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Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw July 7 Results:


Well last week in the WWE, we saw what is quite possibly a new record – four Diva-related storylines going on at once. The biggest thing is that AJ Lee made her return to WWE and abruptly relieved Paige of the Divas’ Championship. However it seems Paige doesn’t hold any hard feelings towards AJ. They’ll even be teaming together tonight – facing The Funkadactyls. Ever since Money In The Bank, Cameron and Naomi haven’t been seeing eye to eye. One wonders if the two will be able to hold it together in their tag match tonight. Likewise ever since Summer Rae was jilted by Fandango, she appears to have moved on to Dolph Ziggler. And Fandango’s current squeeze Layla doesn’t seem happy that her beau has become a green-eyed monster. Rounding off the Diva storylines, Nikki Bella has been feeling the wrath of Stephanie McMahon and tonight is no exception – she’s facing Alicia Fox in a match with a unique stipulation.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox

As per the Authority’s orders, both Divas are going to have to compete with one arm tied behind their back. Nikki is reluctant but allows the referee to tie her hand. But when the ref goes to tie Alicia’s hand, she snatches the rope away and attacks Nikki! She starts stomping her and kicks a defenceless Nikki out of the ring. She also throws her into the security wall for good measure. She throws Nikki back into the ring. Nikki is able to slap Alicia in the face but gets kicked. Alicia grabs two cans of soda from under the ring and starts spraying the contents everywhere. Eventually she retreats but keeps jeering at Nikki from the ramp.

No contest


Well this was an interesting idea. It seems that WWE are indeed going to keep this angle between Nikki, Brie and Stephanie going. It’s only two weeks in a row now but it looks like Alicia has become a fixture in this storyline as well. They thought outside the box with the set-up of it and I can appreciate that. The beatdown wasn’t as intense as we’ve seen Alicia give out lately but that’s to be expected when the recipient has one arm tied behind her back. I like that Nikki did try to fight back anyway. The crowd also responded pretty well to this segment and I was surprised at the amount of boos Alicia was getting. I will be eternally thankful to WWE for continuing this new gimmick for her because it’s so entertaining. And now they’ve got her in a storyline with Nikki too. Adding Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella also is a nice way of utilising these girls in more than just tag matches on Main Event and Superstars. I admire WWE for delivering a side-along Diva feud that’s actually interesting as opposed to the Emma/Santino stuff we were getting before WrestleMania.

Moving onto our second Diva segment of the night, we saw Fandango on commentary for a match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. He caused a distraction to mess with Dolph – evidently not happy about him getting kissed by Summer Rae last week. After the match he’s backstage and Layla finds him. She’s suspicious of what he just did, afraid Fandango might be jealous. She also says she’s afraid of what she’d do if he still had feelings for Summer. Fandango gives her a big speech and holds her close. But Layla doesn’t see that he’s looking ahead at Summer standing in the doorway! She has a mischievous look on her face and walks off.


There must be something in the water at WWE Headquarters; I still can’t get enough of this storyline. Just when you think WWE will go down the predictable route, they don’t. I fully expected this to just become a straight-up mixed tag feud. Dolph and Fandango have a brawl while Summer and Layla catfight at ringside for example. But they’ve added even more layers to the story. Fandango is jealous that Summer may have found someone new. But is Summer really falling for Dolph or just trying to get revenge on Fandango? And Layla loves Fandango but she seems desperate to make sure she’s the only one. Is Fandango just jealous that he can’t have Summer or is he regretting choosing Layla over her? And what will Layla do when all this is said and done? Although she is clearly the ‘other woman’ in this story, WWE seem to try to portray her sympathetically. All she seems to want is her man, who can’t seem to commit to one woman. So will Layla eventually decide she’s had enough? It seems like the inevitable mixed tag match with Layla/Fandango against Summer/Dolph is the least interesting thing to look forward to in this storyline. Feed me more, WWE!

