WWE Divas, July 3rd NXT Results – Bayley Friends Forever!
Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2014

WWE Divas – July 3, 2014 NXT Results:

Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs Bayley & Becky Lynch


Last week on NXT we saw the long awaited WWE debut of Becky Lynch, as well as the effective end of the Beautiful Fierce Females. Summer Rae appears to have walked out of the group for good, leaving it as a twosome now. This week the remaining members – Sasha Banks and the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte – will be in tag team action. They’ll be taking on Becky in her second ever match – and Bayley her new best friend apparently. This match apparently got rave reviews in the spoilers, so let’s take a look.

Becky comes out with Bayley and they get a little pre-filmed promo – where Bayley dubs Becky her ‘Bayley Friend Forever’. Sasha and Bayley start the match as the familiar “Sasha’s Ratchet!” chant begins. Bayley gets a hammerlock into an arm drag to open. Bayley follows up with a Japanese arm drag and tags Becky in. The two work quite well as a team, working over Sasha’s arm. Arm drag from Becky but Sasha shoves her into the heel corner. Charlotte tags in and snapmares her but Becky bridges out of the pin. Charlotte goes for a hip toss but Becky blocks, backflips onto her feet and gets another arm drag. She tags Bayley back, Bayley elbow dropping Charlotte’s arm. Becky tags in and wrenches the arm once before tagging Bayley again. Double suplex from the new best friends – and Sasha enters the ring, running right into a double clothesline. The BFFs retreat to ringside as they go to a commercial break.

When we return, Charlotte has taken control – Bayley trapped in the Figure 4 Headlock. Sasha tags in and knocks Becky off the apron. She takes a couple of cheap shots before tagging Charlotte back. Hip drop to Bayley’s back gets a two count. She lands a couple of knees to Bayley’s midriff before tagging Sasha back. Double whip into a double back elbow only gets two. Another double whip attempt gets reversed – and Bayley makes the two heels knock heads. Becky comes in hot with a European uppercut, clotheslines and leg lariat. She lands a trio of leg drops but Charlotte breaks the pin. Bayley tries to help but Charlotte throws her out of the ring. The Women’s Champion dropkicks Becky in the knee and capitalises with Bow Down To The Queen for the win.

Winner: Charlotte & Sasha Banks via Bow Down To The Queen (on Becky)

Sasha is still in the ring talking trash to Becky. But Bayley comes back in, attacks Sasha from behind and throws her out. The two faces hug in the ring.


This was a match that got great reports from people who were at the tapings. Normally the Diva matches get slammed and referred to as horrible whenever someone says something besides ‘typical Diva match’. So whenever one gets praise, you know it has to be good. And indeed it was. This actually reminds me of another tag team match that aired about two years ago now – Paige & Audrey Marie vs Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn. That match made me fall in love with the NXT Women’s division – and it felt like a sign of things to come. Back then there were literally only two girls left in the division. But now two years later, the NXT Divas are the shining light of the company. Although the division is full of solid workers and good matches are no surprise, it’s still a good feeling when WWE gives the girls a generous time frame like this. This allowed for a nice competitive and technical match. If Becky and Bayley are going to be a tag team, then they’ve clearly put in some effort into their tag team chemistry. They worked really well as a unit and came across as a legit team, rather than just two people thrown together. I enjoyed seeing the face team get a chance to work over their opponents. It just gave the match that little something extra. The only thing I didn’t like was the heels taking control during the commercial break; it would have been better in my opinion to go to break just after they had gotten on top. But anyway Charlotte and Sasha are getting better at their chemistry too. They haven’t teamed together as much as Summer/Sasha but they made good use of quick tags and double team moves. The Women’s Champion also got a nice win. It didn’t make her or Becky look too weak anyway – and it promotes Charlotte’s devious character. It seems that the after-match segment spells more trouble for the BFFs. I had expected the Sasha/Charlotte tension to be dropped for a while to accommodate all the new faces on NXT. But there still seems to be trouble in paradise for the two. I’d rather they hold off on the break-up and Sasha’s face turn – since they need more heels desperately on NXT. But in the meantime, the NXT division has thankfully been shaken up and it’s in less of a rut than it was a couple of months ago.

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