WWE Divas, November 20th NXT Results – Becky Is Best At Everything
Posted on Friday, November 21st, 2014

WWE Divas – November 20, 2014 NXT Results:

Bayley vs Becky Lynch w/Sasha Banks


Last week on NXT, we saw Sasha Banks make a vow to go after the NXT Women’s Championship – with the help of the newly heel Becky Lynch. Together they form Team BAE (Best At Everything). This week it’s Becky who has work to do; she’s facing the woman she attacked from behind some weeks ago. Bayley suffered a dirty loss to Becky and Sasha two weeks ago – so she’s looking to get some retribution. Bayley takes on Becky Lynch – with a special appearance from Charlotte.

Becky has new gear but is still awkwardly trying to play a heel mosh pit chick. The familiar “Bayley’s gonna hug you!” chant breaks out – ironically as Bayley does not hug Becky. Rather, she rams her into the corner and starts shoulder blocking her. Bayley delivers a lucha arm drag from the middle rope and charges Becky in the corner again. Becky flips her to the apron and then slams her down by the hair. Becky follows up with a snap suplex and there’s an obvious miscommunication – where Becky was planning to do a leg drop but Bayley moves out of position for it. Nonetheless Becky hits her leg drop and a really aggressive elbow drop. Becky then puts on a half-nelson and Bayley fights to her feet. Bayley ducks a clothesline and rolls Becky up for two. She gets aggressive and slams Becky by the hair. She follows up with a series of Polish Hammers and a running shoulder block. She hits Becky with a flying back elbow in the corner and then a suplex for two. Bayley goes to the top rope but Becky moves outside to the apron. As Bayley goes after her, Sasha gets up on the apron. Becky is able to bounce Bayley off the ropes and roll Bayley up. A handful of the tights gets her the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch via school girl roll-up

As Team BAE mock Bayley, some familiar music plays. The NXT Women’s Champion is here! Charlotte walks down to the ring and Sasha and Becky retreat.

After the match, there’s a backstage segment. Bayley thanks Charlotte for coming to her rescue. Charlotte meanwhile says that she won’t be here next week – and that it’s a good idea to just stay away from Sasha. Bayley offers a hug and Charlotte accepts this one.


A good week for the Divas on NXT; Bayley finally gets to have a match with someone other than Sasha, and Becky likewise with Charlotte. I really enjoyed this match. Even if it was only three minutes, it felt like a longer bout. There was plenty of offence on both sides – with both women booked very well. Bayley wasn’t booked to look like cannon fodder – and Becky wasn’t booked to look like Sasha’s inferior. Becky showed off some nice moves and creative spots. She was already one of the most interesting NXT Divas to watch as a face – and it looks like she’ll be the same as a heel too. The miscue was what it was. It looked obvious and not too good. However Becky didn’t break her stride at all and kept on going. By the end of the match, a casual viewer would have forgotten it. I still reserve my previous opinions towards Becky’s character. She needs to drop the rocker thing because her entrance just looks so awkward. It’s not a character that one can make work as a heel. She’s doing her best to force it – but it’s not sticking. I am glad however that she’s finally picked up her first win since her debut match. Sasha was likewise utilised in a good way. Since they’re a villain duo, it’s good to show them working together to win matches. Charlotte’s involvement was a nice tease for an obvious pay-off later down the line – with the girls really getting physical. This Sasha/Charlotte program seems off to a good start.

Carmella was also featured in a fun backstage segment with Enzo and Cass. She sadly did not get to cut a promo during their match.

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