WWE Divas, July 4th Smackdown Results – No Fireworks For Paige & AJ
Posted on Saturday, July 5th, 2014

WWE Smackdown, July 4 2014:

AJ Lee vs Eva Marie


Well as of this Raw on Monday, we have a new WWE Divas’ Champion. AJ Lee reclaimed the belt from Paige in an impromptu title match. And now she’s competing in her first match as Divas’ Champion once again. Her opponent is the much maligned but ever present Total Divas cast member – Eva Marie. For some added spice to the proceedings, the former champion Paige will be sitting at ringside. Should be a good one.

Eva Marie VS AJ Lee by wwefan53

Paige has a big smile on her face, despite having lost her title on Monday. They show nearly a full replay of the segment and Paige looks a little less pleased. Eva shows that she’s playing the heel by whacking AJ in the face with her hair. She pushes AJ down and blows her a kiss. Eva then runs for cover and hides in the ropes. She is however able to get a cheap shot on AJ and throw her out of the ring. Once AJ comes back in, Eva rams her into the corner. She whips AJ off the ropes and knocks her down with a clothesline. AJ jumps on Eva’s back, going for a sleeper hold. Eva tries to counter with a backbreaker but AJ reverses that into the Black Widow! Eva taps out immediately.

Winner: AJ Lee via Black Widow submission

Paige gets up from ringside, applauding. She climbs into the ring and offers AJ a handshake. AJ does shake but still looks suspicious as Paige continues to clap.


Well there you go; it seems our new Divas’ Champion is in the middle of a budding face turn. She acted considerably less nasty and mean than she normally does – especially in her entrance. She also played the de facto babyface in the ring itself – getting controlled by her opponent. There was also her reaction to Paige after the match. Yep, AJ is clearly making some steps towards the ‘light’. Or else they would have just had her face someone like Natalya or Nikki Bella. Anyway the match was decent enough. Eva Marie is actually getting better – I did see a video from a live event where she did quite well also. She controlled the match without looking lost and showed plenty of personality. She’s got a long way to go but there seems to be something salvageable in her. I’m impressed that she was able to take the Black Widow anyway; normally when AJ’s against greener opponents, she just wins with the Shining Wizard. I get the feeling that Paige and AJ could be headed towards a face heel double turn. If they’re in a PPV match together, I expect to see Paige properly turn heel while turning AJ face by default. We’ve rarely seen Divas do that before so it could make for an interesting match. At least we know we’re definitely getting a program between AJ and Paige now.

  • Brandon

    This seemed really edited for everything. Apparently there was a picture of Eva applying a resthold on Aj…that was not shown. Also, they cut off the “Punk/Aj” and “You can’t wrestle” chants. Very excited to see Raw

    • Bobby Calloway

      I heard about that. I think the cut must have been after Eva’s clothesline. The movements afterwards didn’t seem to match up.

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