WWE Divas, Survivor Series 2014 Results – A Night of Quickies & Clean Sweeps
Posted on Monday, November 24th, 2014

WWE Divas, Survivor Series 2014:


Well last night was WWE’s penultimate PPV of the year – and the last of the ‘Big Four’ to get out of the way. Survivor Series began as a Thanksgiving Sunday PPV with the focus on tag team wrestling. As WWE loves its multi-Diva tag matches, it’s not surprising that the Divas are getting the traditional Survivor Series treatment. However what is surprising that on this PPV – the one where it’s easiest to get every Diva on the card with just one match – we have two. AJ Lee will be defending her Divas’ Championship against one Nikki Bella – who still has her sister Brie under her thumb for one more day. Elsewhere former friends now turned enemies Paige and Alicia Fox have captained their own Survivor Series teams; Paige leads her team of Cameron and the Slayers against Foxy’s team of Naomi, Natalya and Emma.

Paige, Layla, Summer Rae & Cameron vs Alicia Fox, Naomi, Natalya & Emma [Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match]:

Well cue the flying pigs; a Divas segment is getting a 20-minute time frame. They even have time for individual entrances. What is this? An NXT PPV? Oddly enough the Slayers enter separately – yet they have co-ordinated their gear. Tyson Kidd has also accompanied his wife to ringside. Emma actually gets a somewhat decent pop from the crowd too. Paige and Natalya will start the match for their respective teams. They exchange headlock takeovers and Natalya hits a butterfly suplex. Paige leaves the ring to take a powder – and gets hit with a baseball slide. She cowers in the shelter of the ropes (while Natalya awkwardly holds onto her) before tagging Layla in. Lay goes for a leg drop but Natalya moves out of the way and tags Emma in. Neck snap from Emma is followed by a half-botched school girl and a very slow small package. Layla comes back with the Infinity pin, which Emma reverses. Layla pulls out her trusty two kicks spot, before tagging Paige in. The Anti-Diva goes to work on the Dancing Queen – but the two find themselves straddling the top rope. Emma is able to hit Paige with a superplex! Paige tags Cameron, who heels it up on Emma. Snap suplex from Cameron, followed by her split leg drop. She puts on her chicken wing submission and Emma powers to her feet. Emma is able to get a backslide for one and then tags Naomi. An awkward crossbody follows, followed by some awkward punches. Naomi is then able to hit her wheelbarrow stunner – but Layla breaks the pin up.

Alicia Fox is in now to dropkick Layla. She in turn is hit with a spinning wheel kick from Summer Rae. Emma then awkwardly throws Summer out and is thrown aside by Paige. Natalya hits Paige with a discus clothesline and is hit with a sloppy bulldog from Cameron. Naomi then rolls up Cameron to get the first elimination of the match. Cameron is eliminated. Summer Rae reluctantly enters the fray and is hit with a snapmare-kick to the face combo. Naomi goes for a scoop slam but Summer rolls over and slams her by the hair. For some reason Summer works the arm for a few seconds but Naomi is able to tag Natalya. Summer knocks all the faces off the apron and then throws Naomi back into the ring. Alicia Fox tags herself in and hits some dropkicks – that Summer bumps *horribly* off. Foxy throws Summer into Layla and then drags all three heels into the ring. She hits them all with an attempted crossbody and then climbs the top rope. The three heels are in position for another crossbody – but flee instead. Summer comically tags Layla in, who gets Thesz Pressed by Alicia. Northern lights suplex to Layla gets two. Layla goes for the LOL, which Alicia rolls through – and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Layla is eliminated.

