WWE Divas, September 9th NXT Results – The Princess & The Promise
Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015

WWE Divas, September 9 NXT Results:


This week on NXT we’ve got another double dose of Diva action. First up is the Princess of Staten Island Carmella locking horns with one of Australia’s newest exports Peyton Royce. Elsewhere the Killer Barbie Dana Brooke vows to one day become NXT Women’s Champion. And she’s going to start on that journey by beating Australia’s other export Billie Kay. Should be a good one!

Carmella is out first with some brand new gear, while Peyton Royce is out with some generic production theme. She bumps hands with Carmella, signalling that this is a face-vs-face match. The women trade fast-paced headlock takeovers and headscissor submissions. Carmella rolls Peyton up for two and Peyton comes back with a backslide. Carmella attempts a backslide too and follows up with an Oklahoma Roll. She hits an atomic drop followed by a dropkick. She goes for a suplex but Peyton counters into a fisherman with a bridge. Peyton puts on a chinlock, getting rather aggressive on Carmella. The Princess rolls her off to escape, but Peyton whips her to the corner. Carmella however comes back with a hurricanrana and shoulder block. She hits the Edge-o-matic for two and then goes to a chinlock of her own. Peyton backs Carmella into the corner and hits her with two nice spin kicks. She scales the top rope and lands a crossbody to Carmella for two. Carmella however comes back with a Flat Liner into her submission for the win!

Winner: Carmella

We have an interview with Dana Brooke, where she expresses annoyance at watching Bayley win the Women’s Championship. She theorises that she must become the NXT Women’s Champion to be taken seriously (genius idea). She’s also annoyed at the idea that people think she’s using her body to get ahead. She vows that she’s ready to rule – and of course pats Devin Taylor on the head.

Billie Kay’s entrance music is even more generic than Peyton Royce’s but she shows some nice charisma. Dana backs Billie into the corner to open, and pats her on the head mockingly. Billie responds by getting in Dana’s face and then doing some acrobatics into a headlock takeover. Dana reverses the headlock and attempts a scoop slam but Billie rolls over. Dana attempts a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Billie counters into an arm drag. She goes back to the side headlock but Dana slams her by the hair. Billie comes back with a headscissors and then back into the headlock. Dana once again slams her by the hair and starts punching her on the canvas. She keeps control with her handstand submission, followed by a clothesline into a handstand elbow drop. A chinlock is now applied by Dana. Billie tries to fight out but is slammed once again. Dana delivers another handstand elbow and locks on a headscissors submission. Billie kips out into a bridge pin for two and then starts a comeback. Clotheslines, a hurricanrana and the familiar Schoolgirl Crush only get two. Dana cowers in the ropes for a moment and then blindsides Billie with an enziguri. She then lays her out with the Samoan Driver for three.

Winner: Dana Brooke

We’re also treated to the reaction of Izzy, the young Bayley fan, to her idol’s title win. We’re also shown a clip of Izzy getting to meet Bayley and getting a tour of the Performance Centre. Bayley is also announced to be returning next week on NXT.

And here’s another Nia Jax vignette.


Much like last week, this was a rather uneventful episode of NXT from a storyline perspective. We haven’t seen the Women’s Champion since Takeover and she won’t be back until next week. Likewise we haven’t heard from Emma since she became #1 contender two weeks ago. So this week’s NXT was more about the wrestling. And when the wrestling is good, I’m pretty much okay with that. I can understand why we’ve gotten a few lengthy singles matches without much storyline meaning. NXT has lost Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch to the main roster overnight. Those three, along with Bayley, were the NXT women’s division for ages. So now WWE have to properly establish the remaining Divas and give the crowd a chance to get to know them. They have to rebuild the division and showcase the talent that will do so.

The first match was really enjoyable. I loved the fast-paced opening and I thought Carmella worked really well with Peyton. She’s still new to wrestling (just watch her match against Eva Marie) but against a solid worker like Peyton, she looks all the more natural. As this was a face-vs-face bout, it felt more like an exhibition match. It was there to have the two women show off what they could do. Peyton’s aggressiveness was nice in the chinlock and she showed a really nice mean streak. I expect she’ll find herself as a heel soon enough. She seems as though she’s a bit too vanilla to be a face. She’s been a heel on the indies in Australia before, and I think that will probably be a better fit for her. The division needs a heel who can work, behind Emma and in front of the likes of Eva and Dana. Carmella’s comeback was a thing of beauty and I loved watching everything she did. The girl is getting very good – and the finisher combination was the cherry on top of a lovely little match. Carmella is a Diva that can one day be promoted as another top babyface of the division – and she’s making great strides towards one day achieving that.

