WWE Divas, Raw June 30th Results – A Night of Black Widows, Best Friends Bickering & Big Damn Kisses
Posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw June 30 Results:


Last night was WWE’s annual Money In The Bank PPV. I wrote in the review that the show was very good to the Divas – we got two matches and several storylines out of it. Thankfully – rather than giving us barely anything – WWE really delivered with the Diva segments on Raw. Layla defeated Summer Rae and declared her love for Fandango, leaving the poor girl a sobbing wreck. Likewise Paige also successfully defended her Divas’ Championship against Naomi – something that Cameron seemed very pleased about. And poor Nikki Bella seemed to antagonise Stephanie McMahon by allowing her sister backstage. We have to deal with all the fallout from that on Raw, as well as a certain much anticipated Diva return…

Nikki Bella vs The Funkadactyls

First up in the evening has Nikki Bella feeling the effects of Stephanie McMahon’s wrath. Much like she did after Brie quit at Payback, Stephanie is punishing Nikki by proxy – putting her in a handicap match. This time she’s facing her Total Divas cast mates The Funkadactyls. According to commentary, Cameron approves of this situation – “when the boss tells you to do something, you do it”. Cameron is indeed starting the match. She shoves Nikki a couple of times and slams her by the hair. A “let’s go Nikki!” chant starts as Cameron covers her for one. Nikki fights back with a few punches and gets an elbow to Cameron’s face. She hits the Bella Bomb for two and delivers an Alley-Oop off the ropes. Cameron cowers afterwards and seems to want to take a time-out. Naomi tags herself in, much to her partner’s displeasure. Naomi gets a kick to the head and lands a crossbody. She then delivers the inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: The Funkadactyls via inverted DDT

Cameron does not look at all pleased, despite winning the match. She gets in Naomi’s face and bickers with her. Naomi shoves her and the two stare daggers at each other. Cameron eventually walks off.


Well it looks like Naomi has been dropped from the Divas’ Championship picture yet again. With the new direction that story seems to have taken (see below) it’s probably for the best. The Funkadactyls definitely look like they’re heading to splitsville – and not both turning heel as some dirt-sheets reported. This tension has been slowly teased for a while and it seems WWE is pulling the trigger. I don’t know if the split will factor into the Divas’ Championship picture – but I do hope it’s given some good writing. We both know that Cameron can talk so I personally want to get some good promos from her. Although the next PPV is Battleground, I think a Funkadactyls grudge match is worthy of the SummerSlam card. Unlike when a tag team in the men’s division splits up, I think this break-up could spell out big things for both Cameron and Naomi. Meanwhile it was nice to see Nikki again. The fans seemed to get behind her, which suggests that these segments with her, Brie and Stephanie are working. Although Nikki has always been a good heel, I quite prefer her as a face these days – it’s just my random thought. I want to see more of Nikki on my TV screens so I’d like for these segments with Stephanie to continue more regularly.

Segueing onto our Divas’ Champion, Paige got to do something for the first time since winning the title – she was given a microphone. She appears before the fans to address her situation. She reminds us of the many people that felt she didn’t deserve to be champion. But she has proven that she is here to stay. But some familiar music plays…

AJ Lee! The longest reigning Divas’ Champion in history has made her return. She skips down to the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside. The obligatory “CM Punk!” chant starts as AJ says that Paige is right. AJ reminds us that Paige did what no other woman could – she proved AJ wrong. AJ claims she let success go to her head and she gives Paige her congratulations. However the Divas’ Champion isn’t fooled; she recognises that AJ is just trying to do the same thing she did and goad her into a title match. Paige says that the fans clearly don’t want to see her defend her belt – but the smattering of cheers disagrees with her. So Paige agrees!

Paige* vs AJ Lee [WWE Divas’ Championship]

AJ sadly starts the match with some of that silly penguin slapping she used to do back when she was face and crazy. Paige kicks her in the face and starts head-butting her. She screams “this is my house now!” but the crowd chants for AJ. Paige covers AJ for two but AJ slaps her in the face. AJ gets a small package for 1…2…3! AJ has won!

