WWE Divas, Raw July 14th Results – Fearless Nikki & Frenemy Paige
Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw July 14 Results:


It feels like just yesterday we were getting all excited for the Divas’ Championship match at Money In The Bank. Now it’s a month later and we’ve got another PPV to get excited for. Given how generous Money In The Bank was for the Divas, we do indeed have plenty of reasons to get excited for Battleground. First on the agenda is the Divas’ Championship picture; Paige gets her rematch against the new champion AJ Lee. But for now, AJ is once again facing Eva Marie in non-title action. The Funkadactyls effectively split up and brawled last week – and Cameron has now embraced her heel status. She and Alicia Fox take on Nikki Bella in a tag team match. And Nikki’s partner has to be decided by the Authority. Finally we can also expect to see more from the saga of Summer Rae and Layla.

Fandango is facing Dolph Ziggler in singles competition. Towards the end of the match, his own music starts playing. Summer Rae and Layla pop up and start dancing on the announce table. Jerry Lawler gives us a PG barrier-bending line “my eyes are the only thing I don’t want to take off of Layla” – and predictably Ziggler wins the match thanks to this distraction. The ladies aren’t done yet and they climb into the ring. Ziggler is a little taken aback but clearly enjoys the attention as the two dance around him.


Well for the first time since he was repackaged, Fandango is completely alone. Rather than Summer hooking up with him again, both girls have dumped him and formed some kind of alliance. I have a feeling this is the resolution to this little drama – as there’s not really any match they can resolve it with. Fans have speculated that Summer and Layla might become an actual tag team. And even more fans have considered the idea that Charlotte and Sasha Banks might debut to feud with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Summer and Layla went their separate ways after a couple of weeks. I mean, there’s only so many times they can dance to distract Fandango. Unless of course they will have Summer go back to him and set up a mixed tag match. But with all the twists and turns this story has taken, everything is up in the air. If this is the end of it, I can say I enjoyed it and it was an interesting way for Divas to get on TV.

Nikki Bella vs Cameron & Alicia Fox

Although it was billed as a tag team match, Stephanie McMahon announces that – since Brie Bella has quit WWE – Nikki will once again have to compete alone. And Stephanie assures Nikki that she should really blame her sister. Alicia starts the match, getting a Fireman’s Carry takeover from Nikki. Ms Bella follows up with a Magistral Cradle for two. Cameron tags in and slams Nikki by the hair but is hit with the Bella Bomb for two. Nikki throws Cameron into Alicia, knocking the latter off the apron. Nikki then hits Cameron with an Alabama Slam – but Alicia breaks the pin up. The heels take control with quick tags and double team moves. Alicia snapmares Nikki into a chinlock and a “let’s go Nikki!” chant starts. Nikki tries to get to her feet but Alicia cuts her off. She goes for that sidewalk slam through the ropes…but Nikki blocks it and body blocks Alicia for two. Nikki starts a comeback with a dropkick and back body drop. She goes to the top rope, Cameron tries to distract her and Nikki kicks her off the apron. Alicia is able to pull Nikki down from the top rope and then hits her scissors facebuster for the win.

Winners: Alicia Fox & Cameron via scissors facebuster


This one was significantly longer than the other handicap matches Stephanie had put Nikki in; I liked how it was initially billed as a Divas tag match but then Stephanie used that to rub Brie’s absence in Nikki’s face. Stephanie seems to be hoping to turn the sisters against each other, hoping Nikki will blame Brie for Stephanie’s treatment of her. Presumably this will set up an epic return for Brie. I actually could see Nikki using the coming weeks to find new partners for herself – like Trish Stratus did to fend off Molly Holly & Gail Kim. And then eventually Brie will make the big save like Lita did in 2003. This particular handicap match gave Nikki a bigger rub than the previous ones did. In those, she lost rather quickly and without much fanfare. Here she was able to start up a comeback and fight back a little. In fact she nearly came close to winning but the numbers game worked against her. The fans seem to be getting behind Nikki and feeling sympathy for her. This should translate very well to crowd reaction when Brie returns and the sisters unite to one-up Stephanie. It is a bit of a shame that there isn’t really a set team against Nikki at the moment – it’s just whichever heels Stephanie decides to pick. It looks more likely that we could see Brie get a match against Stephanie at SummerSlam – or else the sisters will face a team of her choice. Whichever way this story goes, I’m looking forward to enjoying it.

