WWE Divas, April 15th NXT Results – Introducing The Barbie Killer
Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015

WWE Divas – April 15, 2015 NXT Results:

Dana Brooke vs Blue Pants


Well we took a break from Diva matches on last week’s NXT. This week we return to our regularly scheduled female programming – with both a return and a debut. The return involves everyone’s favourite cast-off from the clearance rack. Old Blue Pants is at Full Sail once again. Her opponent is a Diva we’ve seen a few vignettes hyping up in recent weeks. She’s a former gymnast and body builder. She’s known as The Barbie Killer. It’s Dana Brooke!

Blue Pants is out first, complete with Big Cass’s introduction played over the sound system. Commentators wisely ask if Cass gets royalties whenever the intro plays. Cass should get on that if he isn’t already. Dana cartwheels onto the stage and flexes. When she gets into the ring, she does an aerial cartwheel. She clearly doesn’t take Blue Pants seriously. BP goes on the offensive with a couple of punches. She then goes for a monkey flip but Dana drops her face-first onto the turnbuckle. Dana then slingshots BP throat-first off the bottom rope. A “you can’t wrestle” chant starts as Dana goes for a cover. While BP is in the corner, Dana does a handstand into a foot-choke. BP comes back with a series of big kicks. Dana however makes short work of her with a Samoan Driver.

Winner: Dana Brooke via Samoan Driver

Carmella accompanies Enzo and Cass for their match against Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. While the match is going on, the Tag Team Champions walk down to the ring. They’re not here to interfere; rather they’ve got flowers for Carmella – presumably to apologise for hurting her back in Columbus. She accepts the flowers and enters the ring with them after her team’s win. Enzo and Cass are notably puzzled at this.


This was another surprisingly Diva-light episode of NXT. After the match I was expecting some kind of backstage segment with Sasha, Bayley or Becky. But to my surprise, the little match and the Carmella stuff was all. Granted this was part of a five episode taping spree so there was bound to be an off-week. The Carmella stuff did pique my interest. She’s shown nothing but disdain for the champs so far. However now it looks like her opinion of them might be changing. We probably won’t see her make a definite decision until the next live special – but it’s safe to say we’ll finally get some confirmation as to what side of the fence she’s on. We’ll finally know if she’ll stay with Big Cass and Enzo as a face – or make the official transition to heel.

Dana Brooke finally made her debut. She’s been using the Barbie Killer name for the past few months on house shows – and she appears to be playing an arrogant show-off type of character. The match was not much to write home about at all. Dana’s greenness was very obvious; rather more than it normally would be, considering that Leva Bates isn’t renowned for her technical skill either. I imagine she was quite nervous in her debut, especially when she’s only been wrestling for a year or so. There’s no real point analysing all the sloppiness we saw – as it was only a two minute squash. Hopefully Dana will go on to have better matches pretty soon. Her finisher was very nice though – and makes for a good impactful way to end a match. I’ll also applaud her on the personality she showed; if she was nervous, she didn’t betray it in her entrance. She at least looked confident out there. In wrestling if you have personality down, you’ll be okay in time. Ring prowess will come through consistent training. And Dana does have a solid group of women to help her get better.

  • disqus_kMnL7gWm7p

    She need to work on her punches because hardly any of them wasn’t connecting. She was doing to much taunt and touching herself to much. Her gimmick remind me of the Narcissistic Lex Luger.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Oh yes, she definitely wasn’t very PG haha

  • G.I.R.L.

    Blue Pants would be AWESOME on main roster. Instantly over.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I know I’ve probably seen worse debuts. But I really can’t think of any at the moment lol

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