WWE Divas, Hell In A Cell 2014 Results – Tricks & Treats For AJ Lee & Fearless Nikki
Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2014

WWE Divas, Hell In A Cell 2014 Results:

hell in a cell

So it’s time for WWE’s annual Hell In A Cell PPV. As has become the custom this year, we have two Diva matches to look forward to. The main headliner is the Divas’ Championship match. The night after WrestleMania, Paige made a surprising debut and ended AJ Lee’s historic reign. AJ disappeared for months but – when she returned – she won her title right back. It’s been a tale of mind games, sneak attacks, brutality and all kinds of tactics. Both women have traded the title back and forth – making this the official rubber match. Elsewhere it’s sister vs sister for quite possibly the first time in WWE. Nikki Bella turned on her sister at SummerSlam – vowing to make a name for herself. Now here it’s Nikki vs Brie Bella, with an added bonus for the winner. Should be a good one!

 Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella

Eden Stiles outlines the rules behind this bout: the loser must become the winner’s personal assistant for the duration of thirty days. If they refuse, then their job with WWE will be null and void. As soon as the bell rings, the sisters lock up. They get really aggressive, pulling at hair, grappling around the ring – until Nikki shoves Brie into the corner. Brie kicks her away and rolls her up for two. Brie then tries a backslide, following up with a dropkick. Nikki dodges a splash in the corner. But Brie elbows her and goes for a victory roll. Nikki however counters with an electric chair. Rather than going for a cover, she starts ramming Brie’s head off the canvas. She then puts on a grounded abdominal stretch, which Brie fights out of. However Nikki hits the Bella Bomb for two. She then stands on Brie’s hair illegally and then slams her down. She grabs Brie by the hair and gets her in a hangman’s chokehold. Brie is able to flip onto her feet and hits the Bella Buster out of nowhere! Nikki kicks out at two. Brie mounts a comeback with a flying clothesline, dropkick and running knee. Nikki is in position for another…until she rolls out of the ring. What does Brie think? Suicide dive! Brie dives through the ropes onto her sister. Leading the crowd in a ‘Yes!’ chant, Brie throws Nikki back into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Brie Mode! She lands the missile dropkick, but only gets two. She goes for a headscissors from the corner – but Nikki kicks her right in the midriff. She hits the Rack Attack…and Brie kicks out of that! Nikki is livid. Brie is able to put the Yes Lock on! Nikki just barely gets her foot on the bottom rope. Out of nowhere, she socks Brie right in the face – just like at SummerSlam. She hits the Rack Attack again for the win. Brie is now her personal assistant.

Winner: Nikki Bella via the Rack Attack

Later on, we see that Nikki has put Brie to work immediately. Brie is loading up a fancy car with Nikki’s bags. Nikki approaches her, demanding to know if Brie made her dinner reservations and got her a smoothie. After confirming that Brie got the right amount of bananas, strawberries and blueberries – she pours it all over Brie. She then says to make another one the exact same way and bring it to her hotel room. Nikki drives off in the car and Brie does not look happy.

AJ Lee* vs Paige w/Alicia Fox [WWE Divas’ Championship]

AJ appears to have shredded a new top for the occasion. Paige grabs AJ in a headlock to open and then knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. AJ comes back with a flying clothesline and crucifix sunset – for two. She follows up with a headscissors takedown and wheelbarrow victory roll for two. She then takes the time to grab Paige by the hair, skip around with her and then throw her off the ropes. She then floors her with a spinning heel kick. Paige leaves the ring to take a powder. AJ throws her into the apron and then Thesz Presses Alicia – who was trying to help. Paige flees from AJ again. The Divas’ Champion mounts her with what’s either a hug or an attempt at brawling. Either way, Paige whacks her into the security wall. Paige throws AJ back into the ring. It’s now time for Paige’s headbutts and some mock skipping. Paige rams AJ into the corner and stomps a mudhole, then positioning AJ for her knees to the chest. Paige now applies a surfboard stretch, screaming abuse at AJ. The champ works up but Paige knees her in the midriff. AJ is able to kick Paige away and Thesz Press her. She splashes Paige in the corner and hits a neckbreaker. Spin kick from AJ and she hits the ropes…only to be knocked down by a big boot from Paige.