Paige is in immediately with kicks and headbutts. Summer tags in and is dragged over to the faces’ corner. Natalya tags in and she and Alicia hit a double Russian leg sweep. Natalya gets her series of moves until Paige knees her in the back and tags in. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Summer breaks it up. Summer now tags in and mimics Paige’s knees and scream. Natalya knocks her off the apron and now Paige is annoyed with Summer – and throws her back inside. Emma has tagged in now and hits her signature spots. The combination of the DIL-Emma, Emmamite Sandwich and Emma Lock sends Summer to the showers. Summer Rae is eliminated. Paige is now alone against the four faces. A “let’s go Paige!” chant starts but she tries to walk out of the match. Emma brings her back to the ring and gets superkicked in the face. Paige stomps for a while but Emma is able to tag Natalya. Paige big boots her but Natalya comes back with a release German suplex. Naomi is in now and goes for a split-legged moonsault. Paige gets her knees up but Alicia Fox takes a swipe at her. Naomi hits the Rear View and then follows up with the headscissors driver. Paige is eliminated.

Survivors: Naomi, Natalya, Alicia Fox & Emma

AJ Lee* vs Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella [WWE Divas’ Championship]

We get extended replays of all the nastiness that’s been going on between AJ and both Bellas since Nikki became #1 contender. Oddly enough Eden Stiles waits until both Divas are in the ring before she announces them. The bell rings and all of a sudden Brie has gotten up on the apron, holding the title belt. AJ turns to her curiously…and is suddenly getting passionately kissed! The fans erupt but as AJ breaks away, Nikki clocks her with a forearm. AJ is knocked out and Nikki lays her out with the Rack Attack. That gives Nikki her second Divas’ Championship – in less than 30 seconds. Also Brie looks genuinely pleased for her sister. What the H-E-double hockey sticks?

Winner and NEW WWE Divas’ Champion: Nikki Bella via the Rack Attack


Well there’s our Divas Survivor Series action. Every Diva made it to the card. Even Rosa, who was on the kick-off show. So what are my thoughts on the Survivor Series match? I’m honestly still torn between my feelings for it. Plenty of my contemporaries erupted on Facebook last night and declared it one of the worst matches they’d ever seen. If I were to describe my take on it, a quote from the lady who got the win for her team comes to mind. From that episode of Total Divas where the Funkadactyls and JoJo attempt to sing live:

“It’s not bad. I mean, it’s not good. It’s okay…it’s mediocre”

Analysing it from start to finish, I thought the match began promisingly enough. There seemed to be a nice pacing going on. Up until the point where Cameron was working over Emma – that was a solid pace. The part where Emma went for the backslide was where the match started to fall apart. The girls tried several times to salvage it – but it was a sinking ship. For the most part, the moves were done well (though I’ll get to that in a moment). The problem lay in how the match was put together. After those opening few minutes, everything was all over the place. The match seemed to stop and restart at least several times. Rather than properly building up the way a tag match is supposed to, it peaked and then plummeted in quick succession. The breakdown and finishers rush stuck out particularly to me. That looked like the climax of a standard 8-Diva tag. For a moment I thought Eden had made a mistake – and the match was really one-fall-to-a-finish. What on Earth was up with Cameron not being eliminated by that wheelbarrow stunner? That would have been a more than satisfying first elimination.

Cameron in particular did fine at first. She heeled it up pretty well out there, considering that she was the greenest one on the team. But the second Naomi tagged in…she no sold punches, she hit a sloppy bulldog and looked lost just before that. The girl was clearly flustered. I applaud her for selling that wheelbarrow stunner perfectly – but everything else she did wrong just stuck out. Another girl who didn’t have a good night was Emma; I was happy to hear her get reactions during her entrance. But botched school girls, awkward backslides, horrible karate chop clotheslines…this cannot be the same girl that put on a MOTY candidate at NXT Arrival earlier this year. Alicia Fox sadly didn’t do that well either. Her triple crossbody spot looked terrible – there’s no sugar-coating it. She attempted to work the crowd by starting a “chicken!” chant but completely half-assed it. I appreciate the effort but she’s not getting a cookie for just effort.

