WWE Divas, April 13th Raw Results – Paige Needs A Rear View Mirror
Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

WWE Divas, April 13 Raw Results:

Battle Royal To Crown The #1 Contender


So this week on Raw, it’s the biannual tour of the UK. It’s time for WWE to dress their set up with black taxi cabs, red phone booths and Union Jacks on the titantrons. But what we’re all here to see is a special Divas’ battle royal that was announced last week. Nikki Bella will have to defend her Divas’ Championship at Extreme Rules, and this battle royal will determine against whom. The winner of this is all up in the air; Naomi is the one with two pin-fall victories over Nikki. But Natalya is the one who picked up a win on Smackdown. Meanwhile Cameron is the one that put herself forward as a possible contender. We also can’t count out Paige – who both has a WrestleMania win over Nikki and also the home country advantage. In addition to our battle royal, we can look forward to Summer Rae in a new role.

The Divas’ Champion and her sister are out first and this apparently means that Brie won’t be in the battle royal – despite being advertised for it. After the break, Natalya is seen signing autographs for fans. Paige predictably gets a standing ovation from the fans. As the bell rings the Divas all separate and start brawling. Natalya starts grappling with Summer Rae on the apron – and they are dropkicked off by Rosa Mendes. Rosa celebrates not being the first or second one out by bowing in the ring. Emma however attacks her and eliminates her with a baseball slide. For some reason she goes to the top rope – but is left in prime position for Alicia Fox to boot her out. Alicia then hits her scissors kick on Naomi, while she and Cameron double team Paige. My, Alicia forgave her for that sneak attack on Smackdown rather quickly. Cameron hits Paige with a big boot into a split – and they attempt to throw Paige out. Naomi then hits both of them with a Rear View – and she and Paige throw them both out. After some awkward exchanges, Paige throws Naomi out to win the match.

Winner and #1 contender: Paige

After the break, Paige is being interviewed in the ring. Paige cuts a promo about how far she has come and how brilliant it is to be back in her home country. But before she can say much more, Naomi suddenly attacks her! Naomi throws Paige into the security wall repeatedly. She screams “you think this is your house?” as she throws her around one last time. Referees have to pull her off and Naomi basks in her evil ways.

And later on in the night, she’s being interviewed backstage. Naomi at first says she feels disappointed in herself for “losing my cool” – before laughing it off. She says that it’s all about her. She then reminds everyone that she has beaten Nikki Bella twice – so why did they even need to have a battle royal tonight? She says that she is sick of being overlooked for her entire career. People have taken her kindness for weakness. So she’s not waiting for a chance anymore; she’s taking it.

Finally we get a new step in the saga between The Miz, Damien Mizdow and Summer Rae. It seems that Summer and Mizdown made a love connection on Smackdown, as she is accompanying him for his match. After he gets the win, the two kiss again.


Well last week I asked WWE to think outside the box with this budding storyline. It seems they took my advice because we got a hell of a plot twist this week. The match itself was nothing special. In fact it wasn’t even good. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Battle royals are rarely good. We all wanted to know who would challenge Nikki – since WWE had set up a number of possible contenders. And in a twist, Paige was the one who won it. It’s understandable; she is the hometown girl and any other face beating her would get booed for it. But I can’t say that any of us expected them to turn Naomi heel. Naomi is one of those Divas that is tailor made to be a babyface. Her athleticism and likability just go hand in hand. They tried their best to make her a heel in FCW – but fans couldn’t resist cheering for her. So we’ll have to see how long this actually lasts. I personally would rather Paige be the one who turned heel. But I’ll take this swerve with a grain of salt. WWE are now reporting that Paige is injured from the attack. So presumably she’ll either be written off TV for a while or they’ll go the triple threat route.

Despite whatever reservations I have about this new direction, I have to say that I loved the execution. Naomi going apeshit on Paige was one of the highlights of a so-so Raw. She built up to it perfectly; the way she got that much more aggressive during the match was perfect foreshadowing of it. And the brutality she showed in the attack was brilliant. I personally loved how she shouted “this is her house?” and the crowd really responded to it. The heel promo was really the icing on the cake. I loved that she drew attention to what Diva fans have been saying ever since NXT Season 3. She was the most talented contestant there and she was the last to debut. She was a valet for a whole year before she was allowed to wrestle. She has been on the main roster for three years and has yet to be Divas’ Champion – despite clearly deserving it. She’s had pushes started and stopped for her so many times. So I think it’s great that they’re using that kind of material for her heel turn. While I think Naomi is the perfect babyface, I did think the same about Sasha Banks on NXT – and she’s found all of her success as a heel so far. Either way we’re getting some much-needed character development for Naomi. So time will tell whether or not this heel turn works out for her.

Meanwhile it looks like Summer Rae has found herself a new role. Last year when she split from Fandango it did look like the start of big things for her. Now however she’s faded into obscurity and desperately needs a chance to return to the spotlight. Mizdow is pretty over and Summer herself was getting good reactions when managing Fandango – so perhaps this will work in her favour? She’s once again been working live events as a face – so maybe she’ll actually stick with it this time. TV time is better than no TV time at all – so let’s hope that Summer gets a bit of a boost from this.

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