WWE Divas, Main Event Results – Good To Be BAD
Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2015

WWE Divas, Main Event Results:

Team BAD vs Becky Lynch & Paige

main event 

So Charlotte became the #1 contender on Raw and solidified her momentum with a big win over Tamina Snuka on Smackdown. So where does that leave everyone not involved in this particular picture? Tag match on Main Event! Paige and Becky Lynch presumably have to blow off some steam and forget about the fact that they will not be challenging for the Divas’ Championship any time soon. And Paige also gets to face two of the ladies who foiled her title dreams on Raw – Naomi and Sasha Banks. We’ll see how many teeth those two have left when the match is over.

JoJo has Team BAD backstage for an interview. They don’t get pleased that JoJo reminds them of their elimination at SummerSlam. But Naomi insults their opponents and hands the floor to Sasha. There’s no point in me recapping what Sasha says; even my writing won’t do it justice.

PCB come out to Paige’s music, while BAD come out to Naomi’s. Becky and Naomi start the match, Naomi offering a handshake. Becky instead grabs a headlock and eventually arm drags her opponent. Naomi responds with a Bootylicious attempt. Becky counters and sends her to the apron, hitting a springboard kick to knock her off. Paige tags in and goes to town with knees to Naomi’s chest. Sasha tags in now and Paige faceplants her, before locking her in a leglock cloverleaf-camel clutch submission. Sasha gets to the ropes but Becky tags in now. Double head-butt from the faces, before Sasha rams Becky into the heel corner. Naomi back in to throw a few punches and drag her along the ropes. Becky however comes back with a dragon screw and roll-up attempt. Sasha seems to have made a blind tag but Becky still saw it and knocks her with a forearm. However Naomi slams Becky by the hair and Sasha takes control. Team BAD use quick tags before Sasha locks on the stranglehold. Becky tries to get to her feet but Sasha throws her into the corner. Becky is nearly able to make the tag but Sasha knocks Paige off the apron. Naomi tags in and we get a snapmare-low clothesline double team. Naomi locks on a chinlock and attempts her corner bulldog. Becky blocks it – but Naomi is able to pull Paige down off the apron. Sasha tags in and gets caught in a small package for two. Sasha goes back to the stranglehold and attempts a roll-up. Becky’s kickout sends Sasha out of the ring – but she’s still able to cut Becky off. However Becky kicks her away and makes the tag to Paige! Sasha is the victim of short-arm clotheslines, dropkick and boot to the corner. Paige smashes her with a knee to the face and knocks Naomi off the apron. She delivers a fallaway slam to Sasha but Naomi breaks the pin. Becky sends Naomi out but gets dragged out by her. A distracted Paige is rolled up by Sasha, but kicks out and boots her in the face. Naomi thwarts an attempt at the PTO, allowing Sasha to sneak a small package for the win.

Winners: Team BAD


Well Raw and Smackdown may have given us shorter matches than usual – but Main Event gave us a nice long Diva bout. The interview beforehand was really good as well; Naomi has been working on her promo skills and I can definitely feel the heel charisma coming from her. She’s almost sounding like a natural. Sasha of course was her usual flawless self – and Tamina continues to be the odd one out in the group. I almost wish that they could do an angle where Tamina gets kicked out of Team BAD and replaced with JoJo. Well anything that would get JoJo in the ring as a wrestler would be fine by me. But onto the match, I have to say that I absolutely loved it. This is vintage tag team wrestling at its finest. Team BAD may be the third wheel in the Divas’ Championship picture, but they are clearly doing their best to work on their tag team chemistry. The psychology and tag team awareness was incredible. This is living proof that Sasha is one of those Divas who just gets it. She knows exactly how to make a match exciting and innovating. Rather than putting in standard tag match hope spots, the girls really did their best to surprise and impress. For a tag match on the C-show, it was near PPV quality. Sasha and Becky put on a mini-WrestleMania match almost every time they were in the ring together. Naomi and Paige almost felt like the spare parts because of the good work between the other two. Naomi is getting better at promos and personality, but she still looks a little bit hesitant with what she does in the ring. I’d like to see her try to look more natural. Paige was fine, though I really wish she’d retire that awful dropkick she keeps using. The end of the match was surprising to me – as I assumed Paige would get revenge on Sasha for what happened on Raw. But they’re continuing to build Sasha up as a strong threat. So maybe my prediction about a triple threat for Night of Champions isn’t too far off. Raw should hopefully give us more answers.

  • conan_kun

    I don’t like they keep putting Team BAD into pointless matches, they should go seriously at divas title

    • Bobby Calloway

      I’d love to see either Sasha or Naomi go after the title but I guess if wishes were fishes, as that saying goes…

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