WWE Divas, January 5th Raw Results – Trials & Tribulations In Two Minutes Or Less
Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

WWE Divas, January 5 Raw Results:

paige nattie

And so the Christmas/New Year season is over and we can get right down to enjoying 2015. The Divas are certainly doing so, as it was the return of the hit reality series Total Divas on Sunday. Although Naomi has been dropped from the cast, she’s still making her presence known on Raw. She will be in 6-person tag team action, teaming with the newly crowned Tag Team Champions (one of whom is her own husband) The Usos – to face The Miz, Damien Mizdow and a new addition to Total Divas (and seemingly a heel again) Alicia Fox. That’s not all; last week on Raw, Nikki Bella picked up a win over Natalya thanks to Tyson Kidd’s shenanigans at ringside. This week Natalya gets another shot at Nikki – and she has someone unlikely in her corner…

Natalya’s brought Paige along! The Enchanting Raven-Haired Lady made her Total Divas debut on Sunday – playing a little prank on our prudish Nattie. Since then they’ve apparently made up, and now Paige is here in Nattie’s corner. Natalya rams Nikki into the turnbuckle to open the match. Nikki elbows her away and hits a headscissors takedown – followed by a clothesline for two. Natalya slaps her and hits a Russian Leg Sweep, before going for the Sharpshooter. Nikki kicks her away and nails her with a forearm. At this point, Brie and Paige have got into an argument at ringside. Paige attacks Brie and throws her into the security wall. Nikki is distracted by this, allowing Natalya to roll her up for three!

Winner: Natalya via roll-up

Nikki is furious and starts attacking Natalya again. Paige flies into the ring and gets attacked too. However Paige is able to floor Nikki with a big boot, screaming “this is my house!”


Well now that Total Divas is back on the air, it looks like we can look forward to more matches on Raw for the time being. However I was really annoyed with how short this match was. The segment was only about five minutes and taken up by a lengthy replay. WWE clearly did not see fit to give their Divas’ Champion much more air time than that. Anyway in spite of how ridiculously short they were in the ring for, Nattie and Nikki did quite well. I did get annoyed with Nikki using a headscissors – since she is a heel and therefore should not use a move like that. But Nattie switched things up and busted out some new things – in spite of such a short amount of time to work. Although Nikki defeated Natalya last week, it seems they’re going for a program of some kind between them. The storyline seems a little potentially messy here but I think I have an idea of where it’s heading: Nikki will be defending the title against Paige on Main Event. Total Divas just showed a little tension between Natalya and Paige – and like most storylines involving Natalya on the show, Paige is presented as the heel. I think Paige will probably play the fake friend to Natalya like she did to AJ, setting up a triple threat match for the Royal Rumble. Perhaps Paige will expect Natalya to be in her corner for the title match? Then Paige could get annoyed at Nattie for not cheating to help her win. Thus Paige can interfere in Natalya’s eventual title match. I do have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll end up being Nikki vs Brie for the belt at WrestleMania. Brie seemed very reluctant to actually get physical at ringside once again – which seems to again hint at that false heel character. But then again this is WWE, where negative continuity is the order of the day. Which brings us to…

The Usos & Naomi vs The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Alicia Fox


It seems that Alicia Fox’s first New Year’s Resolution was to dust off her old act. And by ‘act’ I mean randomly switching from face to heel at the whims of the bookers. Unfortunately the video starts after the main Diva portions of the match. Naomi and Alicia started off the match but the men went to work soon enough. The girls come in at the end as Alicia breaks up a pin – and Naomi hits her with a hurricanrana. Naomi is involved in the finish, which looks like a botch. Jimmy Uso was clearly meant to hit the ropes and knock Naomi off the apron – but he either hits the wrong part or she’s too far out of the way. Nonetheless he’s distracted, which allows Miz to roll him up for three. The Usos are not happy at Naomi costing them the match.

Winners: The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Alicia Fox via roll-up (on Jimmy)


Well there we go. 2015 hasn’t exactly gotten off to the most amazing start for the Divas; not a single girl on Raw has clocked more than two minutes of ring time. I just wish that WWE would give these matches more time. It’s great to physically see two separate storylines featured – but it doesn’t amount to much when the audience doesn’t get time to care about what’s happening. Another thing that annoyed me was the random face heel switch of Alicia Fox. Yet again! Were they that desperate for a heel to be on the other team? Why not use Summer Rae, Layla or Cameron – the latter since she and Naomi do have a history. It’s just very disrespectful to Alicia the performer and the division as a whole; it’s basically them saying “to hell with continuity; you’re just girls, so no one cares”. Aside from my ramblings, they worked well enough together. Despite the ending being obviously botched, it was a good idea. I am looking forward to seeing how Naomi will factor into this story. Since there’s a separate Divas’ Championship program seemingly beginning – it’s all up in the air.

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