WWE Divas, September 16th Main Event Results – Brie Mode vs Girl Bye
Posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

WWE Main Event – September 16 Divas Match:

Brie Bella vs Cameron


Well this week on Main Event we’re lucky to get a long-form Divas singles match. We’re even luckier because it’s a match we haven’t seen before. Rather than WWE Superstars matches, the participants aren’t two girls we haven’t seen in a while. They’re both girls that suffered losses on Raw as a matter of fact; Brie Bella lost a tag team match thanks to shenanigans from Nikki Bella – and suffered a post-match sneak attack. Meanwhile Cameron went one-on-one with her former tag partner and came up short. Here on Main Event, Cameron faces Brie for the first time ever in singles competition.

Brie and her new theme greet us before we’re shown an ‘Earlier Today’ interview with Nikki. Fearless Nikki tells Renee Young that her whole life Brie has walked all over her to get what she wants. But that ends at Night of Champions when she gets the title – and everyone will forget that she even had a sister. And they’ll also be kissing – and I quote – “my voluptuous derriere”. Good. Sweet. JESUS.

Cameron continues to bring the make-up mirror to the ring with her, and check herself out even while she’s inside. She and Brie lock up and Brie gets the better of her with a head-mare. Cameron takes shelter in the ropes and composes herself. Brie gets her in a wristlock and wrenches the arm repeatedly. Cameron tries to fight out of it but Brie keeps the hold on and then whips Cameron off the ropes – eventually catching her in a single-leg Boston Crab. Cameron gets to the ropes and is able to take control. She slams Brie to the mat and chokes her at the ropes. Cameron puts on a chinlock and then slams Brie by her hair. Cameron then hits a snap suplex, followed by the split leg drop. She covers Brie (on the right side this time) for two. It’s now time for the surfboard stretch but Brie gets to her feet, hoists Cameron on her back and rams her into the corner. Brie starts her comeback with a flying clothesline and two dropkicks. She follows that with the running knee and then the Brie Mode. Cameron kicks out at two and goes for her DDT. However Brie reverses and hits the Bella Buster for three.

Winner: Brie Bella via Bella Buster


Always good to see a fresh match on these shows; in fact, Brie and Cameron have not worked together since the twins first returned to WWE last year. Back then Cameron was the face and Brie the heel, so we now get to see the roles reversed. I’m glad that Cameron is adjusting so well to working as a heel in the ring because she’s got such great personality. We as Diva fans have wanted to see her as a heel for so long and she’s finally meeting our expectations. She looks confident and decisive in everything she does. Meanwhile on the flip side, I’ve actually missed seeing Brie in the ring. Now there’s a sentence I never would have written one year ago. Brie makes for a great valiant babyface and she kept the crowd interested for most of the match. The only parts of the match I wasn’t keen on was a) that arm wrenching spot at the start; it’s just heelish and not really appropriate for a face’s opening offence. Some kind of proper shine would have done the job much better. In fact I’ve noticed that while Brie is excellent with her comebacks, she needs work in the shine department. And b) the surfboard stretch; just the way Brie worked up out of it looked very sloppy. It could have been done better. Other than that, it was a nice tidy encounter. I’m relieved that Cameron remembered what side she’s supposed to cover her opponents on. I’m also relieved that she did that spot again so as not to let the first mess-up deter her. She and Brie did seem to have chemistry. And it’s good that Brie gets a much-needed win; this is her first win since before she quit at Payback. She’s lost a little too much for my liking in recent weeks. Overall good night for the Divas – though the less said about that “voluptuous derriere” sound bite, the better.

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