WWE Divas, Money In The Bank 2014 Results – Naomi Steals The Show, Layla Steals A Kiss
Posted on Monday, June 30th, 2014

WWE Divas, Money In The Bank 2014 Results:

Paige* vs Naomi [WWE Divas’ Championship]

paige naomi 

We have another WWE PPV down. Their annual Money In The Bank event is relatively new and of course isn’t considered one of the ‘Big Four’. However the show has always had this quality to it that makes it feel like a big deal. Featuring two MITB Ladder matches, Diva fans also got some extra treats on the show. Two Diva matches took place – Paige defending her Divas’ Championship against Naomi. The latter had defeated Paige in a non-title match, something her partner Cameron didn’t seem too happy about. Meanwhile after weeks of cat-fighting and tonsil tennis, Layla and Summer Rae would finally go at it inside the ring – with Fandango as the special guest referee. We also got some appearances from Stephanie McMahon and the Bella Twins.

The Divas’ Championship match is up first. Thankfully WWE have placed it much earlier on the card – and not as a ‘piss break’. There is no friendly feeling between Paige and Naomi after their little scuffle on Smackdown. Paige arm drags Naomi straight away and they jump right back into a lock-up. They grapple all the way out of the ring, against the security wall and the ring apron. The ref forces them to break. Back in the ring, both Divas go for simultaneous dropkicks. But Paige then hits that grounded headscissors move. Naomi powders out to catch her breath. Paige grabs her by the hair but Naomi throws her onto the floor. Naomi then flips over the top rope with a body block to take Paige out. The champ nearly misses the ten count but climbs back in. Naomi stays on top with a dropkick and diving crossbody. Paige rolls through into a pin but Naomi rolls through that. O’Connor Roll from Naomi gets reversed into a pin by Paige – and Naomi reverses that. Naomi then puts Paige in a surfboard submission, before transitioning into a pin attempt for two.

Naomi climbs to the top rope but Paige cuts her off. The champ is thinking ‘superplex’ but the two Divas tumble off and spill to the outside. The two nearly miss the ten count once again but make it back inside. Naomi attempt a backslide but Paige rolls through and kicks her. Paige now puts on a submission that Jerry Lawler of all people tells us is called a Stump Puller. Paige turns it into a pin for two. She then goes for her short-arm clothesline but Naomi ducks it and hits her with a flipping clothesline. Naomi follows up with her hurricanrana, dropkick and the Rear View – but the Divas’ Champion kicks out! Naomi retreats to the apron, kicks Paige and then goes for the split-legged moonsault. Paige gets her knees up to counter it – and on the outside Cameron is visibly pleased. Paige looks like she’s going for the PTO but Naomi small packages her for two. Naomi goes for the inverted DDT but Paige counters with the Ram-Paige for the win. Afterwards Cameron looks pleased but still makes a show of entering the ring to comfort Naomi.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas’ Champion: Paige via the Ram-Paige


Moving on to our next Diva-bout of the evening, we get a little backstage segment to hype it up. Fandango is with Byron Saxton for an interview – about this love triangle. Before he can say too much, Layla appears on the scene. She says Fandango can’t call the match down the middle because he’s desperately in love with her. Cue Summer Rae appearing – and saying that Fandango prefers long legs. Layla decides to push the limits of PG television and says he prefers someone who is ‘abreast of the situation’ – three guesses what that was a reference to. The girls are on the verge of cat fighting but Fandango separates them.

Layla vs Summer Rae

Fandango makes his entrance wearing the best ref shirt ever made. Amusingly Layla enters to Fandango’s music too (swaying the ref much?) and she’s wearing a Mardi Gras mask for no apparent reason (and it’s different to the one she wore at WrestleMania). Layla throws Summer out of the ring and dances for Fandango. Summer trips Layla and starts stomping her. She clotheslines her in the corner and chokes Layla with her long legs. Fandango doesn’t break it up because he likes the sight of Summer’s legs. Layla kicks Summer, who falls into Fandango’s arms. Layla doesn’t take too kindly to this and starts woman-handling Summer. She puts on an Indian Deathlock – before transitioning into a pin. Summer then starts driving Layla’s face into the mat, and slamming her by the hair. She then delivers her spike DDT. Layla retreats to the apron but gets a cheap shot in. She then blindsides Summer with the Bombshell kick for the win! She jumps into Fandango’s arms and the two kiss passionately – while Summer looks on in tears.

Winner: Layla via the Bombshell

In addition to these matches, we have another Diva segment. The Bella Twins are backstage – Brie having been invited back as Nikki’s guest. Naturally Stephanie McMahon isn’t pleased to have Brie here. Brie just remarks that she was enjoying her new favourite video – the one of Vickie Guerrero throwing Stephanie in the pool of mud on Raw. Enraged, Stephanie orders security to take Brie away. Brie leaves anyway smirking at Stephanie. Nikki tries to calm Steph down but the boss is clearly not happy with her.


