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Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 14 Raw Results:


So it’s finally time. Nikki Bella won the WWE Divas’ Championship at last year’s Survivor Series PPV. In the last couple of weeks, she has introduced her ‘Bellatron’ to count down the days until she surpasses AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning Divas’ Champion. But tonight she has one more task to accomplish before she can net that record. Charlotte became the #1 contender and pulled some strings to get the title match to happen on Raw – so that she has the chance to stop Nikki from breaking the record. It’s Nikki Bella vs Charlotte for the WWE Divas’ Championship! Additionally we get yet another match between Paige and the proverbial thorn in her side Sasha Banks. Should be a good one!

Renee Young is standing by with Charlotte – along with her father Ric Flair! The Hall of Famer has come to Raw to cheer his daughter on. Charlotte says that becoming champion has been a dream, and she knows she is ready. Ric puts over the Divas, and then Renee asks Charlotte about the record. She says becoming the champion is her goal – but watching the Bella Army crumble will be a dream come true. Then it’s time for her to woo. 

Paige and Becky make their way to the ring, with the explanation that Charlotte is busy preparing for her match later. Paige spears Sasha as soon as the bell rings, and the two women brawl on the canvas. The referee separates them, but Paige quickly throws Sasha around by her hair. Sasha sends Paige to the apron and bounces the arm off the ropes. Sasha targets Paige’s arm and actually bends it back across her knee in an absolutely sick spot. Sasha positions Paige for her double knees – but targets the arm rather than the midriff. Sasha then applies a keylock to hurt the arm even further. Paige rolls her off but Sasha dropkicks the shoulder to regain control. But Paige is able to hit her knee to the corner, followed by two well-placed kicks. Paige rolls Sasha, who rolls through into a wheelbarrow victory roll. Paige kicks out and hits a release German suplex! The force of it sends Sasha out of the ring, where Paige follows and attempts a cannonball press…but Tamina pulls Sasha out of the way. Sasha throws Paige back into the ring and connects with the Bank Statement for yet another victory!

Winner: Sasha Banks

We’re blessed to a video package showcasing the WWE Divas’ Champion. It’s pretty well put-together and actually feels like an NXT promo. We even get vintage clips of Nikki from the Diva Search. Although the feud hasn’t exactly been riveting television, this video package does hype up the match nicely.

Charlotte is out first, both her team members accompanying her but her father is noticeably absent. Nikki of course has Brie and Alicia in tow. We also are shown good luck tweets to both Divas from WWE Hall of Famer and seven-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. Adding that to Lilian Garcia waiting until the women are in the ring before announcing them – and you have a match with a big-fight feel. The women lock up and grapple into the ropes. Charlotte scores the first move with a waistlock takeover. She transitions into a pin for one and drops two knees. It’s now time for the Figure 4 Headlock, sending Nikki flying around the ring. She shoulder blocks the champ in the corner, but Nikki gets a knee to the face. She goes to the top rope and DDTs Charlotte’s arm. Nikki targets the arm as the crowd starts duelling “let’s go Nikki/Nikki sucks” chants. Charlotte ends up on the apron and there’s some awkward fumbling before Nikki wrings the arm, bumping her challenger off the side of the ring. The match goes to a commercial break.

When they return, Nikki wrings Charlotte’s arm and slaps on an arm bar. She transitions into a cross arm breaker, but Charlotte tries to turn it into a pin. Nikki kicks out and keeps the submission locked on. Charlotte however turns the hold into a powerbomb! Charlotte now comes back with a series of chops, and a huge big boot. Nikki kicks out at two and wrenches Charlotte’s arm. Ms Flair however is able to hit her neckbreaker. But as she goes for the spear, Nikki dropkicks her arm and hits the Bella Bomb for two. As Charlotte grabs for the ropes, Nikki kicks them to further punish the arm. She goes for an Alabama Slam but Charlotte reverses into a sunset flip, rolls through and spears Nikki! But as she poses for the crowd, Alicia Fox gets up on the apron. While the referee deals with this, Brie slides into the ring and switches with Nikki! However Charlotte is able to roll her opponent up for three! Charlotte’s music is played and she is announced as the new WWE Divas’ Champion! But the others have noticed the twins on the outside…and Stephanie McMahon comes out onto the stage. She announces that Charlotte cannot win the title by pinning someone who is not in the match. So technically Brie interfering in the match makes this a disqualification…

Winner (via DQ): Charlotte

But as the title cannot change hands via DQ, that means Nikki Bella is still the WWE Divas’ Champion. This means that Nikki will break the record after all! But as the referee hands the title back to her, Stephanie announces that Charlotte will get a second shot at the title this Sunday. And if Nikki should lose by count-out or disqualification, Charlotte will become Divas’ Champion!


