something to say as well.

Miz opens by reminding the ladies about how they got attacked by Team Bella the last time they were on. Becky decides to remind him that he had been about to get slapped around for his chauvinistic comments. Miz compares the PCB break-up to that of One Direction (and Becky can be seen chuckling at that). But Charlotte takes the microphone and suggests that Paige can either come down and talk with them, or else come down and get her ass kicked. Miz starts to protest but Becky grabs his microphone and throws it surprisingly far. They’re now interrupted by Team Bella, as Nikki’s here to thank them; while PCB are acting like high school girls, they’re stronger than ever. And by the time she gets her rematch, Charlotte will be so distracted by the drama that it’ll be easy for Nikki to win back her title. And Nikki says that all reigns come to an end, something Paige also said last week. But Nikki disagrees with the statement that Paige started the Divas Revolution. She claims that she herself started it. Charlotte counters that no one woman started the revolution; the fans did by believing in the women themselves. Alicia Fox then interrupts them and reminds them that it’s now a three on two assault…or is it? Paige is here again. Naturally she disagrees with Nikki’s statements. She claims that she put the NXT women on the map by becoming the first champion. After some more catty insults, a six way brawl ensues. And it looks like Team PCB are united once again…for now…

It’s now an impromptu 6-Diva tag match. Paige is hitting Alicia Fox with a series of knees, before tagging Becky in. Ms Lynch lands two leg drops before tagging Charlotte in to hit a knee drop. Charlotte goes for a neckbreaker but Alicia escapes and tags Brie in. Brie wrenches Charlotte’s arm but the champ rolls her up for two. She flips Brie and tags Becky back in, to hit a bad-looking double hip toss. Brie however flips Becky to the apron, allowing Alicia to get a sneak attack. Nikki tags in now to hit a snap suplex. She follows up with a front powerslam before Alicia tags back in. Alicia suplexes Becky for two and goes to a surfboard stretch. Becky tries to fight out but Alicia knocks her to the corner and tags Brie in. A third suplex follows, and Brie unleashes some kicks to Becky in the corner. She lays Becky out with a bulldog but only gets two. Chinlock from Brie momentarily before Nikki is back in. A Bellas’ double team gets two as Nikki goes to a chinlock too. Becky fights to her feet and is able to counter a suplex attempt into a small package. She and Nikki collide with a double clothesline and Becky tags the Divas’ Champion. Charlotte goes to town with chops, neckbreaker and a big boot. Brie breaks the pin, resulting in Paige and Becky tossing her and Alicia out of the ring. Charlotte goes for the Figure 4 on Nikki – but the former champ kicks her away. This knocks Charlotte into Paige, who then decides to walk out of the match. But now Natalya’s here! She yells at Paige, before running down to the ring to lend her support. But Paige now attacks Natalya! As Charlotte and Becky yell at Paige, this allows Nikki to blindside Charlotte with the Rack Attack for the win.

Winners: Team Bella


Who would have guessed that the Miz TV segment would be a step in the right direction? I personally enjoyed it very much. It a) furthered the storyline between Paige, Becky and Charlotte and b) shed some light on Nikki’s rematch. I thought all the women did a great job on the mic. It was interesting to see them draw the lines in that Paige and Team Bella were heels together – but did not co-exist or share the same viewpoints. We’ve seen in the past that all heels are automatically BFFs as soon as they join the dark side – and vice versa with the faces. Paige had those great lines calling back to her NXT Women’s Championship win. It’s actually a valid point; Charlotte, Becky, Sasha and Bayley are touted as the Four Horsewomen of NXT – and held up as the ones that really put everyone on notice as far as the Divas were concerned. But it really did begin with Paige. She was the first NXT Diva to actually get over in front of the Full Sail crowd. All she did was walk down the ramp and scream a little, but she definitely drew attention. So although she wasn’t one of the women who really built the division up, she definitely helped lay the groundwork – along with Emma and Summer Rae. On the flipside, Nikki mostly said what she usually does about how dominant she is. But she notably acknowledged that it was a team effort from herself, Brie and Alicia. Charlotte and Becky meanwhile established themselves as good faces by giving credit to the fans. Charlotte’s promo work has been her downfall for ages, but she cut a nice promo here. Overall I was really happy with the mic time each woman got.

The match was good too. They had one the night after SummerSlam, but this was a bit tighter – perhaps mainly due to the absence of rude crowd chants. Having Paige start the match was a good idea, and her acting on the apron was spot-on throughout. I noted that Charlotte clapped to get the crowd going, while Paige did nothing. Charlotte shouted words of encouragement but Paige instead called out negative comments like “what are you doing?” And I loved her annoyed look when Becky tagged Charlotte instead of her. Team Bella worked very well as a unit, utilising that good chemistry. All performed pretty well – apart from Brie’s botch of that hip toss. It just goes to show what having a dynamic Diva like Becky in there to really help bring out the best in them. The end was great – with Paige walking out over an accident, and then distracting her team long enough to allow Team Bella to get the win. That’s also Charlotte’s first loss since she was pinned accidentally by Naomi on Smackdown. I liked Natalya’s part in it too; that was a good way to include her. Judging by what went down, I’d say it’s more likely that Nattie will hook up with Charlotte and Becky to make it a trio again. It’ll be interesting to see how she fits into their dynamic – but I can only imagine good things. All in all this Raw came together really well; Paige’s heel turn was explored even further, we got a lengthy match and built towards Nikki’s rematch. The only complaint I have is the lack of Team BAD in anything prominent. Make those tag titles happen, WWE. We fans beseech you!

  • Francisco Baguer

    This is why need Divas tag titles. If they want to keep this whole faction thing going, then give them something to fight for other than stupid bragging rights.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I agree. Hopefully they head in that direction after getting Nikki’s rematch out of the way

  • conan_kun

    I hate WWE’s way to book Divas Champ too weak, like they booked AJ Lee and Nikki lost too much on non-title match and got pinned during tag team match when they are on the road to longest-reigning divas champ.

    It doesn’t make sense for Paige team with Charlotte and Becky again after Paige just turn on them last week, and what’s the point Natalya jumps up the apron, she’s not legal to replace Paige as teammate.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Don’t see how she was made to look weak. She only lost because Paige walked out and distracted everyone. It’s not like Nikki totally overpowered her. Lol at Nattie getting up on the apron yes but I’ve seen people just interject themselves in matches before. Thought it made sense enough. Paige teamed with them because she hates Team Bella, she didn’t act as if they were friendly throughout the match and she walked out towards the end

  • Francisco Baguer

    This Raw sucks for this reason cause this Miz TV thing was the same exact thing as last time, the only difference is that the crowd didn’t turn on them like in Brooklyn. This proves that WWE is not telling stories with divas, they are just cramming them all in 1 segment & having the exact same matches over & over again. Thats not making new stars, thats actually hindering them because eventually people are going to get sick of seeing them, I’m already sick of seeing the Bellas.

    • conan_kun

      MizTV is unnecessary for this, can’t they just simply let Charlotte and Becky head to the ring and call out Paige, but Team Bella coming out instead. I agree they keep letting Bellas stealing the spotlight from Team BAD especially Sasha won’t go anywhere for divas division.

      • Bobby Calloway

        They do have a rematch for Nikki to get out of the way first. They’re phasing the Bellas out of the spotlight for now. In a month they won’t be getting this much airtime

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