WWE Divas, Raw November 24th Results – A Fearless Title Reign
Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw, November 24 Results:

AJ Lee vs Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella


Well as of Survivor Series, we’ve got ourselves a new Divas’ Champion. On Sunday, Nikki Bella captured her second title when her sister Brie helped her out – seemingly mending their relationship. Tonight on Raw – which also happens to be the last day Brie will be acting as her sister’s PA – Brie will be facing the former champion AJ Lee. We’ll see how well the newly reunited Bella Twins work as a unit. Additionally Natalya survived a big match at the PPV and she’ll be in action too. She’ll team with hubby Tyson Kidd to face Adam Rose and the Bunny.

The men mostly wrestle this one out. Natalya is tagged in briefly but just checks that the Bunny is okay – before Tyson tags himself back in. Tyson is able to get the win when the Bunny botches an attempt at interference. Despite not looking too pleased, Natalya still celebrates with her husband. If you saw last week’s Main Event, then you already saw this match. There doesn’t seem to be much forward growth in this Tyson Kidd and Natalya storyline – if there even is a storyline here.

Brie still has her exclusive theme music but she and her sister appear to be very chummy. AJ has a microphone when she comes out and congratulates Nikki – on turning her life’s work into a shiny accessory. She also says that Brie has proved herself to be an even bigger skank than her sister. Brie throws AJ into a corner but the former champ fights back – dropkicking Brie out of the ring. AJ fights off Nikki but is blindsided with a clothesline from Brie. Back in the ring, Brie targets – what else – the arm. She puts on a grounded hammerlock. AJ works to her feet but Brie targets the arm again. AJ reverses an attempted arm breaker into a school girl for one. AJ now hits a Thesz Press and splash in the corner. She then delivers what’s either a dropkick to the head or a Shining Wizard. Either way, Brie kicks out at two – and kicks AJ towards the ropes. AJ elbows Brie away and the referee checks on her. While his back is turned, Nikki bounces AJ’s arm off the ropes – allowing Brie to roll her up for three.

Winner: Brie Bella via Magistral Cradle

AJ doesn’t look happy at being cheated and grabs the microphone again. She says that two of them aren’t even equal to half of herself. She then says “talent is not sexually transmitted”.


Well it was a so-so Raw following off a so-so PPV. Rather than the Diva-heavy Raws we’ve become accustomed to, this one felt almost like an after-thought. The match between AJ and Brie was okay – but with Brie assuming a full heel role, there was a bit of awkwardness. Brie as a heel is an endless series of arm bars and rest holds, and on her first night seemingly in the new role – she hasn’t grown much in the ring. In contrast to Nikki – who is a born heel – Brie has always been rather lacklustre on her own. There were a couple of good spots from AJ but the match felt rather forgettable. One thing I really didn’t like was AJ’s choice of words. I know that the PG rating has often affected what kind of words can be used in promos – but I’d like to think we’re past the days of women calling each other skanks. It’s trashy and definitely something I’d rather be left out of promos. AJ of course also had to go and make implications about the Bellas sleeping around. Not only is that extremely hypocritical coming from AJ of all people, it’s again trashy. It also makes AJ come across as really bratty and bitchy. If she had focused on the Bellas cheating her out of the title, then she would have had 100% sympathy. But the problem with AJ as a face is that she’s often not very likeable. If she has a heel to play off, then she is a little better. But I wasn’t feeling her choice of words tonight.

Although Brie worked the match as a heel and behaved as such, is anyone else not convinced? Whenever Brie was heel in the past, she was anything but restrained. And I felt as if she was holding back a little in this match. Now that could just be her adjusting to playing a heel again on TV – or she’s faking. Not being too heelish could be a sign that she’s faking her heel turn. She didn’t react much to AJ’s taunts, she didn’t get that aggressive in the ring and she sort of only half-cheated to get the win. The announcers did mention that her contract to Nikki was expiring soon, although not that much attention was drawn to it. Since it has now effectively expired, we’ll hopefully get some confirmation. Either Brie has made a definite heel turn or her feud with Nikki is about to get a whole lot juicier. It was Brie’s husband after all who faked a heel turn earlier this year.

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