WWE Divas, July 8th Main Event Results – The Odds Are Not In Nikki’s Favour
Posted on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

WWE Main Event – July 8 Divas Match:

Nikki Bella vs Natalya, Naomi, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie & Summer Rae


It hasn’t been a good start to the month for Nikki Bella. She really got Stephanie McMahon mad at the Money In The Bank PPV – when she allowed her unemployed sister Brie backstage. Stephanie has since taken her anger out on Nikki in handicap matches and other silly stipulations. On Main Event, the good news is that Nikki won’t have to wrestle with a hand tied behind her back. The bad news is that she has to wrestle a team of five girls; her Total Divas cast mates – Natalya, Naomi, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie and Summer Rae. There’s also an appearance from the newly heel Cameron.

Nikki has got an expression that looks especially like a wounded puppy tonight. Natalya and Naomi naturally look a little bit conflicted while Eva, Summer and Rosa don’t – Rosa also has a new entrance theme. It’s also Rosa who starts the match against Nikki. Fireman’s carry takeover from Nikki opens up. Rosa tries to pull Nikki’s hair to reverse – but Nikki rolls through and keeps the arm locked. Rosa throws some horrifically weak forearms, whips Nikki into the corner and splashes her. Summer tags in and they deliver a double suplex. Summer tags Eva in and whips Nikki into a clothesline. Nikki kicks out at two and Summer tags back in. She and Eva both ram Nikki into the corner and Summer distracts the referee, allowing Rosa and Eva to cheat. Alley-oop from Summer for two. Nikki slaps Summer in the face and clotheslines her. She gets a leg trip and goes for the Rack Attack. Rosa enters to break things up but Nikki sends her out of the ring. Nikki goes for an O’Connor Roll on Summer – but Eva has made a blind tag. Eva hits an actual offensive move – a DDT – and gets the win.

Winners: Eva Marie, Natalya, Naomi, Rosa Mendes & Summer Rae via DDT

Eva, Summer & Rosa celebrate while Naomi and Natalya check on Nikki. Suddenly Cameron is here! She attacks Nikki but high-tails it when Naomi chases after her. The three heels celebrate while Natalya stays with Nikki.


Yet another outside-the-box punishment from Stephanie McMahon’s brain; Stephanie has decided to up the ante from just standard handicap matches (presumably because there are now no tag teams left in the women’s division) in the name of punishing Nikki. I like the idea of Stephanie putting Nikki’s own cast mates against her – especially since the Total Divas cast were typically united together. Now though we’ve got two more heels in the cast with another turning – so the bonds of sisterhood seem to be finished. It’s also an interesting idea to have face Divas getting orders from Stephanie – and having to reluctantly go along with them. It’s a good way to really sell how Stephanie keeps going too far – and will hopefully have good results for Brie when she returns.

The ring work…well it was a tricky type of match to do but I enjoyed it for what it was. We’ve never really seen Summer and Nikki go at it before – I enjoyed the chemistry between them. I’d like to see a singles match or else more interactions in the future. I also noticed that Summer is keeping her heelish persona in the ring. They really are going for a slow burn with her face turn – or else they’ll swerve us and turn Layla face instead. Eva did alright. She didn’t do much but what she did – she did it well and she looked like she knew what she was doing. I hope that us not seeing her on TV in a while means she’s putting work in at the Performance Centre. Her clothesline could have been better but I’m happy she won with an actual offensive move. I’ve recently seen a few fellow wrestlers complaining about how the DDT has been devalued these days – so it’s nice that some people are still treating it as a finisher. Rosa…well you know it’s bad when Eva Marie outperforms you. Eva has the excuse of only being in the company for a year and having to learn on the road. Rosa meanwhile has been in the company for eight years and on TV for five. She’s photogenic and she’s got good personality but she’s never anything but a disaster in the ring. Anyway this gives Stephanie McMahon another notch on her Bragging Rights column – and gives Nikki even more sympathy. In fact I wonder if they’ll use this as a way to turn Nikki heel on Brie when the latter returns – since Nikki has to deal with a mess her sister created. But it’s early days now. I’ve enjoyed the creativity from WWE so far this week. Keep it up!

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    The match should have been saved for Raw. Cameron’s run-in was a nice touch. I am still not a fan of Eva Marie in-ring, but it was a nice ending.

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