WWE Divas, NXT July 10th Results – Bayley Gets A Summer Crush
Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014

WWE Divas – July 10, 2014 NXT Results:

Summer Rae vs Bayley [#1 Contenders’ Match]


Last week on NXT we saw the newly formed team of ‘Bayley Friends Forever’ facing what was left of the Beautiful Fierce Females – the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte asserting her dominance by picking up the win. Charlotte has been champion for over a month now – so she needs a #1 contender. In one corner we have Charlotte’s BFF from long ago (though it’s probably been forgotten by now) Bayley. And in the other we have another Diva who is also soon to become Charlotte’s former BFF – Summer Rae. One of them will face Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship.

For someone who could potentially be heading for a face turn, Summer certainly isn’t acting like it – waving away fans trying to high five her. Bayley throws Summer into a corner and starts ramming her head off the turnbuckle. Bayley jumps onto the second rope and connects with a lucha arm drag. Drop toe hold follows, Bayley spinning around on top of Summer before locking in an arm bar. She spins again and then scoop slams Summer. The First Lady of NXT is able to sucker Bayley out and back into the ring – where she gets a cheap shot. Summer then applies a submission where one foot is on Bayley’s shoulder and the other on her head, stretching both arms. Bayley is able to reverse into a pin attempt and Summer responds by pulling her headband off. Summer chokes Bayley at the ropes and then covers her for two. Scissors facebuster from Summer into a pin only gets two. Summer then delivers her spike DDT and goes for the spinning heel kick…but Bayley catches the leg and faceplants Summer. A “Bayley’s gonna hug you!” chant starts as Bayley rams Summer into the corner. Series of Polish Hammers from Bayley, followed by a shoulder block in the corner. Bayley delivers an Exploder Suplex for two but then Summer hits her with the spinning heel kick. Bayley is able to hit the back elbow from the middle rope. She then goes for the Belly-to-Bayley but Summer blocks it and hits the Sunset Split – now named the Summer Crush – for a delayed three count (due to an idiotic referee).

Winner and #1 contender: Summer Rae via Summer Crush


Wow, not a very good match at all in my opinion. From watching it twice now, the match seemed very close to falling apart altogether. Bayley and Summer really just didn’t click here – like oil and water. In parts it almost seemed like they were working against each other rather than with each other. Summer’s timing in particular seemed really bad. She seemed like she was far too close to the turnbuckle both times Bayley did a move off there. She was also not far away enough when she hit her spinning heel kick. The timing was also off on the DDT and there seemed to be a miscommunication with the scissors facebuster – and Summer’s pin attempt was very sloppy. The rest of the moves were done well enough but the match was very badly put together. Some of the transitions between moves looked off as well; I wasn’t a fan of Bayley ramming Summer’s head off the corners – it’s too heelish and not appropriate for a babyface shine. Likewise that random moment where she threw some punches before starting her comeback…it was sloppy and didn’t look good at all. Summer and Bayley are good workers but they did NOT click at all here. And the cherry on top was the idiotic move by the referee for the finish. Not everyone would have noticed that Bayley’s shoulder was up if you hadn’t interrupted. Summer certainly looked visibly pissed off at him afterwards.

Anyway Summer now is the #1 contender to Charlotte’s title. This is a good step towards the break-up of the BFFs. They’re technically broken up already but a title match adds a nice exclamation point to it. I assumed that Summer would play the face when it was announced but the way she acted here raises even more questions. Surely if she were in the process of turning face, she would act a little less bitchy in her matches? Matching up with what’s happening on the main roster, Summer is once again coming across as the heel and making Layla look sympathetic. Either it’s bad writing, Summer not knowing what to do or they’re planning on keeping her as a heel. Hopefully it will make sense in the coming weeks.

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