WWE Divas, September 21st Raw Results – Did Someone Order A Pipe Bomb?
Posted on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

WWE Divas, September 21 Raw Results:


So we have a new WWE Divas’ Champion everybody! Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella to end her 301 day reign and she’ll be here on Raw to celebrate. She’ll also be here to wrestle – as she takes on Brie Bella. Additionally one of her Team PCB partners Paige has some choice words for the WWE Universe. We can also look forward to Naomi being in singles action tonight. She’s taking on a Diva we haven’t seen in a few months: Natalya returns tonight!

Ric Flair is out first to say a few words. He gets pretty emotional, stating that his proudest moment in wrestling was watching his daughter win the title last night. Without further ado, out comes PCB with the new WWE Divas’ Champion. Charlotte takes the mic and gets emotional too. She says she hopes she can make him half as proud of her as she is of him. Father and daughter embrace, and Charlotte then thanks Paige and Becky. She calls them her best friends. She says some very nice things to Becky – who has taught her that life is short and she shouldn’t be serious all the time. She then turns to Paige and reminds everyone that she was the first NXT Women’s Champion – and is proud to have followed in her footsteps. Paige now takes the microphone…and snaps that she is the one who made all of this possible. She says that there is no Divas Revolution and that Charlotte is just a placeholder. She shouts that Becky will never be champion – as she’s the least relevant out of all of them. She rants on Team BAD, Lana and Summer Rae. She even asks if Natalya works here anymore. She calls out the Bellas and claims they slept their way to the top. She tells Charlotte to stop acting as if she’s somebody because she’s only here because of her father. As Paige storms off, Nikki’s music plays and Team Bella appear on the stage. She gets in a few digs at Paige and then mocks Charlotte for the break-up of PCB. She sarcastically wishes Charlotte good luck as we prepare for her match against Charlotte.

When we return from the commercial break, Brie headlock takeovers Charlotte. The new Divas’ Champion comes back with a roll-up and a couple of knees. Brie then hits her missile dropkick for two. Charlotte is able to throw Brie into the corner and grapple with her to the outside. Brie is able to kick Charlotte into the ring steps, possibly hurting the leg that was injured last night. Back in the ring, Brie looks as if she’s going after the leg. She hits a dragon screw but Charlotte ducks a submission attempt and rolls Brie up for two. Brie however gets back on top with a spinning toe hold. A well-placed dropkick to the head follows from Brie. She positions Charlotte’s leg on the ropes and hits her running knee to it. She hits a second and covers Charlotte for two. Charlotte goes for a scoop slam but Brie rolls off and chop blocks her. Brie locks in a half-crab but Charlotte escapes with an enziguri. Charlotte gets a backslide for two and then unleashes a series of chops. She hits the neckbreaker-spear combo and puts Brie in the Figure 8 for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

We go backstage to the newly heel Paige – and the returning Natalya. Paige thinks Nattie is going to lecture her. But Nattie says she gets it. However she still thinks Paige acted unprofessionally. She also tells Paige that the only person standing in her own way – is herself. As she walks off, Paige looks a little troubled.

Natalya gets quite a respectable pop for her entrance and establishes that she is a face this week. Naomi shoves her and gets a headlock in response. Both Divas hit simultaneous dropkicks, but Natalya gets the upper hand with a Russian leg sweep. Naomi retreats to the apron and hits Natalya with a sneaky kick. Paige is shown watching from backstage as Naomi locks Natalya in a half-nelson. Naomi transitions into her corner bulldog. Natalya gets a roll-up for two but Naomi knocks her back down with a flipping clothesline. Naomi scoop slams Natalya and hits a leg drop for two. Naomi goes for another bulldog but Natalya reverses into a slingshot atomic drop. She hits a low dropkick and discus clothesline. She knocks Tamina off the apron and prepares for the Sharpshooter. However Sasha distracts her, and that allows Naomi to hit a sneaky Rear View for the win.

