WWE Divas, September 16th NXT Results – The Champ Is Here!
Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 16 NXT Results:

Bayley vs Sarah Dobson


Well it’s been three long weeks since NXT Takeover. Bayley did what we all hoped she eventually would – and defeated Sasha Banks to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Now here on this week’s NXT, Bayley makes her first appearance since winning the title. Ever the fighting champion, she’ll take on local talent Sarah Dobson. But the former champion has some choice words for her. Additionally we get to hear from Emma and the girl she’s still buddy-buddy with Dana Brooke. There’s also some announcement regarding our newest Diva Asuka.

We’re shown a vignette of a lady standing in the ring wearing a porcelain mask. She removes the mask and stares into the camera. Asuka debuts here on NXT next week.


Devin Taylor stands by with Team Disingenuous, who have requested an interview. Emma seems annoyed that they have been overlooked in favour of the new champion and all the new women coming in. Dana says they have decided to shake things up and show the newbies what NXT is all about. Dana pats Devin’s head twice this time, and Emma laughs that it never gets old.

Bayley makes her triumphant return to Full Sail. She does a lap around the ring and goes into the crowd. She finally makes a beeline for Izzy, her young fan who is now holding a replica belt. She brings Izzy into the ring to pose with her and then brings the girl back to her parents. The crowd chants “you deserve it” as Bayley gets back into the ring.

Sarah starts the match with a kick and a head-butt to the new champ. She’s able to drop Bayley onto the ropes and land a handstand knee drop to her back. Bayley kicks out at two and Sarah throws her into the corner. She throws a few punches and then rolls into a guillotine choke. Bayley works to her feet and shoves Sarah to the turnbuckle to break the hold. Bayley now comes back with Polish Hammers and an Exploder Suplex. One Belly-to-Bayley later and she has won the match.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley grabs a microphone but she doesn’t have too long to talk – as Sasha Banks interrupts. The former NXT Women’s Champion comes down to the ring…to congratulate her. Sasha does so sincerely. She mentions that she’s heard constant talks about how their match stole the show, the fans chanting “yes you did”. Sasha then says that it was MOTY and that people have called it the greatest women’s match in WWE ever. Fans chant “match of the year” as Sasha seems on the verge of welling up. But…Sasha’s not here to be second best. So she now has a bigger point to prove. Bayley has no problem giving Sasha a rematch with any kind of stipulation – 2/3 falls maybe? Sasha says she doesn’t want to just beat her once; she’ll do it as many times as possible. The crowd chants “Iron Woman” and this brings out William Regal. He announces that the next NXT Takeover special will feature Bayley vs Sasha for the Women’s Championship. It will be a 30-minute Iron Woman match – in the main event!


Stop the freakin’ presses! Well we know this was already announced when it was first taped, but still. Just in case we were worrying that women’s wrestling in NXT wouldn’t be as strong with three of the Four Horsewomen up on the main roster – they throw us something like this. I can remember a distinctive interview with former WWE Diva and 2-time Women’s Champion Molly Holly. She was asked why a Divas match from their Golden Era never made it to the main event of a PPV. Molly played devil’s advocate and suggested that maybe there hadn’t been a Divas feud or two characters strong enough to warrant the main event slot. Now over ten years since that Golden Age, and NXT is taking the world by storm. Years ago we would promote the likes of TNA, SHIMMER, Shine and other places as healthy alternatives to WWE. And now the healthy alternative is within WWE itself. Although the main roster has given us frequent headaches, NXT never fails to make supporters of women’s wrestling proud. This segment almost felt like an excuse just for the two women to go out and there and thank the fans for their support. From Bayley’s little moment with Izzy, to Sasha being on the verge of tears…it was just a beautiful moment. It’s great to see Sasha still doing her best to preserve her character and showing a softer side for a moment – but then going right back to being the arrogant Boss who will not be upstaged. But reactions like this do make me wonder how long she can continue playing a heel character. I wonder if Sasha will be a babyface by the year’s end? But anyway this will be the first Iron Woman match in WWE history, not to mention the friggin main event. I’ll save my gushing for when the show happens, because lord knows there will be a lot of it. Also Sarah Dobson was given a nice amount to do in her match. It helped preserve Bayley as the consistent underdog champion nicely. And it seems we have Asuka’s debut to look forward to next week, as well as increased screen time for Team Disingenuous.

  • BAMFactor

    can’t wait for everything to happen on NXT. Nia Jax, Asuka and possibly Athena. And the main event!

    • Bobby Calloway

      I’m really intrigued to see Nia Jax in action -- given the family she comes from. I think I read that she got some additional training before getting signed to WWE but I’m not sure. I like the idea of Team Disingenuous acting as bullies to all the new girls

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