WWE Divas, September 12th Superstars Results – Slayomi Is Here To Slay
Posted on Saturday, September 13th, 2014

WWE Divas – September 12 Superstars Match:

Naomi vs Summer Rae


So this week it’s all about the return of Total Divas. Season 3 premiered on Sunday and drew over one million viewers. So it’s only fitting that we’re getting to see two of the cast members in action. The newly returned Naomi and the only sane woman of the cast is in one corner. In the other it’s one half of the Slayers and the former First Lady of NXT Summer Rae. Naturally you can expect Layla to be in Summer’s corner.

Hmm Layla managing a leggy blonde primadonna – where have we seen this before? Anyway the Slayers appear to have settled on heel this week. Naomi takes Summer in a fireman’s carry takeover to open. Summer reverses into a wristlock but Naomi somersaults and trips her, following with a kick to the face. Summer whips Naomi to the apron, where Layla distracts her. Summer then delivers a stiff kick to the chest. Naomi kicks out at two and Summer drops a leg. She goes to work with a leg choke in the corner, following up with an alley-oop. Naomi kicks out and Summer puts on a half-nelson. Naomi works to her feet but Summer slams her by the hair. Summer puts on a chinlock, Naomi powers to her feet and then Summer whips Naomi into the corner. As Naomi feeds out, Summer knocks her down with the Summer Time kick. Naomi kicks out at two and Summer puts a sleeper hold on. Naomi is able to escape and hit Summer with two dropkicks. She hits a side suplex and an inverted stunner, getting two. Layla gets up on the apron to intervene. Summer goes to charge and Naomi moves out of the way. Summer stops herself from running into Layla, but she is still rolled up by Naomi for the win!

Winner: Naomi via O’Connor Roll


Well this is a match we haven’t seen before and it’s one I was looking forward to. I was actually pretty disappointed with it on the first watch. But the second watch made me enjoy it that little bit more. I don’t know about Summer Rae but she seems to have had a lot of ring rust lately. There were a couple of things she did in this match that just looked off – like her sleeper hold. She and Naomi also didn’t seem to be fully aware of where they were in the ring. This led to a lot of bad looking Irish whips to get themselves back into position. Besides that, there was nothing else wrong with the match. I really liked the opening; it’s nice to see Divas properly wrestling. Both Summer and Naomi do have technical skills that are sometimes overshadowed by either their OTT character (Summer) or athleticism (Naomi). The rest of the offence was tidy on the part of both women. I did like the spot where Summer whipped Naomi into the corner and nailed her with the kick as she came out. Naomi’s comeback was noticeably more subdued than we’ve come to expect from her. That stunner she used was nice and makes for a good near-fall move. The end was again tidy and brought Layla into the fold pretty well. I would like to see Naomi go against Layla next on Superstars, if the Slayers haven’t finished going through the Face Heel Revolving Door that is. I expect we’ll be seeing this combination of Divas go at it more often now that Total Divas is back on the air.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Off topic: Renee Young is one of the most entertaining people in the industry right now. The lady is def a steal for the WWE.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Agreed. I love Renee <3

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