WWE Divas, December 1st Raw Results – Black Widow Trumps Twin Magic
Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw December 1 Results:

The Bella Twins vs AJ Lee & ?


It’s the first week of Advent and it’s also the second week of Nikki Bella’s second Divas’ Championship reign. Now that she and sister Brie are apparently back on good terms, it’s time to put their alliance to the test – in a tag team match. Undoubtedly they’ll be facing the former champion AJ Lee – whose partner will be decided by vote on the WWE App. Given how AJ hasn’t exactly played well with others in the past, we’ll see how she fares with her mystery opponent.

The Bella Twins Vs AJ Lee And Naomi by martindaly234

Both Bellas are out first. What’s this? Nikki knocks Brie’s arm down for getting in her immediate vision. Brie still is all smiles as she makes her way to the ring. Meanwhile the options for AJ’s partner are: Natalya, Naomi and Alicia Fox. The winner is…

Naomi has won with 48% of the vote. She and AJ were NXT contestants together, while the Bellas were pros. This could be interesting…

Brie knocks AJ off the apron and both Bellas double team Naomi. Nikki hits a snap suplex and a dropkick to the knee. She hops Naomi’s face off her knee and chokes her at the ropes. She reluctantly tags Brie in, who hits Naomi with her running knee. Naomi kicks out, but Brie whips her into the corner and splashes her. Nikki tags in and so Brie whips Naomi into a clothesline from her. Nikki puts on a chinlock and Naomi works to her feet. Nikki pulls her back with a hair-pull backbreaker and goes for a back suplex. Naomi lands on her feet and tags AJ. The Divas’ Champion gets hit with a Thesz Press, splash to the corner and neckbreaker. AJ knocks Brie off the apron and then delivers a tornado DDT to Nikki. Brie breaks up the pin and ducks under an interfering Naomi – allowing her sister to get dropkicked instead. Brie throws Naomi out of the ring – and is thrown out by AJ. She then hits Nikki with a shining wizard and puts on the Black Widow. AJ makes the Divas’ Champion tap out!

Winner: AJ Lee & Naomi via Black Widow submission (on Nikki)


We’re back to having only one Divas’ match on Raw – but the action this week still satisfied me. A) We got some logical progression towards AJ’s rematch, B) we got some clarification (however subtle) on this Bella Twins storyline and C) there were no face promos with trashy insults. I’m relieved that they didn’t go down the same route they have in the past with AJ as a face. She wasn’t all buddy-buddy with Naomi but she didn’t walk out on her either. The way they both played off the partnership was fine by me. I didn’t think the stuff between Nikki and Naomi looked that good. Her dropkick especially was very off. Ironically her chinlock looked very effective. Brie and Naomi worked a little better together – and the sisters used a nifty double team sequence. AJ’s moves looked quite good as well. The DDT was sold and executed especially nicely – and the interference at the end was nice and tidy. AJ logically gets a win over the Divas’ Champion to get back some momentum. Elsewhere, it seems that my suspicions about Brie were right: she’s faking the heel turn. There were a lot of subtle moments during the entrances that pointed towards it. Nikki disrespected Brie a few times – and the latter just brushed it aside each time. Why else would she do this other than to lure her sister into a false sense of security? It reminds me a little of when Eve was feuding with Kaitlyn and Layla. Beforehand, Eve was pretending to make a face turn – but still letting the crowd know that she was still a heel. It’s a small bit of dramatic licence; Nikki and AJ don’t notice her ‘acting’ but the crowd does. You could also hear Nikki blaming Brie for the loss afterwards. It also could have been a sneaky move by Brie to duck Naomi’s dropkick and let Nikki get hit instead. I expect we’ll see more of Brie’s sneaky ways in the weeks leading up to AJ’s rematch. Since we’re suddenly a lot closer to WrestleMania than we were at SummerSlam, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the big blow-off Bellas match happened then. But that is still a long way away. Anyhow I’m also happy that we got Naomi on Raw.

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