WWE Divas, June 24th Main Event Watch – Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast…
Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

WWE Main Event – June 24 Watch:


It’s time once again for WWE’s newest B-show to deliver us some nice Diva storyline goodness. Although we got some nice development in the Divas’ Championship picture on Raw, Main Event will be continuing the supposed B-feud that has become part of our weekly entertainment. Summer Rae kissed Fandango on Smackdown and seemingly tried to make up with him – even trying to manage him for his match. She was caught in the act by Layla, which looks like trouble in paradise for the happy couple. Now on Main Event, we get to hear from both Layla and Fandango.

Layla is backstage and Fandango comes up to her. She’s clearly still mad and sarcastically asks if Summer Rae isn’t around. Fandango gives her a rose and assures her that he would never betray her. He says she’s the “only one who has ever danced her way into my heart”. He goes in for a kiss and Layla allows him. It appears the couple have made up now – just in time for Fandango’s match against Bo Dallas.

This match lasts even less than the one on Smackdown. Summer Rae hits the ring straight away and plants a kiss on Fandango. Layla immediately pounces on her and starts cat fighting. Fandango is trying to separate them and this time referees have to get involved. As the ladies get pulled backstage, Fandango just decides to go on with his match.


Well that’s more continuation of the Summer/Layla/Fandango triangle right now. It seems very much that Layla is the one with true feelings for him while Summer could very well be just trying to mess with both of them. Once again, the heel/face roles in this story are getting very confusing. Layla came across sympathetic in the backstage segment – despite being part of a trio of heel Divas on Raw. And Summer came across as petty by smooching another woman’s boyfriend in front of her. Although we have a Divas’ Championship match scheduled for Money In The Bank, it’s possible we’ll see a potential Layla/Summer grudge match too. WWE have built this feud up too much to just give it away on free TV. A lot of fans have speculated that this could possibly end with Fandango dumping both women and deciding it’s too much hassle – much like Charlie Haas did with both Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie. Another possibility is that Layla could get on the microphone and dump Fandango, saying that he and Summer deserve each other. It then wouldn’t be surprising if Summer then dumped Fandango too. WWE do need to be careful now as they have given this feud a good build. But if they drag it out past Money In The Bank without a single match, fans are going to get bored. This segment was already a step down from what we’ve usually been getting. But I’ll be very surprised if we don’t get something from Summer and Layla at the PPV.

  • daniel maldonado

    I don’t wanna spoil smackdown but they were also added to the card. summer vs. Layla with fandango as the ref will happen at the money in the bank ppv. nothing really happened between the two so. noticed how the crowd booed the segment im guessing fandango is still a heel? almost like theyre telling Layla not to trust fandango. I would not be surprised if he dumps them both because they keep costing him matches with their fighting and hes tired of breaking them up every week. another thing you might have to watch fandango posted an old photo of him & summer is that a hint that he’s gonna turn on Layla?

    • Bobby Calloway

      Awesome, we’re getting two Diva matches on PPV then. That probably could be a hint that he’ll turn on Layla. Maybe afterwards he’ll hope to reunite with Summer but she’ll dump him too?

      • daniel maldonado

        found another pic of him with summer looks like from the hof ceremony either from this year. maybe noticing a pattern here that maybe he is looking to turn on Layla. this is wwe by the way. maybe they’ll put summer & fandango back together. if theyre gonna go that route have him say that he & summer got back together that night. if this is the blow off match to the feud kinda interested to see how this feud ends. I don’t want to see a lazy ending like they were playing Layla the whole time like it was some cruel joke.

        • Bobby Calloway

          There are so many possibilities and that’s what I love about this storyline. WWE are keeping us guessing and not in a Vince Russo type way. This is getting very interesting

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