WWE Divas, November 20th Superstars Results – Paige Goes Fox Hunting
Posted on Friday, November 21st, 2014

WWE Divas – November 20 Superstars Match:

Paige vs Alicia Fox


It seems that bitter personal rivalries run deeper than we thought. This week’s WWE Superstars brings us the third in a series of grudge matches – that are only a couple of weeks old. Up until Hell In A Cell, Paige was best friends with Alicia Fox. Now they’re heated enemies. They hate each other so much, this is the second time they’re going to wrestle this week. Alicia pulled out a sneaky win over Paige on Main Event – and here’s the rematch on Superstars. Let’s see who can go into the big Survivor Series match with momentum on her side.

The girls grapple in the middle of the ring and Alicia is whipped into the corner. She floats over and then leapfrogs over Paige, hitting a dropkick. Paige knees her in the midriff and whips her into the corner. Alicia is able to get a split-legged sunset flip for two. She sweeps Paige’s legs and covers her again. Paige however school girls Alicia, bouncing the back of her head off the turnbuckle. She then drags Alicia into position for her series of knees to the chest. Back in the ring, she illegally stands on Alicia’s hair. It’s now time for a modified chinlock, transitioning into a surfboard stretch. Alicia is able to flip Paige away to escape the hold and now starts a comeback with clotheslines and dropkicks. She hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Paige stops her from doing a move from the top – and hits the Ram-Paige for the win.

Winner: Paige via the Ram-Paige


I was a fan of their match on Main Event this week – but I think I loved this match even more. It’s surprising to think that two Divas can face each other two nights in a row – and not put on a repetitive match at all. This was longer than their Main Event bout and allowed more time for each girl to control the match. Alicia is finding fun new ways to execute her babyface moves, while Paige is dominating a lot more. Paige in particular looked a bit more solid in this match than she has in her matches with AJ. She also got rather nasty with a lot of her offence. This is the kind of thing I’ve wanted to see from Paige since she debuted on the main roster. She should brutalise her opponents a lot more. If she could retire those awkward knees to the chest, I’d be even happier with her. Alicia meanwhile looked pretty solid as well; her offence was very interesting to see – and that’s a big plus when one is a face in the ring. Here’s hoping they and their partners can bring some of this nice chemistry in a Traditional Survivor Series match. Paige got a clean win here and Alicia’s was treated as an upset on Main Event. This gives Paige the momentum heading into the PPV. WWE like to pull a momentum switch on us – so I see the face team winning the match. Alicia is a shoe-in for a survivor and I’m hoping Naomi will be a second.

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