WWE Divas, October 27th Raw Results – Horrible Bosses & Horrible Friends
Posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw, October 27 Results:

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Last night at WWE’s Hell In A Cell, Diva storylines just got that much hotter. AJ Lee successfully retained her Divas’ Championship, with a decisive win over Paige. After the loss, the latter snapped and seemingly ended her one-month friendship with Alicia Fox – after Foxy made a bad call when trying to help. Here on Raw, AJ will be facing Alicia Fox again in non-title action – Paige joining the commentary booth. Also last night, Nikki Bella proved she was the better sibling – defeating Brie Bella. As a result, Brie is now Nikki’s personal assistant. Her PA skills will be put to the test here on Raw, as Nikki takes on Naomi.

AJ Lee vs Alicia Fox

When they come back from the commercial break, all Divas are in their positions – so we don’t know if Alicia and Paige entered together. Paige is actually still referring to Alicia as her ‘bestie’. Alicia meanwhile knees AJ in the gut and starts throwing some punches. She hits a dropkick, which sends AJ out of the ring. Alicia waits for the count but then decides to throw AJ back in. Alicia woman-handles AJ before delivering a northern lights suplex. She puts on a chinlock, which AJ fights out of. Alicia knocks her down with a back elbow and puts the hold back on. At this point, Paige and JBL have an amusing exchange.

JBL: “You think AJ might actually have your number?”

Paige: “My phone number?”

Alicia transitions into a scoop slam attempt – but AJ counters into a DDT. She backs into a corner and is able to kick Alicia away. However Alicia is back on top with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. At this point, Paige gets up from the announce table and runs over to the ring. She screams “quit!” at Alicia. AJ then rolls the distracted Foxy up for three.

Winner: AJ Lee via school girl roll-up

Alicia is furious. Paige now gets into the ring, seemingly apologising. She seems to offer one of her bracelets as a peace offering. Alicia actually takes it…BAM! Paige kicks her in the face. She throws Paige out of the ring and then hurls her into security wall. She then slingshots Foxy into the wall again. Jerry Lawler actually gets up from the commentary booth to fend Paige off, the latter screaming “you are the worst best friend!”


So the possibility of a feud between Alicia and Paige just transitioned from ‘possibility’ to ‘reality’. I was pretty happy with this match; I think it’s been the best so far in the AJ/Alicia series we’ve been getting. Alicia controlled pretty much 90% of it. But since she was taking a distraction loss, that was probably to keep her looking somewhat strong. I liked a lot of the spots, such as the scoop slam into the DDT and the way she hit the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. AJ has also seemed to add a small spot to her arsenal that I like: the two knees followed by the kick, while she’s in the corner. It’s a subtle thing but I like it. Paige was likewise hilarious on commentary. She’s actually going to be a good addition to Total Divas. If anyone has seen the documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family, she’s actually very bubbly and entertaining on camera – so she should fit right in. Meanwhile I also liked the after-match segment. It seemed to function in a similar way to AJ vs Nikki after Night of Champions; to transition AJ away from the feud at hand. Paige and Alicia will now probably feud on their own, while AJ finds a new challenger. The beatdown on Alicia was very good and pretty intense. If we follow wrestling psychology logic, it marks a face turn for Alicia. I wasn’t a big fan of her previous time as a face – but let’s see how this one turns out. I still have a small Survivor Series suspicion that I’ll talk about later.

Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs Naomi

It seems that Brie’s only work on Raw is acting as a valet – and getting scolded for not walking five steps behind Nikki. She also must hold the ropes open for her. Naomi snapmares Nikki and hits a low clothesline to start off. Naomi goes for Bootylicious – but Nikki counters with an Alabama Slam. Nikki rams Naomi into the corner, where she does some shoulder-blocks. Nikki also does some more aggressive woman-handling, culminating in an alley-oop off the ropes. She splashes Naomi in the corner and then puts on a grounded abdominal stretch. When Naomi works to her feet, Nikki slams her by the hair. Naomi is able to drop Nikki onto the ropes. Naomi starts her comeback with a dropkick, flipping clothesline and Full Nelson bomb. She throws a stiff kick to the back and lands two flying knees. Nikki kicks out at two and rolls out of the ring. Naomi throws her back in…and Brie grabs onto her foot. Nikki knocks Naomi off the apron, throws her back in and hits the Rack Attack for the win. Afterwards Brie is forced to come into the ring and raise her hand.

Winner: Nikki Bella via the Rack Attack


Another satisfying Diva match; Nikki and Naomi showed a lot of chemistry together, especially with the counter into the Alabama Slam. Aside from one or two awkward exchanges during the heat, the match flowed together quite well. It is always a treat to see Naomi on Raw. And the crowd seemed relatively interested in her. When Nikki had her in rest holds, they clapped. And they popped when she started her comeback. If Naomi could be given a proper push and had an opportunity for the fans to get to know her – she could become over very easily. Meanwhile the crowd seemed to respond well to Brie. There were more than a few cheers and chants for Brie while she was standing at ringside. I expected that her new PA job would require interfering in Nikki’s matches for her. I’m also expecting to get more backstage segments like the one we got last night. That’ll probably last for a couple of weeks – before Brie finds ways to sneakily get one over on Nikki. I also expect them to build towards a Team Brie vs Team Nikki at Survivor Series (hopefully with just five girls to a team this year). Brie’s team would likely have Naomi, Natalya, possibly the newly face Alicia Fox and maybe AJ (if she’s not got a match of her own). Nikki’s team meanwhile is a little more ambiguous – with maybe the Slayers, Paige and possibly Cameron? Oh well, it’s a long way away now and they might go in a completely different direction. We should see more of an indicator on Main Event tonight.

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