Dana Brooke’s promo was tiresome. I don’t know why she always has to say her lines as though she doesn’t understand them. I’m not sure if it’s meant to sound like that and she’s supposed to come across as ditzy – but it doesn’t really work. Sometimes she can be endearingly pompous – but tonight was not solid. Thankfully her work in the ring was much better. Like Carmella, being put with a top worker like Billie Kay will teach her a lot. This was probably Dana’s best outing yet. Her power and strength made a good foil for Billie’s natural fancy athleticism. Billie has always had a certain elegance to her wrestling, and against a large opponent, it complimented her style. I really loved the little story she told with how she kept going back to the headlock. She used her athleticism to put a creative spin on such a simple move. It worked very well in my opinion. Dana rushed a couple of her spots but overall she looked much more confident out there. I doubt she’s ready to become NXT Women’s Champion like she claimed in her interview – but more matches with good workers like Billie Kay will help her edge closer to that particular goal. On an unrelated note, I love the stuff with Izzy and Bayley. It’s just precious.

  • #VindictiveBitch

    Emma is not the number one contender. It was not a number one contender match as far as I remember.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Was it not? I thought it was first advertised as a #1 contender match. Oh well, I guess Emma’s not the #1 contender then. She and Bayley might feud eventually, since they’ve been facing each other at live events

  • #VindictiveBitch

    I love your reviews btw

    • Bobby Calloway

      Thanks very much for reading :)

  • conan_kun

    After Bayley won the title in a great match against Sasha, if she retained in first ever 30-Minute Ironwoman Match against Sasha, it’ll be absolutely huge disgrace if they booked her dropping title to Eva Marie

    • Bobby Calloway

      I doubt Eva would actually be given the title. At least I hope they wouldn’t put it on her. I have nothing against her but she’s really not ready. Dana’s not ready either. The only person remotely able to hold a title on NXT would probably be Emma, and she still needs work too

      • Francisco Baguer

        They shouldn’t give it to Eva at least not now, because they would push her way too fast & if she wins then she will have the same level of hatred as Batista or Roman Reigns did when they won the Royal Rumble. If they have her beat Bayley no less, then crowd would probably lose their minds, & give her so much heat. They would throw trash in the ring & some sort of riot could break out.

        • Bobby Calloway

          While the idea of someone getting such heat is promising, I agree and I really hope she doesn’t get it before she’s ready. She should work for it

          • Francisco Baguer

            Yeah but the thing is they are attempting to give her heel heat in which we want to see her get beat, but the fans actually give her white heat which is the get off my TV, I don’t to see you anymore type of heat which I have Nikki Bella IMO.

            • Bobby Calloway

              X-Pac Heat is the wrestling slang word for that I think hehe. Hatred of the person, not the character?

  • Kalkofen

    I don’t understand why they didn’t take advantage of Emma’s botched four-way win and capitalize on tension between her and Dana, both of them eager to become the next contender. And as for Billie and Peyton, these two in due time will adopt solid identities, but I feel like a great heel stable with Emma could help them. Call them the Cocky Aussie Posse or something :)

    • Bobby Calloway

      I’d like for Peyton to hook up with Emma and Dana for sure. I think Billie is more suited to being that girl next door babyface the division doesn’t have (wholesome yet attractive). Actually it’d be great for them to try and have her join the stable too but quickly get kicked out and solidify herself as a face.

      I suppose they didn’t capitalise on tension between Dana and Emma because they want to keep them both as heels? If they put them against each other the crowd will root for one of them. Not sure if Team Disingenuous is over now or they just forgot to send Emma out there with Dana

      • Kalkofen

        Great points, especially about Billie, but for Dana and Emma I really wouldn’t want either of them to turn this early either, I just can’t imagine the latter would be too happy with Dana trying to secure a title shot over her while she just stands by. I don’t understand why they’d bring her down to NXT and have her flock to the dark side after being snubbed so many times without at least giving her the chance to become a contender again, and with her and Bayley’s history I truly thought they’d want to start building toward that match after her rematch with Sasha, but these rumored reports of Dana and Eva being next in line blows that out of the question, I suppose. With Kana’s introduction in the next set of tapings it seems like they’re still together.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Well Emma and Bayley have been in singles matches at live events so maybe they will feud eventually? I suppose maybe they don’t feel she can cut it as a top heel yet. I would like to see her get more development anyway. Let’s hope she gets more attention and notoriety

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