WWE Divas, September 23rd NXT Results – Carmella Sees Red, Asuka Sees Gold
Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 23 NXT Results:


Last week, history was made as the first ever women’s match to main event a PPV was announced. But we’ve got other matters to think about on NXT. It was also just announced that WWE had signed Japanese superstar Kana – and she will appear here this week with William Regal. Now renamed Asuka she will also have to deal with some rather nasty words from Emma and Dana Brooke. Additionally Eva Marie steps into the ring once again – facing the woman she defeated back in Brooklyn. It’s Eva Marie vs Carmella!

William Regal is in the ring with a desk. He announces that Kana is here! As her titantron plays, the name changes from Kana to Asuka – and she makes her entrance. The music is pretty good and she’s clearly excited to be there. Regal welcomes her to NXT and she says that she’s happy to be there – and hopes to become NXT Women’s Champion. Some familiar music plays and Team Disingenuous are on the scene. They sarcastically welcome Asuka to NXT but Dana claims that they are the ones who ran Charlotte and Becky Lynch off the show. She orders Asuka out of their ring – and she actually does. But when she gets to the top of the ramp, she shoots them a look that wipes the smirks off both their faces.

We’re actually shown a replay of Eva’s match against Billie Kay – where the referee obviously hesitates while Eva is being pinned. Eva then gets a pre-filmed promo where she thanks said referee for not “caving into peer pressure from our biased fanbase” and doing the right thing. Carmella is feeling feisty when she gets to the ring, ramming Eva into the corner. There’s a lot of hair pulling before Carmella throws Eva out of the ring, taking the time to moonwalk. When Eva gets into the ring, Carmella rolls her into a crucifix pin for two. Eva however takes control with a snap suplex. She splashes Carmella in the corner and follows up with a running big boot. After some fumbling, Eva hits another snap suplex for two. Carmella slaps Eva in the face, prompting Eva to drive her into the canvas. Carmella gets a small package for two, but Eva knees her in the gut and locks on a surfboard stretch. Carmella gets to her feet and is able to get a hurricanrana to turn the tide. She mounts a comeback with two Thesz Presses and a running shoulder block. She hits her Edge-o-matic but the referee stops the count – as Eva has her foot on the rope. Eva throws Carmella out of the ring and that’s enough to keep her down for the ten count. A replay confirms that Eva’s foot was indeed on the bottom rope.

Winner: Eva Marie (via count-out)


NXT provides us with a nice double-dose of Diva action once again. The Eva/Carmella match was about on the same level as the last one. While I’m a big fan of Carmella and I think she’s getting better every time she’s in the ring – I don’t think she is the right person for Eva to keep facing. She’s still very new herself and not at a level where she can carry a match completely. Eva needs someone like a Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Emma or Bayley in there with her. The usual problems with Eva were still there – namely timing and transitioning between moves. The repeated “how you doin’?” taunts looked as if she was panicking or flustered about something – though I did chuckle at the crowd chanting back “super, thank you” at her. At this point Eva does her moves fine and she’s bringing some good personality to the table. But she needs to have a worker in there who can help her improve. That’s how Trish and Lita got better when they were given their pushes. Trish wouldn’t learn anything being in there with a Torrie Wilson or Stacy Keibler. It was from Jazz and Molly working with her and teaching her while they were in the ring. So if WWE wants to push Eva, they need to give her opponents who can bring out the best in her. Meanwhile I’m surprised that they actually acknowledged the botched kick-out from a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if this is a sign of a new storyline for Eva – since the camera angle definitely made it look as if she hadn’t kicked out and the referee was just stopping for her. We’ll have to see her again to properly understand if this is going to be something about how she’s pulling strings with management to help her win matches. That could be a good storyline to do and I’d be interested to see it. So we’ll have to wait a few weeks and see.

I’m happy that Kana has been signed and debuted so quickly. She definitely made an impression in her debut – showing lots of energy and excitement. Team Disingenuous appear to have become the resident bullies of NXT; and their gimmick looks as if they’ll be hazing any newcomers and trying to intimidate them. Both of them seemed pretty solid on the mic, Dana in particular. She sounded much better than some of her ghastly backstage interviews. At first I wasn’t sure about having Asuka simply walk away and allow herself to be intimidated like that. But the final part did make me feel a little better. In terms of kayfabe, Asuka knows how to pick her battles. So she’ll let Emma and Dana have the last word for now. But when they meet in the ring, she’ll have no problems reminding them of everything they said. The little look she gave them and their reactions to it were a nice bit of acting. It’ll be interesting to see how Asuka slots into the fledgling division. We do need another strong face in addition to Bayley and Carmella. Welcome to NXT, Asuka!

  • G.I.R.L.

    I try but Eva sucks so bad in the ring. Even Ashley didn’t suck this much back when she debuted.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Ashley did have Victoria to help her out when she first started -- but yeah she was pretty bad too. Poor girl was never given any proper training and only coached on a per-match basis. Hopefully Eva can at least overcome this

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