WWE Divas, Night of Champions 2015 Results – Charlotte’s Fearless Victory
Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015

WWE Divas, Night of Champions 2015 Results:

Nikki Bella* vs Charlotte [WWE Divas’ Championship]


So the title match that was supposed to happen Monday got hijacked by the interference of Twin Magic. Charlotte nearly became the new Divas’ Champion, but it was ripped away from her at the last minute. Nikki Bella then celebrated the fact that she was now the longest reigning Divas’ Champion in history. But Nikki couldn’t celebrate for too long – as a rematch was announced for Night of Champions. So once again it’s Charlotte vs Nikki with main roster gold at stake.


After the bell rings, Nikki ducks outside to do a couple of jumping jacks. She powders out a second time and does some push-ups. Charlotte finally gets her hands on her but Nikki flips her to the apron. Charlotte socks Nikki with a punch but falls off the apron, seemingly tweaking her knee. She climbs back into the ring, still favouring the knee. She clotheslines Nikki and drags her away from the apron, but Nikki is able to suplex her so that her knee catches off the ropes. Nikki immediately targets the knee and dragon screws Charlotte off the apron. Back in the ring, Nikki drapes Charlotte’s leg over the rope and drops her two knees to it. She locks on a leglock cloverleaf – as we’re shown that Team BAD are watching from backstage. Nikki hits a few knee lifts but Charlotte lands on her feet and forearms Nikki. However the champ dropkicks Charlotte’s knee and regains control. Charlotte grabs onto Nikki’s hair as she tries another submission, but Nikki locks it on anyway. She hits another suplex into the ropes and taunts Charlotte even further. Nikki goes for a hip drop to the knee but Charlotte rolls out of the way and crucifixes Nikki for two.

Nikki however puts Charlotte in a lion tamer but Charlotte fights out. Nikki goes to the top rope and lands a diving chop block. Charlotte throws a few punches but Nikki keeps on top with a clothesline. She drags Charlotte to the ring post and whacks her leg off it. The Divas’ Champion goes a step further and puts on a Figure 4 Leglock around the post! Back in the ring Charlotte kicks out at two and Nikki has a half-crab locked on. As Charlotte drags herself over to the ropes, Brie and Alicia hold them away from her. But Nikki breaks the hold to yell at them for interfering. But that’s enough for Paige and Becky to take Brie and Alicia out. Charlotte then rolls up a distracted Nikki for two. Nikki climbs on Charlotte’s back but Charlotte drops her. Charlotte comes back with a knee and a series of chops. She hits Nikki with a neckbreaker and floors her with a big boot for two. Nikki goes for the leg again but Charlotte blocks and goes for a backslide. Nikki however kicks her leg and hits the Bella Bomb for two. She hits a third suplex into the ropes to punish Charlotte’s leg even further. She looks as if she was going for a spinebuster but it gets botched. Nikki climbs the top rope for another chop block – but Charlotte spears her in mid-air! Charlotte locks in the Figure 8 and Nikki taps!

Winner and NEW WWE Divas’ Champion: Charlotte

Charlotte, Becky and Paige celebrate backstage with Ric Flair. They’re apparently going out on the town for a party or two.


So we have a new Divas’ Champion. And Charlotte competed in her first high profile singles match since getting called up. What’s everyone’s verdict on the match? I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a big step up from their title match on Raw, and the chemistry between them was much stronger. It was surprising that they had Nikki control so much of the match. Since Charlotte has been called up, she has got some very easy wins. No matter the competition, she has mown right through all of her opponents. So it was quite a surprise to see Charlotte properly have to work for her victory. It was a lot like Paige’s journey to become the first NXT Women’s Champion. She at first was able to get effortless wins, and then suddenly found herself with more competition. Likewise Nikki was put over very well in the match. Much like in her match against Paige at Money In The Bank, she looked like a strong champion. She played heel to perfection and really dominated this match. She worked the crowd like a pro and made sure they never got too quiet – and she got them behind Charlotte. That’s good to know that – even if Sasha is the one getting the majority of chants – Charlotte is still a very over fan-favourite too. Nikki’s psychology and ring awareness was flawless. Everything she did looked so solid. The one thing that didn’t look good was that spinebuster attempt. But that wasn’t bad enough to overshadow the rest of the great work going on. I finally felt like Nikki truly wanted to keep her title, whatever way possible. It’s just a shame that this happens at the end of her reign, rather than the beginning.

Charlotte’s selling was pretty good throughout the match. I wasn’t sure if her knee injury was legit or not in the first few minutes. I thought it was a great story to have the injury as something that just happened by accident and then for Nikki to exploit it – rather than it coming from Nikki completely. Despite not doing a whole lot during the match, Charlotte kept herself from being too static or too lifeless when Nikki was in control. She’d throw punches or try to fight out of holds just to remind everyone that she was still fighting. That’s in stark contrast to when Paige would just sell for her opponents a few months back. I do suspect that there was a small ulterior motive in having Nikki control so much. Given that Charlotte is still quite new, and that she and Nikki have not worked together before, I wonder if WWE wanted to ‘protect’ her a little. I’ll reserve my judgement on that until I see another match between the two – but Charlotte has been kept very downplayed since the call-up. In contrast to Sasha and Becky, who are always balls-to-the-wall, Charlotte’s offence is always slightly subdued. If protecting her is the case, you have to wonder why they’d put the belt on her if they don’t think she’s up to it.

The end of the match was the only part I didn’t like. I thought it was a bit too abrupt and not really too exciting. I’d expect Nikki to put up more of a fight to keep her title, especially after dominating the match for so long. Remember how long it took Sasha to finally win the belt off Charlotte back in February? And it was odd how Charlotte’s leg didn’t give way at all while in the hold. It would have made for a much more satisfying ending for Charlotte’s leg to give out and then to hit Nikki with Natural Selection out of nowhere. But it’s a small gripe when the rest of the match was so solid. Did anyone notice the curious body language in the post-match celebration? Becky hugged Charlotte, while Paige stood to the side and just applauded. And backstage, the way Paige said “I didn’t think you could do it” – did anyone else pick up on that? I think that’s definitely sowed the seeds for a Paige heel turn. And a slow one at that. Presumably Charlotte will then feud with Sasha or Naomi to slowly build towards Paige’s turn. As those two have never faced each other before, that’ll probably be the big feud to look forward to. Hopefully WWE will learn from the mistakes they made with the Paige/AJ feud last year and make this a good one.

  • conan_kun

    If Nikki can have more title defenses and fight almost every matches like that during her title reign, the fans may buy her as heel champ better. I look forward to see how Nikki’s rematch for divas title take place, either on Raw or Hell In A Cell? will Brie or Foxy accidentally or intentionally cost Nikki a match.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I remember Nikki yelling at Brie and Alicia for interfering. Maybe they could build off that?

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