WWE Divas, October 30th NXT Results – Emma Gets A Trick, Carmella Gets A Treat
Posted on Friday, October 31st, 2014

WWE Divas – October 30, 2014 NXT Results:

Emma vs Carmella


Trick or treat everyone! Happy Halloween from everyone here at Lethal WOW. One of the many great things about having Halloween on a Friday this year is that we get a lovely NXT recap to enjoy. Diva fans got a trick last week – with Becky Lynch giving into her dark side and allying herself with the boisterous Sasha Banks. We’re going to hear from the woman she turned on – Bayley – briefly as she tells us what she plans to do next. But the real treat for Diva fans is that Carmella will be competing in her second match. The Princess of Staten Island shall be facing the Down Under Dancing Sensation Emma!

Bayley is being interviewed about getting betrayed once again by a friend. She acknowledges that it’s happened a lot – but she’s already got a plan. Sasha and Becky will be in a tag match against her next week. Who is Bayley picking as a partner? The NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte!

Carmella is out with a big fur coat and a microphone. She reminds that – not only is she the Princess of Staten Island – she’s also a princess here on NXT. She warns Emma to watch her back – “Bada bing; hottest chick in the ring” Marry me now. Carmella gets a sneaky roll-up top open the match. Emma then puts her in a headlock and shoulder tackles her. Carmella goes for a sleep and then Emma drops down next to her. Carmella tries to take a swing at her, but Emma dodges and covers her for one. Emma goes back to the headlock, which Carmella reverses. Now Carmella hits the shoulder tackle and Emma ends up on the apron. As Carmella runs at her, Emma does her trusty handstand kick through the ropes. Carmella is now cowering in the safety of the bottom turnbuckle. However she’s playing possum and suckers Emma in. She chokes Emma on the ropes – and checks her nails while doing it. She slams Emma to the canvas and locks on a body scissors. She even checks Emma’s nails while the hold is on. Emma tries to turn it into a pin but Carmella keeps the hold locked. Emma is able to turn herself round so that she and Carmella are face-to-face. She powers up and then drops Carmella down (sparking a small “better than Batista” chant). Carmella goes for a kick but Emma catches her foot and throws her down. It’s time for Emma’s comeback with the dance karate chops. Carmella finds herself then caught in the DIL-Emma and then hit with the Emmamite Sandwich. Carmella kicks out at two and Emma tries to go for the Emma Lock. Carmella however uses a drop toe hold to counter this – and she’s able to lock on the Figure 4 Necklock, which makes Emma tap.

Winner: Carmella via Figure 4 Necklock submission


A nice fun little episode of NXT; starting off with the Bayley stuff, it’s always a little tricky whenever she has to show real emotion – which is likely why this was kept short. I think I probably would have liked to see some kind of interview or segment with Becky instead. Her heel turn was very abrupt and not very well built up – so I’d just like to see some segment where she explains her actions. I personally wouldn’t have had Bayley reveal that she’s going to team with Charlotte. I’d rather have it kept as a mystery who her partner is – because Charlotte is a big surprise. But if the Women’s Champion is turning face, then teaming with Bayley is the next logical step. I was not a fan of Charlotte’s previous face run at all. So we’ll have to see if she’s gotten any better at it.

I was overjoyed that Carmella got a nice long form match. Now that I’ve got a chance to really see her in action, I’m still very impressed with the girl. She’s only been in the company for a year, so she is still incredibly green. You could see that she looked a little bit slow with the execution of some of her moves – like she was pausing or hesitating. But besides that, she looked great out there. She has so much personality. Her attitude, her mannerisms, her acting…she’s in complete control of her character. I’m struggling for things to say that I haven’t already – but she’s a great addition to NXT. She plays the character very well and that is what will make her an asset to the company. Wrestling ability will always come with time – working more matches, wrestling solid workers etc. – but if you’ve got the character down, then you’re set. And Carmella’s wrestling looks very promising. She controlled the match and was able to be the heel in the ring without looking lost. She also bumped and sold very well for Emma. The latter’s karate chop comeback looked the best it ever has this week. I’m finally okay with her using it in the ring. It was nice to see Emma again on NXT. It might feel a bit like a demotion for her at this stage. But they’ve clearly got nothing for her on the main roster – so why not come back here and put over some of the other girls? All in all, this one was definitely a Halloween treat for NXT Diva fans.

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