WWE Divas, November 28th NXT Results – Bayley Tries To Be A Star
Posted on Saturday, November 29th, 2014

WWE Divas – November 28, 2014 NXT Results:


We’re edging even closer to NXT Takeover – the final live special of the year. The Divas sure are getting excited, since Sasha Banks and her new gal pal Becky Lynch have been causing a stir in the division. In fact, this week Bayley has decided that she will not be the victim; she is going to call out Sasha and Becky for their despicable behaviour. Unfortunately for her, the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte is not here this week. Elsewhere Carmella is in the house and she’s also in a match!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass come down to the ring. Enzo describes Carmella as hot, saying “you can’t teach that” (every beauty-themed magazine stands corrected). Carmella takes the microphone and reminds us that she is the Princess of Staten Island. Once again she drops what is possibly her official catch phrase: “Bada bing, hottest chick in the ring”. She’s also here to compete! Enzo describes it as the rematch everyone has been anticipating. Leva Bates is back on NXT! She gets a “blue pants!” chant from the crowd. The match gets underway and BP actually gets some offence: she wrenches the arm and puts Carmella in a hammerlock. Carmella escapes and hits a couple of dropkicks. It’s not long before she has her submission hold locked in – and gets another easy victory.

Winner: Carmella via Figure 4 Necklock submission

Bayley is out now and grabs a microphone. She relates a story from her childhood about how she was constantly bullied and picked on. Her mother always told her to keep going back and confront the bullies. And that’s exactly what she’s going to do now; she calls out Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for their behaviour. She can’t say much else before Sasha’s music plays and Team BAE struts down to the ring. Bayley actually tries to fight both of them but she is quickly double teamed. Sasha and Becky lay the Smackdown on her until referees come to separate them. Bayley is left clutching her leg while Sasha and Becky mock her.


This was a pretty Diva-heavy episode of NXT; Carmella’s match was short but did the job nicely. I’m happy that the NXT bookers didn’t just have that match and call it a day for this week’s Diva stuff. Carmella is still green and she is more about character than wrestling – which is likely why her matches are kept short. They also likely want to keep her away from the ongoing Women’s Championship picture – which is why we haven’t seen her go at it with Charlotte, Bayley, Becky etc. I’m fine with that as they’re still establishing her character, separately from the main storyline. The little post-match segment confirmed my theory about Carmella’s eventual fate: she’s going to reject Enzo properly. She got a little bit of heat for blanking him. So when she does do it for real, she’s likely to get even more. But it doesn’t have to happen immediately. This trio is having fun segments and it can’t hurt to develop Carmella’s character and relationship with them for a few more weeks.

I also enjoyed the segment between the three Divas. Bayley’s promo work has gotten very good. What she says might be a little cheesy – but she just makes it work. I know that the NXT crowd is pretty easy to get over in front of – but I have steadily more confidence in Bayley with regards to the main roster. Hers is a character that could feasibly connect with the crowds in a way that Paige and Emma didn’t quite manage. She also showed some nice acting skills and made me feel sorry for her. Meanwhile this little segment also gave Becky and Sasha a little more heat. It’s one thing to simply win matches – but this one booked them as despicable bullies. By keeping Charlotte off TV, it gave them a chance to properly stand tall. Sasha and Charlotte has been announced for NXT Takeover – and the feud has been progressing fairly well. This will logically set up a nice rescue segment where Charlotte cleans house.


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