WWE Divas, November 25th Main Event Results – The Proof of the Pumpkin Pie…
Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

WWE Main Event – November 25 Divas Match:

Natalya vs Layla w/Summer Rae


Although things have heated up in the Divas’ Championship picture, this week’s Main Event serves to highlight the supporting players in the women’s division. Fresh off a big Survivor Series victory and a mixed tag win on Raw, Natalya is enjoying the Thanksgiving spirit. Of course she can’t do that in peace without the Slayers breathing down her neck. Layla takes on Natalya in singles competition, hoping Summer Rae will lend a helping hand.

We get a backstage segment where Natalya and her wife (forgive me, I couldn’t resist) are hanging out at the catering table. The folks at WWE must be feeling generous – as it’s stacked with Thanksgiving treats. The happy couple can’t enjoy it for too long, as the Slayers pop over. Layla then makes a joke that’s actually funny: “I know something that Tyson is thankful for: those headphones”. Tyson finds it funny too, as Natalya does have tendency to ramble on. Before Natalya can get annoyed with him, Layla smashes a pumpkin pie on her face! #OhSnap

It appears that getting her hands on Layla was more important to Natalya than cleaning 100% of the pie off her face. She even shoves Summer Rae at ringside first. In the ring she goes for an early Sharpshooter – but then decides to just brawl with Layla instead. Layla plays possum for a moment before big booting Natalya. Layla then goes to work heeling it up, eventually slapping on a Figure 4 Headlock – transitioning into a scissors stomp. The crowd now start the “Nattie’s husband” chants, prompting Tyson to pop his headphones on. Natalya escapes the submission but Layla slams her by the hair. Natalya rolls Lay up for two but is immediately clotheslined. Summer is able to get a sneaky slap in while Layla has the referee distracted. Meanwhile Layla kicks Natalya in the back and puts on a chinlock. Natalya arm drags Layla to escape but is immediately dropped on the middle turnbuckle. Layla then locks on her tarantula – but Nattie throws her off to the outside. Layla gets back into the ring and goes for a kick – but Nattie faceplants her. She follows up with a dropkick to the face for two. Layla kicks Nattie and goes for the LOL. However Nattie moves out of the way and is able to lock the Sharpshooter in. Layla struggles for a while but has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Natalya via Sharpshooter submission


An unexpected Thanksgiving treat for us all; Natalya and Layla had quite a good match on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. This one was just as enjoyable as the previous bout. Like that one, I noticed that Layla controlled a lot of it. It was actually surprising how little offence Nattie got in. That’s not to say that she looked weak; it’s just that Layla dominated a lot more than I was expecting her to. In contrast to her partner Summer Rae, who has taken a nose dive in ring skills lately – Layla remains pretty solid in the ring. She remains as one of the lone Diva Search contestants who has had to train on the road – and has evolved into quite the competent worker. And now that she’s abandoned her cringey comedy spots, I’m warming to her as a heel. The Slayers seem to be LayCool version 2, judging from that backstage segment. This time however it seems Summer is the OTT one, while Layla plays the straight woman. Since Summer is much more of a natural at comedy than Layla, I’m fine with that. Summer is a good character and played her role at ringside very well. But it’s a shame that her wrestling has gone so downhill lately – because she was a top Diva in the making last year. Meanwhile it seems that the way this match was structured means that Layla is the Alpha of the Slayers; Summer has always been presented as a bimbo that can only get fluke wins. While Layla didn’t win here, she did control most of the match. That certainly put her over. I would like to see Layla get some form of push into the spotlight. It’s too bad her last Divas’ Championship reign failed so badly – because she still has lots to offer WWE.

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