Eva Marie vs AJ Lee

The former Divas’ Champion Paige is at the commentary booth – and is very excited about her upcoming title match. AJ wrist locks Eva to begin the match. Eva reverses it and slams AJ to the mat. AJ however hits a dropkick and then skips around the ring, holding Eva by the hair. She throws Eva off the ropes and floors her with a spinning heel kick. Eva rolls out of the ring to catch her breath – but has been playing possum. She kicks AJ right into the ring apron and back in the ring, covers her for two. She applies a surfboard stretch, which AJ powers out of. Eva hurls AJ into the corner and hits a backbreaker. She goes for another but AJ counters with the Black Widow. Eva taps instantly.

Winner: AJ Lee via Black Widow submission

AJ skips around the ring and then to the commentary booth. She sits on the table, puts on a headset and starts to speak. She and Paige exchange pleasantries and complement each other before AJ leaves. Paige has a big wide smile on her face and applauds AJ.


Wow, a nice job from Eva Marie. It’s shocking but it actually seems like she’s putting the work in at the Performance Centre. She looked confident and controlled the match fine. There were no screw-ups and pretty much everything she did looked fine. She still seems slightly limited in what she can do but that’s what you always get with new wrestling trainees. She played to her own strengths and went outside the box with some of her stuff. She and AJ worked quite well together. I’d put that down to AJ being much more experienced than the other women Eva has worked with so far. But Eva did heel it up nicely as well and again looked confident and didn’t look lost. So anyway we have our build-up to Paige and AJ’s title match on Sunday. Given the way this storyline has developed, this feels like only the beginning of something special for them. They’ve been showing mutual respect for each other so far. But did anyone else feel that the talk between them seemed a little too nice and vapid? We’ll see just how friendly they can be when they’re on opposing sides of the ring. I suspect Paige is heading for a heel turn but we don’t know if it will be a slow build. We’ll probably see hints that this smile and respect is all just for show. Whatever direction it takes, this could be one of the hottest matches this year. Disregarding the story part, we’re finally going to see them have a longer match. When paired with good workers, Paige can do good things. This has been a highly anticipated match for months now and I know the girls will deliver.

There’s also good news for the Funkadactyls. Naomi and Cameron will go one-on-one on the PPV pre-show. It’s not the main show but it’s still a prominent spot – and considerably more than just a match on Raw or Smackdown. Naomi already has one hot PPV match under her belt this year. Cameron we haven’t seen too much of in the heel role – but I’m confident that she can bring it in front of a more prestigious crowd. We’ve got another Divalicious PPV to look forward to and I personally can’t wait.

  • daniel maldonado

    idk if the wwe will break up summer & Layla just yet they just started teaming together. plus its actually very fun to see them giving fandango a taste of his own medicine. on smackdown it looked like they finally have had it with him and just jumped him. we’ll see what happens if they decide to pair them up with dolph or maybe they’ll do this with every male superstar fandango faces.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well I just meant that they’d probably quietly break up and just stop appearing together. But I have a feeling he won’t be winning the IC title battle royal and they’ll be the reason why. Unless it’s all a plan to help him win the battle royal

      • daniel maldonado

        yea I don’t think fandango will win the battle royal they can come out and distract him and he gets thrown out. I actually kinda want summer and Layla to move on past fandango and feud with other divas. only problem is everyone is paired up atm.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Well Stephanie could recruit them to go after the Bellas when Brie returns. That’s a possibility, though the idea of two smiley dancers as hired guns is rather hilarious

          • daniel maldonado

            I kinda wanna see nikki turn on brie. nikki can say brie abandoned her to be with Daniel bryan.

  • darragh quinlan

    Summer and Layla may be a great team, but I don’t really see it working out. They’ll just be called a LayCool copy.

    Naomi and Cameron is a pretty beast fued, but I’m honestly annoyed it got that slot on the PPV. It was built up unlike other matches on the card.

    Paige and AJ is pretty promising. I can’t wait for Battleground!

    • Bobby Calloway

      Well it’ll still be in front of the same crowd and it’s likely to get a generous time frame. The pre-show matches tend to get around ten minutes usually. They might want to use it as a building block towards another match at SummerSlam

  • G.I.R.L.


    • Bobby Calloway

      The Rae-Lay Melee perhaps?

  • disqus_kMnL7gWm7p

    Both AJ & Paige are being fake with one another. At Battleground they will show their true color.

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