WWE Divas, October 30th Superstars Results – Summer’s A Fan of Dirty Dancing
Posted on Saturday, November 1st, 2014

WWE Divas – October 30 Superstars Match:

Emma vs Summer Rae w/Layla


Although Emma may have returned to her old haunt NXT this week, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to see her on the main roster as well. The Dancing Queen must not be feeling great after that loss to Carmella – so she’s going after an old rival instead. She’ll take on one half of the Slayers – Summer Rae. The two have had an endless series of matches since Emma debuted on the main roster. Emma has beaten Summer before, but let’s see if Layla being around will affect things.

The announcers draw attention to the rivalry between these two on NXT days of yore. Emma goes straight into a headlock, transitioning into a shoulder tackle. What follows is the same spot from NXT, where Emma drops down next to her opponent. However this time, when she dodges the swipe, she gets an Oklahoma Roll for two. Emma then goes for a backslide, which Summer counters and gets to her feet. She backs Emma into the corner and then floors her with a spinning heel kick. Summer chokes Emma in the corner for a spell before putting on a half nelson. Emma tries to get to her feet but Summer slams her down, keeping the hold on. Emma fights out of it again and hits a flying crossbody. She stars a comeback with clotheslines and the DIL-Emma. This puts Summer in position for the Emmamite Sandwich. As she goes for the Emma Lock, Layla gets up on the apron. Emma tries to fend her off – and Summer rolls her up for three.

Winner: Summer Rae via school girl roll-up


Summer Rae and Emma are nearing Bayley/Sasha Banks or Natalya/Alicia Fox for the record of most singles matches together. This one was a little better than the rather repetitive bouts we saw when Emma first debuted on the main roster. Then she was merely getting all her Five Moves of Doom in, in order to get her identity across to the fans. Here some of the spots were a little different. Summer Rae likewise kept things to her usual spots and holds. I’m not complaining too much since her spinning heel kick always looks so solid. Emma’s comeback was also a little different, as was the ending. It’s always good when a lower level heel is able to get wins. I actually can’t believe that Summer Rae used to be presented as this ruthless Alpha Bitch on NXT. On the main roster, she’s more of a bimbo that can only get fluke wins. She’ll hopefully get some kind of push in the next few months – because she is a future Divas’ Champion for sure. Meanwhile I’d like to see Emma and Layla go at it as well. Layla interfering here could segue into a singles match next week. It’s not like the girls are occupied with anything else at the minute.

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