AJ kicks out at two and Paige seems to be going for the Ram-Paige. AJ blocks it however and hits a calf kick to escape. AJ goes to the middle rope and hits a tornado DDT for two. Paige goes to whip AJ – but the Divas’ Champion reverses into a front guillotine. Paige is able to escape the hold and hit AJ with a fallaway slam. AJ rolls out of the ring from the momentum. Paige hurls her into the security wall and then climbs up onto the wall. She appears to be positioning AJ for a DDT or something. The two women seem to be grappling for control. Eventually AJ grabs Paige and sweeps her feet out from under her. AJ climbs back into the ring and waits. Paige nearly misses the ten count. Alicia picks her up and puts her into the ring. AJ Lee takes advantage and puts the Black Widow on immediately. Paige taps out instantly.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: AJ Lee via Black Widow submission

AJ skips away with her title as Paige and Alicia look enraged. Paige then realises exactly what just happened. She slaps Alicia in the face and storms off. Alicia actually looks a little hurt – as Paige screams “I hate you!” at her.


I loved this PPV. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Last night’s PPV satisfied me in ways that I didn’t think WWE were able to do. We’ve been having two Diva matches on PPVs regularly since June (save Night of Champions). WWE have had dual Diva match PPVs before in the past. But I don’t recall a PPV with two Diva bouts ever satisfying me with both of them. I loved both matches and walked away feeling happy with just about everything.

The Divas’ Championship match…well I’ll get the negative out of the way first. Before Paige had even debuted, a feud between her and AJ was much anticipated. When she won the title after WrestleMania, it felt like a huge epic moment. It seemed to signal the start of something huge and monumental for the division. What happened instead? Three months of no AJ, Paige missing weeks of TV and a series of one-and-done pushes. There seemed to be glimmers of hope when AJ did return – and the storyline looked interesting and creative. But whenever the two made it to PPV, they bombed. And the feud moved from intense ringside attacks and good promos – to tasteless lesbian teasing and nonsensical segments. In a nutshell, this was supposed to be the big feud of the year. Instead it became a schlock of bad matches and a dark point in the careers of both women. And the end of this match in particular left me praying that the Paige/AJ feud is finally done for good.

That being said, despite the bumpy train ride, the final part of the journey was pretty swell. Paige and AJ finally put on a match worthy of a PPV spot. I loved pretty much most of what they were doing. AJ has definitely settled into her valiant babyface role nicely. She was booked in just the right way. She managed to get plenty of offence, but without being presented as an unrealistic John Cena type character. All her offence was so solid. Even if the storyline sucks, at least she’s bringing it in the ring. I’m also overjoyed that she’s retained the title now. Her wrestling is better than ever and she should keep the title if this is how she’s going to perform on a PPV stage. However this match was really all her. Paige…I seriously don’t know what the point is. Instead of matching AJ’s offence with hard-hitting stuff of her own or trying to tell some kind of story – all we get are her token half-assed ‘beat em up’ spots. I feel like this entire storyline has exposed all of Paige’s flaws in the ring. Unlike AJ – who has grown and evolved in the ring over the course of the storyline – Paige remains exactly the same. She’s there to hit her spots and scream a little. There is no growth or excitement in her moveset. She bumps and sells well for AJ – and her execution is fine. But she is a big part of why this feud has been so lacklustre. Paige as Divas’ Champion is not exciting or intriguing in any way. She’s had a chance to hold it as a face and as a heel. Neither were remotely wow-worthy. I blame WWE for hot-shotting her to the top – much like was done with Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea and a load of others. Paige needs to be removed from the Divas’ Championship picture so that she can quietly work on improving and developing some kind of identity for herself in the ring.

The end of the match also seems to be the systematic end of Paige and Alicia Fox’s one month friendship. I quite like the idea of them exploring a side feud for Paige in the meantime. There’s not much that can be developed from a partnership that only lasted a month. But Alicia’s wacky character can make for an interesting few weeks of TV. She and Paige do work very well together. If WWE touched on this, they could make a nice little feud out of it. I assume Alicia would be the face. Her last face run wasn’t exactly memorable – but it could be good to see her and Paige face off with the roles reversed. Having Paige and Alicia feud could also act as a way to transition Paige away from the Divas’ Championship.

So what about the Bella Twins? Like AJ/Paige, they had rather a lot of problems in their feud. Despite a red-hot heel turn for Nikki at SummerSlam, the creative team killed a lot of interest. Nikki herself expressed disappointment at how the feud started off in a recent interview. However, the booking for the storyline has gotten a little better in the past couple of weeks. And the problem remained with the creative team – rather than what was going on in the ring. Brie and Nikki had faced each other once before on ECW back in 2009. It was nothing special. But since late last year, both Bellas had put in lots of work. Natalya even commented on it during her appearance on Talk Is Jericho, saying they’d been training like Japanese women. So how did these new and improved Bella Twins do in their singles outing?