The Funkadactyls vs Paige & AJ Lee

Paige is looking incredibly cheery for somebody that lost her Divas’ Championship last week. She grabs the microphone and introduces AJ as she makes her entrance – specifically as ‘the great AJ Lee’. Paige and Naomi start off, Naomi arm dragging Paige. She snapmares her and follows up with two flying knees. She goes to tag her partner but Cameron is too busy yawning. Paige rolls Naomi up for (thankfully) one. Naomi gets an inverted sunset flip, Paige rolls through and kicks her in the face. AJ tags in now and delivers a headscissors to Naomi, following up with a spinning heel kick for two. AJ puts on a front guillotine and ends up right beside Cameron – who is too busy literally painting her nails to make a tag. AJ drags Naomi back to her corner and tags Paige back in. Paige and Naomi collide with a double clothesline and now Cameron tags herself in. Paige however makes short work of her with the Paige Turner.

Winners: Paige & AJ Lee via the Paige Turner (on Cameron)

Paige and AJ celebrate like they’re the Chickbusters 2.0 and leave happily. However there is tension brewing between the Funkadactyls. Naomi is pissed while Cameron is just acting like a bitch. They start shoving each other! Now they start catfighting! As the crowd chants “Jerry! Jerry!” (I’m assuming Springer, not Lawler) a referee tries to separate them. The Funkadactyls are now brawling on the outside. They get separated and Cameron flounces off in a fantastically bitchy way.


Now this little match has left me with more questions than an episode of LOST (confusing TV series that aired when I was in high school, for my younger readers). On the ring work, I enjoyed what we saw – especially between AJ and Naomi. There were definitely shades of their brilliant match on NXT Season 3. In spite of being a short match to promote an angle, I enjoyed what we saw. Now all of a sudden, Paige and AJ are all buddy-buddy. I can’t quite predict what route they’re going down with this – because I honestly have no idea what WWE are thinking. And I love it. Things could be Paige and AJ becoming a legit team, Paige using mind games to psych AJ out, Paige becoming the Mickie James for AJ’s Trish Stratus or AJ becoming the Sable to Paige’s Tori. But I’m delighted we’re finally seeing some actual personality from Paige. For some reason, I think whatever storyline WWE have in mind for her involves her going crazy. It seems whenever WWE wants to rejuvenate a Diva, she just needs to lose her sanity. Anyone who’s familiar with Paige’s work on the indies knows she was more of a clownish heel or a straight up Girl Next Door character. The girl does hammy and larger-than-life pretty well. Whatever direction it’s going to take, it promises to be much more interesting than the one Paige came from.

Moving onto the Funkadactyls, there’s little doubt as to their future. We’ve finally seen them come to blows after WWE showing some surprising restraint with their tension. Cameron played heel to perfection. She’s got a real chance of making it work for her. The catfight between her and Naomi wasn’t the best but I enjoyed seeing the implosion – because it guarantees a lot of good things for them. Naomi is ready to go out on her own and be pushed as a star in the women’s division – she has been ready ever since NXT season 3. She has quietly waited on the sidelines for years, steadily improving and getting herself ready for that spot. When she and Cameron are done and dusted, Naomi really should start going after the Divas’ Championship. Meanwhile Cameron has potential to become a great heel in the division. We have yet to see her wrestle as a heel so we can’t judge her ability there. But she owns her character and promos – and will make for a great bitchy Maryse-type character. I’m ecstatic to see the Funkadactyls finally go at it because if WWE give it a good slot on PPV, it will be great. Raw was really good for the Divas and SummerSlam looks to be especially promising with all these storylines going on.

  • daniel maldonado

    imo it looks like maybe fandango is cheating on Layla with summer. if the wwe goes this route could be interesting. he can say he loves Layla while he’s seeing summer behind her back. imagine how Layla will feel when she finds out and just beats the crap out of fandango.

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Great stuff from Naomi and Cameron… I am interested in seeing what is next. The ladies had a good run, now I am interested in a feud. I enjoyed the catfight, the build to it was done well.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I hope they get on the SummerSlam card. They’re definitely worthy of it anyway

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