But the worst performance of all goes to Summer Rae. One year ago she was wowing me with her matches. Ever since she came back from The Marine 4, her matches have gotten steadily worse and worse. I would love to just call this an off-night but I’ve seen the signs far too many times. I’m actually in shock at how horribly she bumped off those dropkicks. That’s not to mention her out-of-place comedy spots. Her imitation of Paige was just random, came out of nowhere and was played off horribly. It felt like a vintage cringey Layla comedy spot. Speaking of Layla, she had a fairly good performance out there. She’s hit and miss these days – especially against Alicia – but they worked quite well together. Natalya and Naomi likewise did the best they could. Aside from Naomi’s awkward moments with Cameron, neither of them made me cringe.

Meanwhile Paige finally achieved something for the first time since her main roster debut: she was the star of the show. She led her team, she led the match, she dominated, she was everywhere…she did very well. She did the best she could with a match falling apart around her. She’s tightened up her kicks especially. And she seems to be getting over again with fans. Doubtless this will lead to a face turn in the future. It could possibly happen sooner rather than later; she did look rather sympathetic after she was beaten. That’s one of the reasons I wondered about the booking behind it. Most people have already said everything that could possibly be said about the logic – having all four faces survive. Natalya and Emma certainly shouldn’t have made it to the end. It felt very odd to have Naomi be the one to get the final elimination. It was Paige and Alicia’s feud – so shouldn’t Alicia get the win? This entire match just reeks of afterthought booking. Unless of course they plan to finally push Naomi for the Divas’ Championship…

The Divas’ Championship match…well the length of the other one is more understandable now. It’s a weird decision for WWE to make. I can’t say that I was a) expecting it or b) hoping for it. I don’t think anyone would hope for it to end this way. I like that we did get a bit of a storyline swerve – but I honestly would rather see a full-length match. If timing was the issue (and I doubt it was) then about five minutes could have been knocked off the Survivor Series match and given to this one. The swerve itself came out of left field. Well, maybe not completely. I had a hunch that Nikki would get Brie to help her win the match. I doubt that anyone would have predicted how she would do it though. There was a rumour ages ago that WWE wanted to do more risqué storylines. Well after not-so-subtle lesbian teasing from Paige, Brie Bella goes a step further and locks lips with the Divas’ Champion. The shout-out is obvious though: it’s a call back to AJ’s kiss costing Daniel Bryan the title at WrestleMania 28 (and kick-starting AJ’s rise to stardom). If AJ is leaving WWE for good, then it is a symbolic little ending for her. Brie’s involvement leaves a lot of questions though. I still can’t decide which theory to approach:

  • Brie has turned heel and reunited with Nikki
  • Brie is simply getting revenge on AJ for her (unprovoked) attack on Raw
  • It’s a fake-out heel turn

I think the third option would probably be the best – from a storyline perspective. Having the twins reunite as heels would be a Russo-inspired move. It makes no sense and it’s there purely for shock factor; it would undermine the entire point of a Bellas feud. However Brie could be faking just to lure Nikki into a false sense of security. Her ‘contract’ with Nikki expires tonight on Raw. If she’s been faking then I’ll applaud WWE for the touch of brilliance. If she’s inexplicably made up with her sister, I’ll curse them for their idiotic ideas. The second option could hold up if they want to make this a triple threat feud – AJ is still advertised until TLC. A triple threat would be one way to transition from AJ to Brie in the title picture. Or else we could get another swerve tonight and have Brie help AJ win the title back – just to mess with her sister even further. I can’t say that I’ve been a fan of these hot potato title switches, especially after getting used to nice long reigns over the past year. So hopefully Nikki will actually get a good and well-booked reign.

So Survivor Series was an overall hot mess. We were denied a Divas’ Championship match and given a tag match that was an overbooked botchy clusterfuck. Unlike the WrestleMania match – which managed to be entertaining for what it was – this was just purely mediocre. If I rated things out of ten, I’d hover between a 4 and a 5 – depending on my mood. I am happy that the girls got plenty of time. I just wish they’d utilised it better. But anyhow we’ve got a new Divas’ Champion, a possible departing Diva, an alliance that needs to be confirmed and a whole load of other questions to be answered. Just please don’t give us a rematch on Raw like last year.

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