Lucha Underground, October 29th Results – Sexy Star Is Here To Slay
Posted on Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Lucha Underground, October 29 Results:

Sexy Star vs Son of Havoc

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Well last night, we saw the television premiere of the much hyped Lucha Underground. With the backing of Mexico’s famous AAA promotion, a new lucha libre themed television show was announced back in January. Several notable AAA talent, former WWE and TNA alumni and big names from the indies were announced. Among them included a handful of female wrestlers. It just so happens that the premiere episode will feature one of the women. Mexico’s Sexy Star is the first woman to wrestle for Lucha Underground, taking on Son of Havok in an intergender match.

Before the match happens, we get a special vignette introducing us to Sexy Star. We’re told about her troubled past, involving abuse and depression. But she has turned to wrestling as a way to empower herself. She also hopes to inspire empowerment among all women. It’s very well put together and helps us get to know her as a character on the show. It also sets up a good storyline of Sexy Star hoping to prove herself in the ring against men.

Skip to 17:55

Son of Havoc is already in the ring. Sexy Star’s entrance is quite the pantomime – entering with a dazzling silver cloak. Son of Havoc grabs the microphone and announces that he’s not wrestling a woman on this show. He suggests that Sexy Star leave the ring and allow herself to be counted out. She actually does leave the ring – but after the count of five, she runs back in and attacks him from behind. She throws a few punches and kicks before he throws her down. Sexy Star keeps taking the fight to him, getting thrown down again. He shoulder tackles her and then goes for a Lionsault. Sexy Star moves out of the way and hits a flying hurricanrana. She goes for a wheelbarrow but Havoc counters and faceplants her. He whips her towards the corner, but she goes for a headscissors counter. Havoc blocks it and seems to be going for a running powerslam. Sexy Star however rolls off his back and sends him flying into the turnbuckle. She runs at him and gets flipped to the apron. But she knocks him away with a punch and climbs to the top rope – landing a crossbody. Sexy Star then goes for a flying mare – but Havoc counters into a backbreaker. As he pins her, he grabs the tights for leverage.

Winner: Son of Havoc via shenanigans


I’ve been hearing a lot about Lucha Underground in the past few weeks. From the talent attached to the project, it sounds very promising. As far as the women are concerned, other female talent involved include Ivelisse Velez, Angela Fong and Karlee Perez (aka Maxine). I did read a few reports that said initial tapings were disappointing. There have been more than a few comparisons to the short-lived MTV show Wrestling Society X. But I take those with a grain of salt. Judging from the premiere, this show is clearly going for a different presentation to WWE and TNA. Even in the way it’s shot; WWE and TNA are shot in a format that most live sports shows are – essentially presenting themselves as ‘real’. Lucha Underground has clearly gone for a different look – with lots of saturated colours and chiaroscuro effects. This seems to give it the ‘gritty yet glossy’ appearance – not unlike the Tekken movie. This one also seems to present itself as a scripted show, with techniques such as shadows concealing villains, focus pulls and close-ups. I’m not sure if that idea gels well with the fact that the wrestling is unedited. But we’ll have to see more of the show to accurately judge. The wrestling itself is less based around true lucha libre – and it leans more towards the Wrestling Society X style of lots of flipping and high spots. However that doesn’t mean the wrestling is bad at all. I was quite entertained by all three matches on the card. It certainly seems like a show I could get into.

This match was a solid one. Son of Havoc is really one of my favourite indie wrestlers: “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Sexy Star is a name I have heard tossed around before – and seen a handful of quick videos. This was my first chance to properly see her work. I’m already impressed; I’m not really used to seeing luchadoras but I think she has a great look. Her entrance was good too and I can see that the girl knows how to present herself. The match was short but still very enjoyable. Sexy Star was booked in a very good way if you ask me. If you took her out of the match and replaced her with a lightweight male wrestler, the match would probably go the same way. It’s good to see that intergender wrestling isn’t completely dead – at least on TV. It’s also nice to see an intergender match that isn’t one-sided, chauvinistic and void of any low blows and roll-ups. Sexy Star even lost when her opponent grabbed the tights. From a storyline perspective, it was the right call to make. Since this is a seasoned show, where it has a premiere and finale – the talent are likely going to get ‘arcs’. Sexy Star’s will undoubtedly be trying to prove herself in intergender competition. As a woman facing men, that makes her an underdog. An underdog should always have something to fight for; therefore they will only win when it matters. The commentators put Sexy Star over very well – and built her up as an underdog. I look forward to seeing more of Sexy Star – as well as the debuts of Ivelisse, Angela and Karlee (who will be going by ‘Catrina’).

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