Frickin awesome!

I actually felt so proud to see the Bellas go at it last night. They’ve had people pissing all over their feud for two months now. I just knew they’d be able to pull out a great match. WWE gave them a generous spot on the card; the second match up. The crowd were actually pretty good for it, despite the “JBL!” chant. While the moves were all done very well, everything else was also so solid. Even the opening lock-up; you could feel the aggression and the animosity between them. This one match had more fire than the AJ/Paige feud ever did. The Bellas told a good story out there, with Nikki playing heel to perfection. Long gone are the days of endless arm bars and repetitive rest holds. Nikki controlled the match like a pro and looked good doing it. Brie meanwhile played face to perfection. Even though Nikki has always been my preferred Bella, Brie was still on fire. She brought so much fire and intensity – and the crowd responded well. I nearly yelled at the TV screen when she hit her finisher so early – at the thought that WWE only gave them four minutes – but thankfully the match continued. The sisters had great chemistry together. They didn’t hold back. The only part of the match I don’t think I liked was the ending. I would have preferred Nikki to do something dirty to get the win. Like hitting Brie with a foreign object or some kind of heel tactic. I just think she maybe won a little too cleanly. But Nikki winning was the right move to make. She’s already going to make her sister’s live torture for the next few weeks. And if we get even more matches like this as a result, Bobby will be very happy.

Full PPV Results

  • Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro in a 2/3 Falls Match to retain the Intercontinental Championship
  • Nikki Bella def. Brie Bella; Brie is Nikki’s PA for 30 days
  • Goldust & Stardust def. The Usos to retain the Tag Team Championships
  • John Cena def. Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell Match to become the #1 contender
  • Sheamus def. The Miz w/Damien Mizdow to retain the US Championship
  • Rusev w/Lana def. The Big Show
  • AJ Lee def. Paige w/Alicia Fox to retain the Divas’ Championship
  • Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose in a Hell In A Cell Match

  • Craig Reeves

    The way this guy rags on Paige is almost comical. AJ has the most limited moveset out of all four women on this pay-per-view who participated in matches yet this dude puts her over as great. Biggest AJ mark on the planet. Funny how Paige has had decent to strong matches with pretty much EVERY OTHER DIVA she’s faced in NXT and on the main roster with the exception of one bad match at Battleground with AJ and all of a sudden, because AJ isn’t over as a babyface it’s PAIGE’S fault. Because they’re booked in the death spot and the match doesn’t get a reaction, it must be Paige’s fault. AJ does her same 5 moves in every match. She sells well, I’ll give her that. Even NATALYA HERSELF has stated that AJ Lee is limited in the ring. AJ has to be carried to good matches. Name ONE OPPONENT AJ’s had good matches with CONSISTENTLY other than Natalya, who carried her? Unbelievable. Paige could go out there and put on a 4-star match with another girl and it MUST be the OTHER GIRL. Give me a friggin’ break…

    • Bobby Calloway

      No need to be rude just because you don’t like what I have to say buddy. If you must know, I’m not an AJ mark. I’m not even an AJ fan. I was a mild fan of hers on NXT season 3 but I lost interest in her pretty quickly. It was only late last year that she actually started to impress me in the ring again. In this match, I thought what AJ did was good -- therefore I praised it. I thought what Paige did was not good -- therefore I did not praise it.

      I have been familiar with Paige for quite a few years. I’ve seen plenty of her work outside WWE. No she is not on an Eva Marie/Rosa Mendes level. But she is far from the Natalya level a lot of people seem to think. On the indies, the only time she ever had a match above average was when she was working with her mother. I bought into the Paige hype when she first showed up. But the girl has always been more gimmick than ring work. And for years her gimmick has essentially been “hey guys, cheer for me because I’m not a girl; I’m just like you”

      I judge my opinions based on everything I have seen of someone’s work. I have seen that AJ can go and lead a match. When she’s the heel, she displays a perfect understanding of psychology and how to tell a story: her finisher is a neck and arm submission and so she targets either of those body parts. She’s also the smaller opponent, so it’s the only believable way she can subdue the women she’s facing. Meanwhile all I see Paige doing is hitting her spots to fill time. She does her moves well but it’s the same old sh*t from her. AJ is far from a Natalya level too -- but she’s miles ahead of Paige. At least in my opinion. Paige to me appears to be one of those workers who does moves well -- but needs a solid wrestler to bring out her strengths. AJ meanwhile is able to be a strong worker on her own. I don’t see why you believe she “needs to be carried”. If you’re referring to her opponents dominating her matches, it’s because she’s the smaller opponent. When she’s face, she’s meant to take lots of beatings. I saw AJ feeding around and selling for Paige fine on her own. When you see a heel dragging their opponent into position, that’s the mark of a heel not knowing what to do.