Winner: Naomi


Well that sure was an eventful Raw, wasn’t it? I mean all I was expecting was for Charlotte to get a match to establish her as a strong champion – with Nikki making snide remarks from commentary. I think everyone with half a brain knew that Paige would turn heel on Becky and Charlotte eventually. But I certainly didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I expected Sasha to come forward as the next challenger while they slowly built towards Paige turning. I suppose Nikki vs Charlotte didn’t have enough heat to make a rematch between them highly anticipated – so WWE went and turned Paige to put some extra excitement into the division. Paige’s promo was standard textbook “it’s all about me” stuff and it worked. I liked most of the comments she made and she played heel pretty well. I will say that she has to tread carefully, as she’s still going to get cheered. So she needs to make sure she gets plenty of cheap heat and insults the fans as well as her opponents. That will hopefully ensure that she can get some heat on herself. Elsewhere I thought the segment came together really well. And having Ric Flair there to introduce Charlotte did give it some extra importance. We’re so used to lacklustre first appearances from new champions – them competing in throwaway matches etc. – so it made a nice change to actually tell the crowd that someone winning the title is actually a big deal. Paige and Charlotte are two Divas that haven’t faced each other before, so their feud has potential to be the biggie that fans really want to see. So they should take time and establish Paige as a heel before they go too far too soon.

Charlotte’s match with Brie was so-so. I thought the new champ looked slightly awkward in the opening. I’m not sure what she was going for with that part where she and Brie left the ring. It just looked like the two of them carefully stepping through the ropes without much purpose. It just shows that Charlotte isn’t as natural yet in the ring with the main roster girls as she is with her NXT contemporaries. Nonetheless I thought Brie did a decent job. Aside from a couple of weak kicks and punches, she controlled the match nicely. For once I felt some really good heel vibes from her. She took plenty of time to soak in the crowd’s reactions and draw heat for herself. It was also nice to see her utilise a bit of psychology. Going after Charlotte’s leg was an inspired touch and she worked it pretty well. I especially liked the idea of using her running knee on the leg. Even if she’s been playing the jobber to her sister’s opponents, at least she’s still putting effort into her ring work. I noticed for the second time, that Charlotte was worked over rather a lot here. We’ve been used to her getting easy wins ever since she got called up. But like her match with Nikki, Charlotte really had to work for her victory. And that’s a good way to book a face champion. An invincible hero that just mows through the competition isn’t exciting. If a face looks vulnerable, that goes a long way into putting over her opponents. Charlotte will prevail in the end but if they make it look like she stands a chance of losing, it makes for more interesting matches. As long as she keeps fighting back throughout the matches anyway.

It’s also great to see Natalya return to Raw. It’s even greater that WWE made a bit of a big deal out of her return too. I expected that whenever she did return, it’d just be in a random tag match or something on Main Event with no fanfare. But they gave her return a little bit of oomph and I liked it. The fans responded well to it too. Natalya could hardly get a crowd to react before, and now the fans chanted for her several times. Her match with Naomi was good. We’ve usually seen them work with Nattie taking on the heel role – but it’s different to see Naomi controlling things. Naomi looked very confident out there and I put that down to having someone she’s very familiar with in the ring. Naomi also took time to get heat and play off the crowd, which I really appreciated. I also appreciated that she got the win – as I was expecting Nattie to pick up the meaningless victory. Having Natalya win would do nothing for the division. But this promoted Team BAD as at least a competent unit and kept them looking strong. Since it was a dirty win, it doesn’t make Natalya look too bad either. I wonder how she’ll fit into things now as the lone Diva without a partner. Perhaps she’ll turn heel as well and hook up with Paige?

  • conan_kun

    After Team PCB splited, Team Bella should split too, especially Foxy, what’s the point for her to stay with Team Bella instead of going after Divas Title for herself. If Natalya turns heel too, then only Charlotte and Becky left for being babyfaces since Team Bella and Team BAD are heels, they should make equal with 5 babyfaces and 5 heels. Anyways, factions wars are badly failed in Divas Revolution so they should let every woman for herself.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I just worry that Fox will become even more irrelevant if she splits on her own. Unless there are tag titles brought in or something then I don’t see her getting pushed

  • Forthryght MC

    Best part of Paige’s promo was that the only part that got any actual heat was when she ran down Becky.

    I hope they keep Paige as the Lone Wolf doing sneak attacks and trying to break up the other 2 teams.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah if they direct her taunts more on Sasha and Becky, who are pretty over themselves, she should get more heat

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