Well this PPV was a great one for the Divas; two matches, two backstage segments and three storylines furthered. That’s what I call a successful night. Starting off with the Bellas’ segment, it was nice to see Brie again. We still don’t know the reason she was written off TV last month but it’s good that she hasn’t been forgotten. She is likely going to be very over when she returns, especially if WWE give her more segments with Stephanie. Likewise if we judge what we saw between Steph and Nikki, it could mean good things for her too. Stephanie could use her authority to punish Nikki in the coming weeks. It’s something I’d certainly like to see because I’ve missed Nikki on my TV screens lately.

The Summer/Layla match was very disappointing when I watched it last night. Watching it back the second time, it wasn’t as bad but it still wasn’t good. I chalk it up to making it a heel vs heel bout. Although Summer was the de facto babyface, she should have taken on a proper face role. The match was mostly just hair-pulling and a few half-assed kicks and punches. If they didn’t want to have a proper match, they could have at least had a decent catfight – spots on the outside for example. Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie were never stellar wrestlers but they had good catfights. This was a highly anticipated match and Summer and Layla just bombed. But going off the ending, I expect there will be more to come. With Fandango and Layla officially making up, it effectively turns Summer face. A mixed tag match is obviously the next logical step. Summer did have Adam Rose as a partner the last time around but we’ll just have to see who she recruits. Hopefully with Summer being a face properly, the next match will be a lot more memorable. That being said, a couple of the moments were funny – like Fandango getting distracted by Summer’s legs and Summer getting kicked into his arms. The girls just dropped the ball when it came to putting the whole thing together. It probably would have gone much better if they had turned Layla face instead.

And finally the Divas’ Championship match…well what can I say? I loved Paige and Naomi’s bout on Main Event but I loved this one even more. This was one of my favourite Diva matches so far this year. It was everything we could have wanted from a Paige/Naomi encounter on PPV. WWE handled things badly for Paige’s previous two PPV matches; the girls were put in the death slot between main events, Paige was given an opponent who couldn’t cut it in the ring (Tamina) or else she had faced too many times (Alicia Fox). This time WWE gave the girls a more generous spot, with plenty of time and allowed them to do their thing. But do you all want to hear my super controversial opinion?

This was all Naomi.

A lot of people have complained that Paige has been lacklustre ever since she became Divas’ Champion. But I think the problem has been around since Paige first showed up in FCW. People just overrate her as a worker. She can go in the ring with the right opponent but she’s not a solid natural worker like Natalya, Emma or Sasha Banks. She’s always been fairly average in the ring. Part of the fan following came from the fact that she had a different look and a unique character. There’s also probably the fact that she was an indie worker when WWE were still signing lots of models. I supported her because she was over during a time when Divas couldn’t get over. These days there is a lot more time and attention invested in them – so Paige has become redundant. There are women with better characters who are also superior to her in the ring around. When I heard about this match, I was only excited to see what Naomi would bring to the table. The fans seemed more behind her than Paige. It’s exactly the same problem that AJ and Kaitlyn had last year – AJ was just far more interesting and Kaitlyn couldn’t measure up to her. Don’t get me wrong; I like Paige. In fact I think this year has finally seen an improvement in her skills. And what she’s done on the main roster has been miles ahead of her previous performances on NXT and FCW. But I’m more interested in the story between the Funkadactyls, and if Naomi will get another title match. I’m happy that Naomi finally got to PPV – since she lost out on her match with AJ. I personally would love for this to transition into a triple threat match with Cameron becoming Divas’ Champion and turning heel – then feuding with Naomi for real.

This PPV did a lot for the women’s division; we know that Summer and Layla aren’t done yet, and that Summer will be properly turning face out of this. We’re hopefully going to get a second match that will be far better than their effort here – with some added mystery as to who Summer will recruit to help her. When Brie Bella returns from her hiatus, she’s sure going to have one hell of an opportunity; she’s had two really good segments with Stephanie McMahon and now they’ve even got her sister involved. Good things can only follow this. And as for the Divas’ Championship…WWE would be nuts not to give Naomi and Paige another match after this great showing. After how great last year’s SummerSlam was for the Divas, there is even more reason to be excited for this year’s.

  • daniel maldonado

    I hate to say it but wwe really dropped the ball last night. no offense to Layla but summer should’ve won. this was wwe’s chance to put summer over and end the feud and they blew it. wwe really needs to break up Layla & fandango. being with fandango isn’t helping layla’s career its turned her into a jobber. if I booked that match last night I would’ve had Layla dump fandango.

    • Bobby Calloway

      This looks like a building block towards a second match. Layla winning makes sense if they plan to put Summer over later. If they want to push Summer as a face then this was the right call to make. Whichever Diva Fandango didn’t pick would look sympathetic otherwise

      • daniel maldonado

        yea we’ll see tonight on raw if summer comes out and attacks Layla again or something like that. then she could challenge Layla to another match and Layla would say no because she already beat summer. then summer could possibly put her wwe career on the line.

        • Bobby Calloway

          Well hopefully Layla performs better when her career is at stake rather than her love life

          • daniel maldonado

            her fictional love life you mean. but yea match seemed kinda rushed too.

  • G.I.R.L.

    When did Layla begin reusing the Lay-Cool theme?

    • Bobby Calloway

      Ever since she turned heel last year. she changed back to it just before her hiatus

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