WWE Divas, NXT Takeover II Results – Bayley’s Time To Shine
Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2014

WWE Divas – September 11, 2014 NXT Results:

Charlotte* vs Bayley [NXT Women’s Championship]


Well last night was NXT Takeover II. It was a stacked card from top to bottom, featuring plenty of future WWE stars. Of course this is Lethal WOW so we’re here to talk about the Divas; specifically the NXT Women’s Championship. The champion Charlotte captured her belt at the previous NXT PPV and has gone around letting everybody know it. She’s had particular disdain for Bayley and the latter’s doe-eyed innocence. When Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the #1 contender, Charlotte’s disdain for her increased. She advised Bayley to “stick to hugs” – and Bayley vowed to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. Should be a good one!

Bayley is out first with some catchy new music and some streamers on her gear. She even gives out headbands in celebration of the occasion. Charlotte also has some new gear for the occasion. JoJo waits for both entrances to finish before announcing them, in true ‘big fight’ fashion. The crowd chants “Bayley’s gonna hug you!” almost immediately as Charlotte offers a handshake. Bayley has learned her lesson and shoulderblocks her into the corner. Charlotte knees her and then starts the chopping. Bayley comes back with a flying crossbody and a flying back elbow to Charlotte’s spine. She follows that with an elbow drop for two. She goes for a backslide but Charlotte counters that into a modified shoulder-breaker, to properly take control. She puts on the Figure 4 Headlock submission, scissors stomping for good measure. Bayley bridges back into a pin but Charlotte keeps the hold on. Another pin attempt breaks the hold but Charlotte keeps Bayley down with a low dropkick. Charlotte drops two knees to Bayley’s head, following up with another chop. This time Bayley chops back but Charlotte puts her down. The Figure 4 Headlock is back on and Charlotte uses the hold to flip Bayley forward for impact. Charlotte attempts a pin but Bayley reverses into a pin of her own, getting two. Sunset flip from Bayley also gets two. Charlotte goes for a Figure 4 Leglock but Bayley gets her in a small package. Charlotte kicks out and puts Bayley back down with another dropkick.

Charlotte stands on Bayley’s head, mocking her. She then goes for a scoop slam but Bayley floats over her back and gets an O’Connor Roll for two. A high knee from Charlotte keeps Bayley down. She screams abuse at Bayley – but is met by a hard forearm. Charlotte hits her back but Bayley fires at her with punches. She shoulder blocks Charlotte into the corner. She goes for a splash but Charlotte moves out of the way. Bayley gets her feet up but Charlotte swings her to the side and slams her to the canvas. Charlotte now goes to the top rope for a moonsault. Bayley cuts her off and is able to connect with a massive Frankensteiner. Charlotte is just able to kick out at two and Bayley goes for the Belly-to-Bayley. Charlotte counters that into a pin for two. She then school girls Bayley, hitting her head off the bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte goes back to the top rope and lands the moonsault this time. Bayley kicks out at two! Charlotte is furious but she is able to hit her finisher – now named Natural Selection – to retain.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Charlotte via Natural Selection

Charlotte takes the time to pose with her title and mock the crowd for supporting Bayley. As she’s going back up the entrance aisle, we’ve got an appearance from Sasha Banks – applauding her former BFF. She enters the ring and starts talking trash at Bayley. But what’s this? As Sasha attacks Bayley, Charlotte hits the ring. She pulls Sasha off Bayley and throws her aside. Charlotte doesn’t acknowledge Bayley and leaves the ring, still posing with her title.


Well there you go; the NXT girls are 3 for 3. Three live PPVs, three title matches and three solid performances. This was rather different in tone to Paige/Emma and Charlotte/Natalya. The first one was a very heated rivalry between two friends that saw both jockeying for control. The second one was long and drawn out – and more of a technical showcase. Both of them were a lot more about the moves and power-struggling. This one was a more straight-up good vs evil story. Charlotte was playing the cocky arrogant heel while Bayley was the plucky underdog. It was different to the two aforementioned matches and that fit the story they wanted to tell. Bayley going hold for hold with Charlotte wouldn’t have looked right or fit the way they’d built up this feud. The story here was Charlotte underestimating Bayley and thinking she’d have an easy win – while Bayley did everything she could to wipe that smirk off her face. They booked Bayley very well as an underdog here. Although she is normally a power wrestler, Charlotte is the more imposing competitor. So Bayley instead opted for quick bursts of offence to outsmart her instead.

Comparing Charlotte’s performance here to her previous showing at NXT Takeover with Natalya – or indeed to her last title defence against Summer Rae – the improvement is definitely there. In those two previous matches, her flaws were very noticeable. But she performed very well here and looked much more natural in the ring. She dominated and controlled the match nicely, keeping the story very interesting. Her use of the Figure 4 Headlock should always be applauded because she finds so many different ways to work it. She also found a way to sell her ‘Dirtiest Diva In The Game’ character with the many sneaky ways she was able to offset Bayley’s offence. In fact the only thing she did in this match that didn’t look solid was the moonsault. I still don’t think Charlotte is as ready for a main roster call-up as so many others do – but she’s on the right track anyway. Bayley meanwhile delivered her best match since her NXT debut. For each NXT PPV we’ve seen a Diva step forward and deliver a show-stopper; first Emma, then Charlotte and now Bayley. Bayley was a complete star. The crowd at Full Sail is normally divided but Bayley had them united 100% on her side. Although she lost, she came out of this match looking like a top Diva. Like Charlotte, she’s not quite ready for a call-up yet, but is working her way there.

We also appear to have a teaser of our next Divas’ feud on NXT. Sasha Banks got in Bayley’s face and Charlotte intervened. This seems to hint at a triple threat feud over the NXT Women’s Championship. With such a lack of Divas that could potentially challenge for the title, it’s something new and potentially very exciting. There is speculation that Sasha could end up winning the title and feuding with Bayley while Charlotte gets called up. I’ve already made my feelings clear about Charlotte getting a call-up. I actually think Sasha would be a better choice for the main roster. She’s far more ready than either Charlotte or Bayley. The only reason I can think of why she hasn’t is because there’s a lack of experienced strong workers in the division. Sasha seems to be able to work with the newer girls and help put them over – whereas Charlotte is still new herself. NXT actually has been rather depleted with Emma and Paige getting hot-shotted to the main roster this year. Though if Charlotte is to be the next one debuting, please let her remain a heel. There is a real imbalance of faces: heels on the main roster. But for now, allow her and Bayley to celebrate their performance here. Good job, ladies.

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