WWE Divas, September 10th Smackdown Results – Bank On A Brawl
Posted on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 10 Smackdown Results:

Paige vs Sasha Banks


PCB and Team BAD have really been battling it out these past couple of weeks. Ever since Team BAD stopped Paige from winning the Beat the Clock challenge, there has been no love lost between her and Sasha Banks. Sasha has now picked up two wins over Paige, with help from her companions. So they’re getting another match on Smackdown to hopefully settle the score. Additionally the #1 contender Charlotte has some choice words for Nikki Bella ahead of their Divas’ Championship match on Raw.

PCB are already in the ring with a pre-filmed promo – where Paige echoes Dana Brooke’s philosophy “play time is over.” Team BAD get a promo too, where Sasha claims she is the Boss of this house. Things are incredibly heated even before the bell rings, as all six Divas get in each other’s face. The referee decides to eject Naomi & Tamina, as well as Charlotte and Becky! When the bell rings, Paige spears Sasha and then attempts some quick pins. Sasha kicks out of each and goes for a back body drop. Paige rolls through into a sunset flip for two, and then hits a couple of knees. Sasha leaves the ring to powder out and gets hit with a cannonball press from Paige! But as Paige climbs back into the ring, Sasha hits her with a sneaky kick. They go to commercial break.

Sasha is still in control when they return, dominating Miss Hell In Boots. She drops her knees to the midriff and then locks on her trusty straitjacket submission. She throws Paige into the corner, but Paige comes back with a knee and a pair of kicks for two. Sasha slaps Paige in the mouth and it looks as if she may be injured from it. The referee warns Sasha away while he checks on Paige – but then Paige spears her! Was she playing possum? The two brawl all the way to the outside, taking turns hurling each other into the security wall. Referees have to come down to separate them – and then Team BAD hit the ring! Charlotte and Becky follow them to even the score! After a massive pull-apart brawl, Team BAD flee while PCB stand tall.

No Contest:

Later on, Renee Young approaches Team Bella for an interview. She dismisses Brie and Alicia, before claiming that Charlotte is jealous of all the attention she’s getting. She must be afraid of her too. Ironically Charlotte pops up to clarify things: she promises she’s not scared or jealous of Nikki. Rather she’s excited that she will be Divas’ Champion after Raw on Monday.


A very nice episode of Smackdown. Sasha and Paige deliver their third match in the series and I loved everything about it. They had lots of intensity and really made you feel as if they wanted to kill each other. This was not a wrestling match; it was a straight-up fight. Divas have often tried to recreate that hard-hitting brawling we often got in the Attitude Era in place of actual matches – and this is one of those times they definitely hit on that point. You could really feel that Paige wanted to both beat Sasha and punish her. And Sasha’s arrogance definitely slipped somewhere in the middle. For once she looked as if she thought maybe she couldn’t beat Paige this time. The fight at the end was brilliant and really upped the excitement. Elsewhere, having both sets of teams ejected from ringside really added something. It helped make this match feel like a serious grudge encounter with importance – rather than simply Paige facing Sasha again. I don’t know if this counts as a Paige/Sasha feud or it’ll translate to the Divas’ Championship picture – but WWE have done a good job here. This momentum should go somewhere and I have a feeling I’ll like the direction it turns.

Good promo work from Nikki and Charlotte also. Nikki was once again the shallow and vapid heel, while Charlotte the feisty face. Neither woman is known for having stellar mic skills, but you can tell they’re both trying. The writing for the promo was particularly good too – which does give me hope for this blossoming storyline. Not a single mention of stolen boyfriends, high school taunts or catty insults. Anyway I don’t see the championship match going smoothly on Monday, especially with a PPV just around the corner. I fully expect Team BAD to get involved somehow and persuade the Authority to allow Sasha into the Divas’ Championship picture. But of course I’ll be happy to see a good match between Nikki and Charlotte.

  • conan_kun

    The result of Nikki vs Charlotte for divas title next week on Raw is more predictable 100 times than Batista and Roman Reigns won Royal Rumble 2014 and 2015, obviously Nikki won’t lose the title.

    And Paige turning on Charlotte and costing her title match won’t make sense since she keeps saying can’t wait to end Bellas dominant and now she let Nikki broke the record, plus right now they are building Paige/Sasha feud, but if it’s WWE, they always do nonsense.

    • Francisco Baguer

      They are going to have Paige turn heel, cause if you haven’t noticed its a slow building process. If Paige turns heel, she should do it after Nikki loses the title, so she feud with Charlotte for the belt.

      • conan_kun

        I also hope Paige turns heel after Nikki loses the title, but considers WWE creative team badly booking divas storyline since last year, from Brie inexplicable reunited with Nikki, no faces and heels in divas division, half-hearted pushed Naomi to Bellas inconsistently acted as faces and heels, made me hardly to put the high hope on divas division. That’s why I’m afraid next week on Raw, WWE creative team booked Paige turning on Charlotte and costing her title match as the ridiculous way for Nikki to retain divas title.

        • Francisco Baguer

          Your right about the half-hearted push of Naomi, because they turned her heel, build her up, & then they killed her momentum like that. We’ve seen Naomi as a nice & respectful woman in & out of the ring, so what did she do to rub management the wrong way & caused her to be underutilized like this?

          • Charlie Flickinger

            I personally think it’s because Naomi isn’t willing to change and be trashy for Total Divas. She was just removed from the rest of this season. She is too good for WWE. It just sucks, because with TNA going downhill she doesn’t even have another place to go to.

            • Francisco Baguer

              Actually she does, she should go to NXT & work with the girls over there & maybe have a shot at the Women’s title. It would be interesting to see Naomi go back to her old stomping grounds & have more of a chance to shine there.

              • Charlie Flickinger

                As much as I’d like that the E doesn’t seem to see the same stuff in her that they see in Emma, who they did return to NXT. I can’t imagine them sending her down there, even though I would personally LOVE it. Naomi is one of the best Divas of her generation. She’s improved by a good 10 fold since she debuted in NXT 3, and even then she was competent.

  • conan_kun

    I wish after Charlotte won Divas Title from Nikki, perhaps at Night of Champions, she vacated Divas Title and brought back WWE Women’s Title for her. Like a few years back when Cody Rhodes won the Intercontinental Championship, and as opposed to keeping the new title he brought back the old design and reveals that she had a different title belt designed -- the Women’s Championship. Charlotte can even use some of her NXT persona by saying that she knew she would win because she was genetically superior. She could also use her wrestling heritage as an excuse to bring back the old, much like Cody did with his father.

    Finally they booked Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha in Triple Threat Match for WWE Women’s Title at Hell In A Cell.

    Meanwhile a tournament featuring Nikki, Brie, Foxy, Naomi, Tamina, Paige, Natalya and Summer Rae for Divas Title is held, Final Match take place at Hell In A Cell.

  • Danny Laroos

    Fingers crossed Paige vs Sasha means something and isn’t just Paige vs the Bellas all over (instead of having to put the Bellas over, she has to put Sasha over again) It at least looks like it may be a proper feud (unlike the title one) and I hope that for once they do something right and use it to give them both proper characters, re-establish Paige as a credible wrestler after 7 months of nonsense, let her win some matches that acutally matter and establish Sasha properly without Team BAD.

    I just hope and pray that they make it an even contest, with both getting wins, not one sided like Paige vs the Bellas was. I fear it may all just be part of Sasha’s ongoing mega push (including NXT) so she will just win all the time.

    They may already be in danger of over doing it. They’ve had..3 matches in 10 days already? They probably realised fans are interested (hashtags dictate things with WWE) so will go OTT.

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