WWE Divas, September 17th Smackdown Results – A B.A.D. Bellabration
Posted on Saturday, September 19th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 17 Smackdown Results:

Team BAD vs Becky Lynch & Paige


Well on Monday, Nikki Bella successfully retained her Divas’ Championship against Charlotte – and she has now achieved the longest Divas’ Championship reign in WWE history. Naturally this calls for a ‘Bellabration’ with champagne, cake and celebrities. Additionally Paige suffered yet another loss to Sasha Banks on Monday, so now she wants to level the playing field. She’ll be tagging with Becky Lynch to face Sasha and her partner of choice Naomi. Hopefully this will finally get Team PCB back on track.


Nikki is shown backstage with Brie and Alicia, having gotten them to prepare everything for the party later. There’s apparently quite a star-studded guest list too. But when the time comes for the party, Nikki gets a nasty shock: nobody turned up. But PCB have dropped by to tell Nikki that this is nothing compared to the embarrassment she’ll feel on Sunday when Charlotte defeats her for the Divas’ Championship. Adam Rose then pops up to tell Nikki that her party sucks. She picks up the cake to throw at him – only to realise she hit Brie and Alicia with it by mistake.


PCB come out to Paige’s music while BAD oddly come out to Naomi’s. Becky unloads on Naomi with a hip throw and some punches. She drags Naomi off the ropes and hits a dropkick. Sasha tags in and gets two arm drags. Becky goes for a roll-up, Sasha blocks and Becky turns into an inverted sunset flip for two. She follows up with an Oklahoma Roll, but Sasha takes control with a trusty kick to the gut while Becky jumps from the middle rope. They go to a quick commercial break but when they return, Team BAD are still in control. Sasha holds Becky in position off the ropes so Naomi can hip drop her. Naomi locks in a grounded abdominal stretch, but Becky counters into a jawbreaker. She goes for a sunset flip but Naomi blocks it. Sasha back in as the two hit kicks to Becky’s torso. Sasha puts Becky in an abdominal stretch, which she turns into a hip toss. There’s some struggling before Becky makes the tag to Paige. She superkicks Sasha before hitting Naomi with a volley of knees. She boots Naomi and goes for the Ram-Paige – but Sasha distracts her. Although Becky pulls Sasha down from the apron, Naomi still gets a small package for three!

Winners: Team BAD


A fairly basic tag match this week. I noticed that they gave Becky most of the ring time, which helped break up the monotony of Sasha vs Paige every week (though their matches are good). Becky and Sasha’s chemistry remains flawless and they gel together effortlessly. You can tell that they’re both very natural together in the ring. Naomi is a bit less so, since she took some of Becky’s offence in a very awkward way. But she did some good stuff too. The Team BAD double teams were good to watch. Although they’re the odd team out, they’re the only ones that really feel like a proper team and unit. The twists and turns as Becky was trying to get the tag were an inspired choice, and did liven up the match a little. Paige’s hot tag was again creative and a nice change from her usual series of short-arm clotheslines and awkward dropkicks. It was interesting to see Naomi pick up the pin – but it was still down to Sasha’s distraction. So it seems that Paige still has Sasha as a thorn in her side. You have to wonder what degree this will escalate to.

I have to say that I enjoyed the backstage segments. It felt like a vintage LayCool deal, where the heels were just so vapid and airheaded that you loved seeing them get their comeuppance. Nikki inviting a load of celebrities to her party and then no one turning up is a great way to draw heat from the smarks that claim she’s only using her Total Divas fame to advance her career. It’s a little added touch that I liked. It gave PCB some mic time and character development too. Charlotte’s promo was okay. Nothing terrible and nothing special either. But it did the job, and I feel like the Night of Champions match has been sufficiently built up.

I don’t know whether or not the two separate Diva feuds we’ve been given on TV will actually intersect at Night of Champions – but it feels that way. It may have been my imagination but Charlotte only comforted Becky after the match. Paige was shown being separate from the two of them, and it looked as though she threw a glare at Becky at one point. I believe that the PPV will tell us whether it’s the beginning of the end for PCB. I could actually see Paige attempting to prevent Team BAD or else Brie and Alicia from interfering – and accidentally costing the match for Charlotte. An innocent mistake leading to more obvious tension between the three. And then you have to wonder where Team BAD fits into all of this? Sasha tweeted after the win that she deserves a title shot. I’d personally love to see her get one at Night of Champions, or else put herself forward as the #1 contender after it’s over. There are a lot of questions and loose ends that need to be addressed, so I’ve definitely got my interest piqued for Sunday. I have a feeling that Nikki will still leave with the title, and that the PPV will be more about setting up what the feud is going to turn into. But of course I’ll be happy if the girls put on a good match.

  • Francisco Baguer

    I hope Charlotte wins on Sunday, cause Nikki’s reign has gone on long enough. They had break the record & now thats done, she can finally drop it to Charlotte. If we do see a Paige Heel Turn, it should happen after Charlotte wins the belt, then the 2 can feud for the belt for a while.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think Paige’s heel turn will probably be a slow burner too. Maybe it’ll start at the PPV but I think they’ll develop it gradually

      • Francisco Baguer

        Yes, but as far as Charlotte is concerned, I want to her to win the belt, or this storyline is screwed. I mean why would they bring Charlotte up & build her up to be the face division, then have her lose like that? It would make no sense

        • Bobby Calloway

          Well if they have her lose due to interference from Team Bella or Team BAD, it doesn’t hurt her momentum. It just gives her more incentives to really gun for the title. They really should have had her go for the title as soon as she debuted, so this match feels like a high profile event instead of the afterthought it really is

  • conan_kun

    Nikki begins to be bossy to Brie and Foxy, Team Bella begins to be wicked stepsister Nikki with two Cinderbellas Brie and Foxy. If Nikki retained, Paige turns heel and feuds with Charlotte then what’s next for Becky, will Sasha be next No 1 contender, then Team Bella gonna acts babyfaces again.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Not sure what the Bellas will do after Nikki loses the title. They could feud with each other I suppose, but it would have to be better thought out than last time

  • Danny Laroos

    *Sigh* at the Paige loss again. Heel turn coming up I guess. At least maybe they are doing something with her so hopefully they will care/give her better booking but it makes no sense for so many reasons. She needs to be re-established as a credible threat before any heel turn would work. More than likely it will just mean swapping jobbing to the Bellas, then Sasha with jobbing to Charlotte as that is all she seems good for to WWE. It won’t mean that much because of how PCB have been booked and there has not been enough time or matches together for people to care that Paige will turn on them. Should be the other way round -- Charlotte turn. 7 heels, no top face and 2 faces that nobody really cares about. What would she do as a heel? feud with Charlotte? she has no credibility due to constant losses for months so it would help nobody. The Sasha feud is dead before it got started -- totally wasted by WWE.

    They just need to do something, anything to end/change the teams thing ASAP. PCB have never been a team. No name for 3 weeks, Charlotte being completely the odd on out, Becky doing nothing, Paige and Charlotte never even teamed together.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I wouldn’t mind a Charlotte heel turn too. I’d love for her and Sasha to do a double turn one day

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