WWE Divas, NXT January 8th Results – Bliss Gets Bossed Around
Posted on Friday, January 9th, 2015

WWE Divas – January 8, 2015 NXT Results:

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss


Last week we saw a rather Diva-heavy episode of NXT; Charlotte was saved from a potential attack at the hands of Team BAE – by none other than Natalya. Likewise we saw the return of Blue Pants, actually managing to pick up a win over Carmella – and the latter took out her frustrations on Enzo Amore. This week we get to see The Boss in action once again, as Sasha Banks is here to compete, Becky Lynch close at hand. Her opponent is NXT’s resident Tinkerbell and leader of the Glitter Blizzard – Alexa Bliss. We’ll see if Sasha’s recent losses to Charlotte have derailed her momentum in any way.

Bliss makes her entrance and, as always, has buckets full of personality. Announcers remind us that Sasha gave her a bloody nose the last time they faced off. Alexa isn’t taking any of Sasha’s trash talk this week – and goes to town with forearms. She’s able to get an early near-fall with a float-over sunset flip. She goes for a headscissor takedown – but Sasha counters into a backbreaker. She screams “how’s your nose?” as she drives Alexa’s face into the canvas. She goes for a scoop slam but Alexa counters that into a small package. Alexa follows up with a crucifix for another near-fall. Sasha whips her into the corner and is able to connect with two knees to the midriff. Sasha then busts out the Bank Statement for the easy win. Afterwards she keeps the hold locked on for a bit.

Winner: Sasha Banks via Bank Statement submission


Well after the rather stellar episodes of NXT leading up to the live special – as well as Charlotte and Sasha getting to main event the Christmas episode – this felt rather like an off-week. The match was short and didn’t really serve much purpose. I thought that Sasha keeping the hold locked on was going to cause Charlotte or Natalya to make the save – but that didn’t happen and I realised that was ‘it’ for the Divas action on this week. It felt like a bit of a let-down, since they started a seemingly hot new twist in this story last week. They didn’t even show a backstage interview with Charlotte or Natalya, giving their thoughts on the segment last week. There was no appearance from Enzo or Carmella either, further emphasizing the off week nature of this episode. Each taping seems to feature one of these – where there’s a few squash matches and a lot of promos. It’s there to build towards the big Wednesday debut of NXT next week – but Diva-wise, it didn’t give us much to look forward to.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the match. I make no secret about how big a fan I am of Alexa’s – so I’ll gladly tune in to see her in action for two minutes or twenty. I am always glad to see her doing her thing, because you can see a big improvement in her each time she appears. She has a brilliant amount of personality and a very fun gimmick. I say it every time she appears but she knows how to present herself. In the ring she’s ever improving – and I thought this week was a great performance from her. She had some nice fire and played the underdog role very well. Her forearms looked great and she executed all of her moves in a nice and snappy way. The only problem is that it was obvious who would win; NXT’s main flaw is that its division is incredibly shallow. Sasha has faced nobody but Alexa and Bayley in matches for the last six months. Although Becky turning heel and Charlotte face has switched up the dynamics a little, the matches are still quite limited. I can understand why Alexa hasn’t really faced anyone besides Sasha and hasn’t picked up that many wins; she’s still very green and so they want to use her as enhancement talent while she steadily improves. I do expect that when Charlotte gets called up and presumably someone new like Dana Brooke or Zada debuts – we’ll see Alexa featured a bit more. She’s definitely a future star – and WWE will surely pull the trigger on her when the time is right.

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