WWE Divas, Main Event Results – Bank On Team BAD
Posted on Saturday, September 26th, 2015

WWE Divas, Main Event Results:

Team BAD vs Team Bella

main event 

Team Bella may have suffered a huge drop in weight at Night of Champions, but it looks like they’re not letting that deter things. As Nikki prepares for her Divas’ Championship rematch in the near future, she’s recruited the rest of Team Bella to compete in 6-Diva tag team action. Their opponents are the real wild cards in the Divas Revolution – Team BAD. Sasha likewise has an Iron Woman match to prepare for. We’ll see which team comes out on top.

It’s the two former champions starting the match, as Nikki powders out of the ring to do a few star jump taunts. In the ring she slaps Sasha and puts her in a headlock. Shoulder tackle puts the former Divas’ Champion on top, however Sasha hits a dropkick for one. She taunts Nikki too and tags Naomi in – to hit their leapfrog hip drop double team. Tamina tags in and holds onto Nikki’s arm, preventing her from making the tag to her partners. Tamina gives Nikki a head-butt and tags Naomi back in. Naomi gives Nikki a dose of Bootylicious and two flying knees. Nikki is able to tag Alicia Fox in, who lands an elbow to Naomi’s arm. She wristlocks Naomi and kicks her in the back, before slamming her to the mat. She goes for a hair-pull slam but Naomi counters into a monkey flip. Naomi ends up on the apron, hits Alicia with a kick and prepares for a springboard…only for Alicia to dropkick her in mid-air!

When they return from a commercial break, Brie is working over Naomi. She tags Nikki and whips Naomi into an uppercut. Nikki puts on a chinlock, Naomi counters with a jawbreaker and Nikki prevents her from tagging – before hitting a spinebuster. Naomi kicks out and Brie tags back in. The sisters hit a double chop to the gut and hair-pull slam. Naomi knocks both Nikki and Alicia off the apron and rolls over to make the tag…until Brie cuts her off. Brie puts on a grounded abdominal stretch before transitioning to her running knee. She hits a second and then scales the top rope. She goes for the missile dropkick but Naomi sidesteps her. Alicia and Sasha tag in, the former NXT Women’s Champion cleaning house. She hits double knees to Alicia but Brie breaks the pin. Tamina superkicks Brie out of the ring and gets forearmed by Nikki. Naomi blasts her with the Rear View and gets booted by Alicia. Sasha then hits Alicia from behind with the Bank Statement for the win!

Winners: Team BAD


Wow, I really loved this match. I always enjoy a good 6-Diva tag that gets plenty of time – and when the partners each get their own moment to shine in the ring. That’s exactly what happened here, except for Tamina. It’s probably wise that she wasn’t given too much to do – as the part that she was in the ring for did not look particularly solid. I enjoyed the Nikki/Sasha interactions. If I’m being honest, they don’t have mind-blowing chemistry. But they did work quite well together and I would love to see a long singles match between them here on this show. Since Nikki’s no longer champion and Paige looks like she’ll be Charlotte’s next challenger, it’s unlikely these two will be in the spotlight any time soon. Alicia and Naomi’s chemistry was excellent. They’ve worked together plenty of times and it showed that they’re very familiar with each other in the ring. Naomi took a good beating and sold her ass off (no pun intended) – as well as looking very solid with everything she did. She and Brie worked together nicely too, Brie applying a nice submission and utilising some good tactics to keep Naomi isolated from her opponents. The way she countered the missile dropkick was simple and yet ingenious. As expected, Sasha was built up as the hot tag; the one who came in, cleared the ring and picked up the win. Her hot tag sequence was very nice to watch, and she and Alicia again worked pretty well. That’s another match I’d like to see – as they had a nice one on NXT years ago when Sasha first debuted. The match breakdown was nice organised chaos – with all Divas hitting their moves on-point and no screw-ups. Sasha’s setting up of the Bank Statement again flowed perfectly.

It’s interesting to note that this time around, Team BAD played the faces here. Although both teams are heels, whenever they’ve gone against each other in the past – Team Bella have usually been the de-facto faces. It made for something new to see the Bellas get to work over Team BAD and properly dominate. And after seeing Naomi be the one to get worked on, I’m convinced that going face is the right move for her. As much as I’ve enjoyed her heel promos and the new things they’ve tried with her character – she’s easily a better face. Turning her heel was a good experiment, but it’s only a matter of time before she’s a face again. She simply plays that role much better. So should the rest of Team BAD turn face too? I certainly think so. On a practical level, Paige will now be pushed as the top heel (or so I’m assuming). That leaves Charlotte, Becky and possibly Natalya as faces against seven other heels. So I think turning Team BAD face and grooming them to be the ones to challenge Paige when she inevitably becomes champion again could be a good move. Or else if we actually do get those rumoured Divas tag titles, we’d need a strong face team to lead that part of the division. Tamina tends to find herself pigeonholed into the role of the brutish heel, but I personally think the 2012 period where she was a face saw some of her best work in the ring – so I think she could benefit from a turn. Likewise Sasha is over as hell and the fans give her nothing but cheers, so they really should just go ahead and turn her. I know I’m making rather a lot out of a simple match on Main Event – but it is food for thought. What are your opinions?

  • conan_kun

    There have the same match on Raw Aug 10, Team Bella with Nikki in peril and Brie got hot tag but this time Team BAD with Naomi in peril and Sasha got hot tag. Last week Nikki rants on Brie and Foxy for failed Bellabration but this week on Raw and Main Event, Team Bella had no problems against each other. I love to see Team BAD becoming female version of The New Day, it could be great for them plus Team BAD and The New Day recently had connection with each other offscreen.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Omg I LOVE that idea :D

      • Francisco Baguer

        If they do decide to have diva tag title I think Sasha & Naomi should be the 1st champions. I agree on you saying should turn face cause Sasha is beloved by many & Naomi herself said she can’t to be a face again to bring new ideas into her character. Naomi’s heel run, although it started off strong, went downhill when didn’t win the title. If they won’t give the title, then she should at least be tag champion with Sasha as they work well as a team. As for Sasha, she’s pretty much stuck in limbo now, so her & Naomi being champs would do wonders for her. I could totally see them hanging out with The New Day with what they have been doing with them offscreen..

        • Bobby Calloway

          I really hope they do bring in Divas tag titles. They certainly have enough women for them -- and they usually have two matches per show anyway. Naomi and Sasha have nice tag chemistry and would probably be even more fun to watch if they were faces

          • Francisco Baguer

            True. This has been a subject for years, but now that they have so much women & others being underutilized, they can bring tag titles because if they insist in continuing this whole faction thing, then need something to fight for & the tag titles would be a big motivation. Sasha & Naomi should turn faces & be champs cause they have cheered for Sasha ever since debuting so they have to turn her face & Naomi is better off being one as well.

            • Bobby Calloway

              A few years ago I would have said it was impossible but you really never know -- if Triple H and Stephanie are really behind pushing these women, it could happen

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