WWE Divas, April 2nd Smackdown Results – Make Way For Slayomi
Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2015

WWE Divas, Smackdown April 2 Results:

Natalya vs Naomi


On the Raw after WrestleMania, the Give Divas A Chance movement saw an explosive six-Diva tag featuring some of the best the company has to offer. Now on the Smackdown after WrestleMania, one particular Diva is getting a chance. Naomi actually picked up a big win on Raw, pinning the Divas’ Champion. She looks to continue her incredible roll, with a match against one of her opponents from Monday. Natalya is someone she’s had no shortage of arguments with this year – and the two did get into a scuffle on the WrestleMania pre-show. Let’s see if Slayomi can make lightning strike again.

Nikki Bella and her sister are on commentary, while Natalya and her Absolute Cleavage are in the ring. Naomi gets a pre-filmed promo where she says that since she pinned the Divas’ Champion, it means she can beat and therefore win the title. The two women grapple immediately and there’s rather a lot of fancy theatrics. A nifty running spot leads to simultaneous dropkicks and kip-ups. Natalya backs Naomi into a corner – and ducks the pele kick to hit the slingshot atomic drop. Low dropkick to the face from Natalya, followed by an abdominal stretch. She then grabs Naomi’s leg for extra leverage. Naomi is able to reverse hold but Natalya snapmares her. Naomi is flipped to the outside and hits Natalya with a kick. She comes back into the ring with a slingshot sunset flip for two – and then Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter. Naomi counters into a small package and then connects with a headscissor driver for three. Nikki does not impressed.

Winner: Naomi via headscissor driver


Well this is a pleasant surprise. First of all, it’s a real treat to see Naomi and Natalya face off again. Even if they’re only given a couple of minutes to work, they still impress me. They’re definitely two Divas that know how to make the most out of a small frame of time. Even though it was short, it didn’t feel short. Naomi and Natalya entertained me for the brief amount of time they were in the ring. It’s a real credit to Natalya that she is able to bring the best out in whomever she works. I noticed actually that, although she’s teamed with heels lately, she’s still not acting that heelish in the ring. That’s a touch I can really appreciate. Natalya hasn’t absolutely turned heel in front of the fans. She’s flirted with it but hasn’t embraced heeldom outright. So it’s nice that her ring presence is reflecting that. Meanwhile the second pleasant surprise is that a Nikki/Naomi program seems definite. I wasn’t sure if Naomi’s win on Raw was just a feel good moment for the show after WrestleMania. But judging by the way this segment was put together, it looks like it could actually happen. I did like some of the points Nikki made on commentary about how we don’t really know who Naomi is yet – and how she’s mostly appeared with her husband. There’s definite potential to explore a feud around that kind of angle. WWE booked the WrestleMania tag match very well – so let’s hope they can keep their magic going and give Naomi a good title feud.

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