WWE Divas, April 6th Raw Results – Funky Trumps Fearless….Again
Posted on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

WWE Divas, April 6 Raw Results:

The Bella Twins vs Naomi & Paige


So for the first time in a good few years, we head into a Monday Night Raw where AJ Lee is no longer employed by WWE. Although AJ will surely be missed by fans, there is still plenty of excitement to be had in the women’s division without her. Just last week it was Naomi who picked up the surprise win over the Divas’ Champion in 6-Diva tag team action. She’s getting a second shot at the Bella Twins this week. Joining her on the face side is the Bellas’ WrestleMania nemesis Paige. We’ve also got several other Divas raising questions about who the number 1 contender should be.

AJ manages to make one last WWE appearance in the replay of last week’s match, before we get this week’s underway. Paige will start off against Brie Bella, with some rather aggressive grappling. Brie slaps Paige but ends up getting hit with three short-arm clotheslines. Nikki distracts her, allowing Brie to throw her out of the ring. There Nikki clotheslines her on the outside to properly take control. Naomi checks on Paige while Brie leaves her out there, hoping to get her counted out. When Paige crawls back inside, Brie hits her with the running knee. Brie then slaps on a chinlock and segues into a hair-pull slam. Nikki tags in and the sisters hit a double slingshot suplex to Paige for two. The Divas’ Champion puts Paige in a body scissors, which Paige tries to reverse into a pin. Nikki keeps the hold locked on and then segues into a hip drop to Paige’s back. She rams her into the corner but misses a splash, which allows Paige to make the tag. Naomi kicks Nikki from the apron and then hits her with a headscissors. She knocks Brie off the apron and blasts Nikki with her pele kick. She goes for a crossbody, Nikki ducks and Naomi lands on her feet. She’s able to hit the Rear View to the Divas’ Champion but Brie breaks the pin. While she’s helping her sister up, Paige enters the ring and superkicks Nikki. Brie is left shocked and is immediately speared out of the ring by Paige. Meanwhile Naomi finishes off Nikki with the headscissor driver.

Winners: Naomi & Paige via headscissor driver (on Nikki)


Kane (representing The Authority) is backstage when he’s approached by a group of Divas: Natalya, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox and Cameron. They all sweet talk him in hopes of finding out who the #1 contender is. Kane announces that there will be a #1 contenders’ battle royal next week!


Our first AJ-less week (well unless you count January-February this year) goes off without a hitch. Divas still get nice amounts of time for their segments, we get an enjoyable match and some form of story continuation. The match seemed like it was there to effectively swap the top face role from Paige to Naomi – having Paige worked on by the heels and giving Naomi the hot tag. After last week’s rather confusing momentum switch, this was a good move. It at least confirms that Naomi is the one who should be having beef with the Bella Twins; Paige’s history with them notwithstanding. I actually enjoyed Paige’s part in the ring with Brie and Nikki. For once, her offence was not uneven compared to theirs. She got moves in at the start and came back nicely during the heat. I think she worked better with Nikki than she did with Brie. Our Divas’ Champion had a good night with that good body scissors spot. Although plenty of Divas have used it before, Nikki made it look like she was really wrenching the hold. And it had a different ending, rather than Paige simply kicking out of that pin attempt. Naomi’s hot tag was different to last week’s. She didn’t do a very good headscissors but made up for it with other things. That crossbody spot in particular was unique – and I’d like to see it repeated in a future title match. The ending was very good as well. Although Nikki has lost a lot lately, here she at least was booked to look like a strong loser. And this is the second week in a row that Brie has caused her to lose. They really drew attention to it this week. Could we be seeing a Bella Twins implosion on the way once again? Anyway there’s a battle royal next week to determine who gets the shot at Nikki’s title. While Naomi seems to be the flavour of the month, Paige does maybe have a claim to the title too. And surely Brie is eligible for the match as well. I’d like for WWE to have Nikki somehow interfere to stop Naomi winning the match – as her getting a win that way would be a little too paint-by-numbers. Conniving a win for some other Diva would help give Naomi/Nikki a little more heat – as well as giving Nikki a chance to have another strong title defence. Come on, WWE, don’t disappoint us now.

  • disqus_coW5I4xxTN

    I hope they don’t either

  • darragh quinlan

    Naomi needs to slow down and actually allow her opponent to get ready for the move. She is actually getting a push, she needs to realize that she can’t be botching. I am rooting for Cameron (her laugh was everything + she is a solid wrestler) but I am guessing Brie/Paige will win. Whats your thoughts on Naomi, Bobby? Also have you seen Mandy Leon? She is amazing!

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