WWE Divas, September 15th Raw Results – Family Feuds & Fighting Funkadactyls
Posted on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw, September 15 Results:


It’s the last Raw before Night of Champions and we’ve got a big Divas’ Championship match to look forward to. The reigning champion Paige will be putting her belt up for grabs against not one but two Divas – the former champion AJ Lee and the newest member of Stephanie McMahon’s cabinet Nikki Bella. Although they will be opponents this Sunday, here on Raw Paige teams with Nikki – to face AJ and Brie Bella. We also have another match following up some Total Divas drama. On Sunday we saw the behind-the-scenes reason for the Funkadactyls splitting. Here on Raw we will see Cameron go one-on-one with Naomi.

Paige & Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee & Brie Bella

In addition to being the first time the Bellas have been on opposing sides, this is the first time AJ has teamed with another face Diva since returning. The Bellas actually appear to be starting the match off…until Nikki quickly tags the Divas’ Champion in. Brie and Paige grapple into the ropes before Paige abruptly knocks Mrs Danielson down with a big boot. She drags her to the ropes to deliver the series of knees to the chest. Back in the ring Paige puts a chinlock on, eventually slamming Brie to the canvas by her hair. Brie is able to fire back with punches, but Paige headbutts her. Paige half-heartedly goes for a camel clutch but Brie reverses into a pin. Paige kicks out and puts the chinlock back on. Brie shifts the momentum with a stunner and is ready to make the tag…but Nikki has pulled AJ down from the apron. With no one to tag, Brie gets blindsided with the Ram-Paige.

Winners: Paige & Nikki Bella via the Ram-Paige (on Brie)

Nikki celebrates with Paige for a moment before going for Brie. She hoists her sister over her shoulders and drops her with the Rack Attack. After she leaves, Paige starts skipping around the unconscious Brie. Meanwhile AJ has regained consciousness – and she starts skipping around the outside of the ring. She stops when Paige stops and notices her. And she starts again when Paige does.


Well they’re finally moving away from open mic segments and towards actual matches in this Bella Twins feud; I’m all for that since fan response to the previous segments has been very mixed. This was more of a singles match between Paige and Brie – so as not to give away Paige vs AJ and Nikki vs Brie. They worked quite well together, better than in their previous couple of outings. Although the match was short, it progressed the story nicely and got the point across. It was a good move for Nikki to take out AJ to prevent her sister from getting the tag. The post-match attack was also very good and much more effective than some of the altercations they’ve had in the past few weeks. It also gave Nikki her own little bit of momentum heading into Night of Champions. Depending on what happens on Smackdown and Main Event, it sets things up nicely for Brie to interfere and cost Nikki the match – unless she gets added to it last-minute. Either way it sets the stage for some red-hot revenge. Meanwhile Paige gets a good win to remind us all that she is Divas’ Champion; this week did thankfully not shove her to the background. Both feuds got equal amount of prominence in this segment, rather than one getting promoted over the other. AJ felt kind of like an afterthought, since she didn’t get tagged in or do much after the match. But the writers continue to deliver fun and amusing antics between her and Paige. On Smackdown I’d like to see AJ get some momentum on her side, since this match promoted Paige and Nikki. Her lack of focus here is feeding my theory of her being the one to take the pin on Sunday, closing the door on her program with Paige.

Naomi vs Cameron

It’s a battle of former friends and dance partners; each girl has one victory so here is the rubber encounter. The action is naturally preceded by a clip of them arguing on Total Divas – reminding casual fans that they did split up a couple of months ago. The action is also preceded by Cameron checking her make-up in a mirror. Naomi knocks the mirror away, prompting a little catfight. Naomi draws first blood by giving Cameron her ‘Bootylicious’ move. Cameron however knocks Naomi off the apron and commands the referee to count her out. Naomi gets back into the ring but Cameron starts aggressively choking her at the ropes. Snap suplex from Cameron, followed by a split leg drop to the back. She orders the ref to count, forgetting Naomi has to be on her back. She slams Naomi by the hair before putting a surfboard stretch. Naomi powers out but Cameron knees her and slams her by the hair again. Now Cameron puts on a chinlock before transitioning back to the surfboard stretch. Naomi gets to her feet again but Cameron throws her into the turnbuckle. Snapmare by Cameron followed with a dropkick to the face only gets two. Cameron puts the chinlock on again and then whips Naomi into the corner. Naomi goes for a sunset flip. Cameron tries to block it but Naomi rolls through it and locks in her new submission – a headscissors crucifix choke called Slay-Mission.

Winner: Naomi via Slay-Mission submission


Well we finally got our follow-up Funkadactyls grudge match. It was a considerable improvement over their one on the Battleground pre-show. It was longer and the moves were much more coherent. I do have to say that Cameron did a nice job. She clearly was going down the Eve Torres route of being a better face in terms of her wrestling – but she’s slowly getting better at playing the heel in the ring. She was able to control pretty much 90% of the match without looking lost. All her offence had a rhyme and reason and nothing was botched. Not everything looked as good as it could have but she is still learning. She showed off some great heel charisma though. This is what we’ve all wanted to see from heel Cameron. She was loud, she was rude, she was annoying, she was bitchy…she ticked every box that a heel Diva should. I’m relieved that she’s got the character down now. The wrestling prowess will come with time but she’ll be fine now that she’s worked on her personality. And the crowd seemed to respond to it. They weren’t too interested in the early parts of the match but that changed as it went on. They cheered Naomi and chanted for her – so Cameron was evidently doing her job well. Much like their match at Battleground, I liked that Cameron was put over as a legit threat. Despite losing here, she controlled most of the match and looked the business. Both Funkadactyls were put over nicely with this match. Naomi meanwhile only had a couple of actual moves but played the valiant face well – fighting back and trying to counter Cameron’s offence. Naomi of course is just waiting for a push because she is already a top Diva in the making.

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