So that was an eventful Raw, huh? While I can’t say I was happy to get yet another Paige/Sasha match without any forward story momentum, I still enjoyed it. It seems that Paige has taken notes from her series with Alicia Fox in the summer of last year. After three or four bouts, their matches became interchangeable and pretty tiring. But I quite liked what we saw in this match. Sasha opted to go for a different strategy and target Paige’s arm. It worked very well and she showed just how much of a pro she is at psychology. I saw shades of her brilliant match with Becky in that sick arm spot. It certainly looks as if Sasha knows when the attention is on her, that she better deliver. You never know who may be watching. I liked how the girls switched up their usual spots – namely Tamina pulling Sasha out of the way of Paige’s signature cannonball press. It makes sense from a kayfabe perspective – since they’ve faced each other so many times, they should of course have their opponents’ normal moves telegraphed. Although I like Sasha, I don’t think I like the idea of her going over Paige cleanly once again. I know that Sasha herself has to look strong, but Paige is a very over face too. Should she be suffering so many clean losses? I’d just like to know if WWE plan to give Paige some kind of pay-off against Sasha, or it’s just a way to get them both on TV.

The championship match…well WWE certainly put some effort into promoting it. I can really appreciate the video package, the backstage interviews and even the tweets from Trish Stratus. WWE wanted us to care about it and wanted us to see it as a big deal. The only unfortunate thing is that the storyline really hasn’t been coherent. Nikki says she has been a dominant champion in the package, but she’s merely gone weeks without defending the belt. Likewise Charlotte has only just begun her crusade to become champion. If this feud had been balls-to-the-wall intense since Charlotte’s call-up, then the package would be warranted. As it stands however, it feels like a last-minute effort to put some fire into this feud. But while the first and second acts of this feud haven’t been stellar, this title match was very enjoyable. I thought it was a perfectly respectable first encounter between these two. Much like Sasha earlier in the night, Nikki pulled out the stops to make it feel different. Rather than doing her usual series of moves, she went for some actual psychology. The chemistry wasn’t as natural as that of Sasha and Paige, but that’s understandable. Sasha and Paige have worked together on NXT numerous times, as well as since the former’s call-up. Nikki and Charlotte have only faced each other in tag matches, and not even on house shows. I did sense little bits of flair (excuse the pun) between them – which does suggest that these two click. So I’m interested to see the second match between them.

The end I was really happy with. While I’m not on-board with Twin Magic being used these days, here they found a way to make it work. Brie slipped into the ring while all the others were distracted and Charlotte rolled her up quickly enough to make it believable that she wouldn’t notice. And the production team did a good job of not focusing on Brie at all during the match. On my first watch, I didn’t even notice that she had dressed like Nikki or put those blonde extensions in her hair. The fact that she was standing at ringside rather than conspicuously absent – and thereby making the ref and her opponents look dumb. And finally it gave us a good reason as to why the sisters would have brought in Alicia Fox (to distract everyone else). I thought it was a good way to keep Charlotte looking strong, without putting her over too soon. In fact, I think that this whole night should be considered a success for the Divas. I’m actually suddenly struck by the memory of a match that wasn’t too exciting in the build-up but ended up blowing everyone away. Who else remembers the hype for Charlotte vs Natalya? Sure we were tuning in to hopefully see a decent match to crown the new NXT Women’s Champion. But then we ended up shocked out of our seats and suddenly on board with NXT as a revolution. I remember being surprised at WWE putting so much hype into that match on the show – interviews, video packages, both women’s fathers at ringside. So if WWE are finally putting decent amounts of effort into this feud at the last minute, perhaps Sunday’s match could be something to look forward to. Of course that does beg the question of where Sasha fits into this. She has a win over Nikki, and a series of high-profile ones over Paige. I felt for sure she’d interfere and say she should be in the match. Perhaps she will lay claim to the title on Smackdown? Or perhaps it’ll be a surprise on the PPV itself. Or perhaps she’ll do nothing and we’ll continue to be disappointed with how WWE are treating her. But I finished this Raw happy with how WWE treated everyone else at least.

  • conan_kun

    I wonder if this way will work, probably not. If Charlotte won divas title at NOC, next night on Raw, Nikki comes to Charlotte and brags she’s still longest reigning divas champ of all time, Charlotte fires back to Nikki that she must have made the mistake of the words “longest reigning”, longest doesn’t mean the best. You know why you lost the title to me last night, because I’m better than you.

    However, on the other hand, if Nikki lost the title just 6 days after she broke AJ Lee’s record, it’s another slap in the face for proving they obviously just using Nikki to break AJ Lee’s record out of spite of CM Punk.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think it’d be a mistake to put Charlotte over at NOC. If only because they’re only now starting to hype Nikki up as a dominant heel champion and Charlotte winning wouldn’t really have much oomph

  • G.I.R.L.

    Team BAd are the queens of WWE. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t care less about the main roster “Revolution”. They have something PCB lacks: chemistry. That awkward connection between Lynch and Paige before Banks’ music played is cringing. Turn Charlotte into cocky Olympic heel, make Paige zombie sexy, give Lynch some dang character.

    That beat down was flawless. Naomi looked like she was getting payback on Lynch for talking sh!!t about her cousin LOL I loved every second of it.

    Now that title match… Nikki is too concerned about the cameras and just an awful character in general. Charlotte is just uncharismatic.

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