Winner and NEW WWE Divas’ Champion: AJ Lee via small package


So there you have it; it seems that Paige really was a flash-in-the-pan who simply got lucky. She was on top for a moment before getting knocked back down. I’m not really sure what possessed WWE to put AJ over so soon. I was shocked at Paige getting the same done to her back in April – but in hindsight that was because they needed to get AJ out and get her in pretty quickly. But I think a feud between the two Divas could have been worthy of at least two PPV matches. However I’m not exactly crushed that Paige lost the title. I wrote as much in my recap of Money In The Bank – she’s not the worker that everyone paints her as. This year has seen an improvement in her skills and she’s impressed me more than she usually has. But she simply wasn’t able to cut it as champion. The lack of effort WWE invested in her worked against her as well. Compare the reaction she got the night she won the title – the fans sided with her against AJ. This time around they were practically indifferent to her. But there may be a silver lining in this; Paige absolutely teased turning heel during the match. She hinted at it during her promo too. It’d be only too logical for her to turn in the coming weeks – frustrated at the fans abandoning her. Paige simply has always worked better as a heel but she had to be face because the NXT fans cheered for her. This character she’s playing works much better as a freaky heel, much like AJ’s psycho character. I see a situation similar to Michelle McCool turning heel when she lost the title to Maryse. I wouldn’t be surprised if we even saw AJ and Paige teaming up. I expect AJ to remain heel as well – especially since we have so many new faces being established (Naomi, Summer Rae, Brie Bella). I have no idea what plans WWE have now regarding the title picture. I just hope they now have a plan for AJ because they sure as hell didn’t have one for Paige.

But of course that isn’t all for our Diva segments on Raw. Summer Rae got jilted by Fandango once again at Money In The Bank. Fandango is in action tonight, with Layla in his corner of course. He’s taking on Dolph Ziggler…

Layla gets up on the apron at one point to give Fandango a good luck kiss. But Summer Rae has appeared now. She walks right into the ring…and smooches Dolph Ziggler! Fandango clearly looks upset. Ziggler pulls Summer back over to him and kisses her even more passionately. Even Layla looks uncomfortable. Summer is left stunned by the kiss and has to leave the ring. Fandango watches her go and falls prey to the Zig Zag. Ziggler and Summer are making puppy dog eyes at each other afterwards – while Layla has a face like thunder.


I guess we have our next logical step in this little love triangle – which has now turned into a love square. Or possibly two triangles. Or maybe a big Summer Rae-shaped Venn Diagram. As one of the commenters put it here weeks ago, Summer did team with Dolph Ziggler at live events. So I guess she’s found her partner. No doubt this is heading to a big mixed tag match down the line with Summer and Ziggler teaming up to face Layla and Fandango. This will allow Summer to properly get her revenge on the man that jilted her – much like last year’s big mixed tag allowed Ziggler to get revenge on AJ. I hope that the mixed tag makes it to PPV after all the effort WWE have put into this. I mean I think it’s a little too special to just happen next week on Raw. Besides, Ziggler has to get onto a PPV somehow. And judging by Layla’s reactions to the kiss, I could see some more trouble in paradise in her and Fandango’s future.

  • daniel maldonado

    did not expect to see summer make out with dolph but it was actually kinda good. I love fandangos reaction as he looked on in horror seeing this. who knows maybe this will turn fandango into the jealous ex boyfriend where he pays more attention to what summer is doing than paying attention to Layla. then Layla will get pissed at fandango because he’s basically ignoring her. will fandango all of a sudden try to win back summer? a lot of questions will have to be answered.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Haha it’s like a soap opera. I love it! Now all we need is the revelation that Summer and Layla are long lost twin sisters

      • daniel maldonado

        this storyline is really confusing to be honest. whats the story now fandango wants to win back summer? who knows we might get a mixed tag and summer & fandango turn on their partners and reunite with wwe you never know.

      • daniel maldonado

        im thinking we’ll see a backstage segment were Layla will ask fandango point blank if he still has feelings for summer and judging by his reaction last night he probably does.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Possibly. Or they could present it as him simply being jealous, like he doesn’t want her but doesn’t want anyone else to have her. I don’t think Summer will double cross anyone. I think she’ll be presented as a proper face -- but they just want to take it slow so it coincides with NXT

  • Brandon

    This will hopefully be Aj as a face and Paige as a heel. This title reigns seems to be made to help put Paige over as a top heel. Losing the belt obviously helps lead to that. We’ve never had a divas title fued where the belt goes back and forth…thats what we are missing in today’s division. I expect Paige to win the belt within two months to keep the fued going.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think AJ will be staying heel. They have a lot of girls being built up as faces right now so a heel champion is best. I think Paige will be developed on the sidelines as a potential new heel

  • http://www.lethalwow.com/ Lethalwow

    Enjoyed seeing AJ regain the belt… It was good writing. I am not opposed to short matches if it serves the story, and this one did. I would be interested in a baby face turn from AJ

    • Bobby Calloway

      I think she could be. She played the face in a match with Eva Marie on Smackdown and seemed a bit more faceish this week on Raw

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