WWE Divas, January 8th Smackdown Results – Foxy Is The Final Miss Friday Night
Posted on Saturday, January 10th, 2015

WWE Divas, Smackdown January 8 Results:

Naomi vs Alicia Fox


Well everyone, everyone’s favourite Blue Brand is soon to be airing on Thursday nights (while NXT moves to Wednesday). And we do have a Divas match to celebrate this new time slot. We saw Alicia Fox go back heel on Raw this week and assert herself as the newest Total Divas cast member – by attacking former cast member Naomi. Alicia and her team defeated Naomi’s on Raw, so now we’re getting a one-on-one match to settle things. Alicia Fox takes on Naomi, on the last edition of *Friday* Night Smackdown.

As I discovered two days after writing my Raw review, there was a backstage altercation between Alicia and Naomi on Raw – so this marks the first time Alicia has actually turned heel on WWE television. Naomi actually has something to say before the match – that she’s going to take a page out of her husband’s book and get “U-so crazy” on her. Naomi dropkicks Alicia as soon as the bell rings. She throws her around by the hair and really hammers away with punches. She splashes Alicia in the corner, snapmares her and kicks her in the back. Alicia goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Naomi counters into a lateral press. Alicia knees her in the chest but Naomi hits a standing monkey flip, followed by her hurricanrana. Alicia is able to get her split-legged sunset flip and then puts her feet on the ropes for the win!

Winner: Alicia Fox via shenanigans


Since I didn’t get to review the backstage segment on Raw, I’ll review it here; I appreciate that they actually took the time to explain Alicia’s sudden change of heart this time around. It was a pretty good sneak attack and I always enjoy it when the Divas get physical backstage. Plus it’s giving Alicia some extra mic time – and an excuse to have more matches. Naomi’s promo meanwhile was so-so. Wasn’t bad but wasn’t exactly mesmerising either. Anyway the match was a short one but I still enjoyed it. Despite being only two minutes, it was an entertaining contest. Naomi is definitely the go-to girl for making a short match exciting. She did a good job of selling the animosity she was feeling for Alicia. I quite liked a couple of the spots they put in there; rather than just giving Naomi a series of moves, she was able to counter Alicia’s various attempts at offence. It made the match feel a little more back-and-forth, despite neither woman having much time to dominate. Giving Naomi more offence made sense – since Alicia would be winning. I’m always happy to see Alicia win – and this time it means their feud is continuing. This obviously means more matches that will hopefully get more time.

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