      And why would you say that AJ has a limited moveset? There are some moves that she can’t or shouldn’t do since she’s smaller than most of her opponents -- eg. she should not use suplexes, slams and power moves because it wouldn’t be believable. But when we’re talking about a face wrestler, you’re supposed to have a clearly defined identity with your wrestling. For your shine and comeback, you’re essentially meant to have the so-called Five Moves of Doom. Every face has them. It’s taught and encouraged in wrestling schools. A recognisable shine and comeback is what’s part of a face character.

      Good matches AJ has had against people other than Natalya -- Naomi, Kaitlyn, Brie Bella, Maxine, Summer Rae. She’s also worked very well with Eva Marie and produced some solid enough matches, considering the latter’s greenness

      • aaron

        Sorry pal but your bias shows. Paige has been the only one even remotely trying to push this feud forward. AJ’s work has been lackluster at best, she can sell well, but her ring work leaves a lot to be desired. Her greatest skill is her voice, but when the story is hot garbage, not even she can help it along.

        Paige has shown she can put in the work, tweak her character as required, and while not a great talker, she has improved a bit there as well. The only thing that has truly hampered this feud has been creatives lack of creativity.

        Good matches Paige has had: Emma, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae, both Bella’s and Becky Lynch (awesome dark match). While its true these 2 ladies don’t gel well, that doesn’t mean that its all on Paige and not AJ as you seem to insinuate.
        This feud needs to be taken out back and shot, but that’s mostly on creative, not on these ladies lack of skills.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Your opinion buddy but I don’t see how I’m being biased. When Paige does something I like, I praise her for it. I’m not a fan or her work in the ring -- but when her matches are good, I praise them. It’s my opinion that AJ’s work has been very good post-SummerSlam and a lot better than it has been in the past. And it was my opinion that the creative team *was* putting effort into this feud. Between Battleground and Night of Champions, the build-up was very good. And it was the matches themselves that were bombing. I didn’t mean to imply that the feud has been all AJ and no Paige. The two dreadful matches at Battleground and SummerSlam were both bad on their part. But from Night of Champions onward, AJ has grown in the ring while Paige has not. Which is what I’m getting at; AJ’s work in this feud has impressed me recently, while Paige’s has not

          • Bobby Calloway

            I’d like to also add that Paige’s main flaw is that she’s been hot-shotted to the top without having a chance to develop some kind of character for herself. Her character on the main roster is completely different from the persona she had on NXT. Her time on the main roster has essentially been trial and error and she has not had a chance to develop what works for her. Women like Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea got massive pushes when they were first called up -- and suffered from getting thrown in the deep end. The best thing for Paige right now is to stay away from the title picture while she works on developing a new identity in the ring for herself on Superstars etc.

            • aaron

              Opinions cant be right or wrong, nor would I want you to not have them. But I just don’t see how AJ has done very much in the last month to help this Feud. Her character has been inconsistent. She is a face but has sneak attacked Paige on numerous occasions. He ring work has been nothing to write home about. And the attitude she carries has been an I don’t care about Paige or this feud, which does nothing to help the feud. She was booked to be a Wonder Woman like John Cena clone. Meanwhile Paige has fully progressed her manic type character into a full blown cowardly heel. I’m not saying Paige has been some wonder to behold, but form my point of view, Paige has been the only person to try to keep this feud moving while AJ was just AJ.
              As for NXT Paige, well that’s all on Vince and the creative team. I honestly believe that deep down they are frightened by a character like NXT Paige. Which makes me very concerned for Charlotte.

              • Bobby Calloway

                Sorry I was just as annoyed at how AJ was portrayed in the last few weeks. I’d prefer her to act more like a face and not a heel -- since I hate the anti hero concept in wrestling. I was talking exclusively about what was going on in the ring -- which is where AJ has impressed me
                The problem probably was that Paige didn’t really have much character depth on NXT. Her character had started in FCW and already arrived on NXT intact. She was over so they just let her go out there and do her thing. All the other Diva gimmicks on NXT they created themselves -- Emma, Sasha, Bayley, Summer etc. Charlotte doesn’t really have much character either but someone like her is very easy to book -- since her father is Ric Flair

                • aaron

                  I always took NXT Paige to be “Badass with a heart of gold”. Certainly not the deepest or most robust of characters but she worked it well, and in a wrestling fed, its a character that works.

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