WWE Divas, June 23rd Raw Results – Naomi Sees Gold, Vickie Sees The Door
Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw June 23 Results:

Naomi vs Paige


It’s WWE’s annual Money In The Bank PPV this Sunday. Not much has been brewing on the Divas’ Championship scene since the last PPV – but things appear to have changed somewhat. Last week it was Cameron who put herself forward to challenge the champion Paige. Although she lost, her fellow Funkadactyl Naomi picked up a non-title win over the champ on Main Event. Now on Raw, Naomi will be facing Paige’s previous challenger (and Cloud Cuckoo Lander) Alicia Fox. Both Paige and Cameron will be watching from the commentary table. Additionally there will be a face-off between Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero, concerning the latter’s future with WWE.

Stephanie appears as soon as Raw begins and insists that Vickie appear to face consequences from last week. Vickie tries to smarm up to Stephanie – but The Boss Lady is having none of it. Vickie apologises for her mistakes and insists they won’t happen again. Stephanie takes a really cheap shot and tells Vickie that she has been riding the coattails of her late husband. Stephanie seems like she is about to fire Vickie but the latter asks for one more chance. Stephanie makes Vickie get onto her knees and beg – but then tells her she is pathetic. But Stephanie then says she can remain here if she wins a match tonight. Vickie is reluctant as she is not a wrestler – but her opponent will be Stephanie herself. Vickie accepts and then delivers the biggest pay-off line ever:

“There is one name in this industry that people respect more than McMahon – and that is Guerrero!”

The match is all set to happen later in the evening. But of course Stephanie has a twist – the match will take place in a pool of mud! The first woman to be thrown into the pool will lose. Stephanie then calls out Divas Layla, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox. They triple-team Vickie and try to throw her into the pool. Vickie is able to overpower them and throw each of them into the mud one-by-one. Vickie doesn’t notice Stephanie behind her and gets pushed into the mud. Stephanie gets on the microphone and fires Vickie. However as Vickie goes to leave, she changes her mind. She turns to face Stephanie who now looks afraid. Vickie grabs Stephanie and throws her into the mud! A “thank you Vickie!” chant starts and Eddie Guerrero’s theme song plays as Vickie salutes the crowd.

Alicia Fox of course was in action elsewhere, taking on Naomi in singles competition. The Divas’ Champion Paige is on commentary. And after the Funkadactyls have made their entrance, Cameron joins them too. Naomi waistlocks Alicia to open the match  and gets an inverted sunset flip for one. Naomi then hits an arm drag and dropkick. She goes for the Rear View but Alicia holds onto the ropes. However Naomi is still able to hit a hip toss. Naomi keeps the offence coming with her flipping clothesline and hurricanrana. Alicia retreats to ringside to catch her breath. Naomi follows her and blocks Alicia’s sneak attack. However Alicia grabs Naomi by the hair and pulls her off the apron. Back in the ring, Alicia plants her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Northern lights suplex from Alicia also gets a two count. Alicia sidewalks Naomi out of the ring. At this point, Cameron and Paige have been sniping at each other on commentary. Back in the ring, Naomi is able to hit an inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Naomi via inverted DDT

Paige gets up from the commentary table and stands on the apron. She holds the Divas’ Championship up but also extends her hand. Naomi shakes it but keeps her eye on the title. Later in the show, it’s announced that Naomi will challenge for the title at Money In The Bank.


Starting off with the Stephanie/Vickie stuff, I think it was a very good way for Vickie to go out. Although she has mostly been an authority figure for her time in WWE, Vickie always had a certain element of comedy to her. She was involved in numerous comedy segments – so going out like this was a lot more fitting than a simple promo. The segment at the beginning of the show was very solid mic-wise. I liked how Vickie’s character suddenly evolved. She transitioned from a woman desperate to keep her job, to someone who eventually found that small bit of self-respect nobody thought she had. Some might find the references to Eddie in bad taste. But it brought the crowd on Vickie’s side, Stephanie got comeuppance for it and I don’t doubt it was Vickie’s own idea.

Vickie first came into the company when Eddie was still alive. She featured in a few segments with their daughters, especially around the time of his feud with Rey Mysterio. After his passing, Vickie eventually took on a character role. She didn’t have the best start, fans turning on her (and not in the way they were supposed to) and hating the person for what was deemed ‘Eddiesploitation’. Somewhere around 2009-2010, Vickie managed to turn all that around and became one of the most solid heels and characters in WWE. She was able to turn her X-Pac Heat into genuine heel heat – and provided some great moments for loads of budding Superstars. Who can forget her brief alliance with LayCool? How about the time she fired Kelly Kelly? Her long romance/business relationship with Dolph Ziggler? Her conspiring against John Cena and AJ Lee? Her stint as a pro on NXT Season 3? Although Vickie was never a wrestler, she certainly had an illustrious career in WWE. She was always one of my favourites to watch. And now she’s bowed out and earned herself some much needed family time. Thank you Vickie; we’ll never forget you.

And moving on to the Divas’ Championship…

After a few weeks of not much, this week gave us quite a lot of build. WWE does tend to do short-term build-ups a lot better than long for the Divas. Starting with the match, I really enjoyed it. I personally don’t think Alicia and Naomi have ever had much chemistry together. But this was probably their best outing yet. They got a great time frame for it too. The entire segment was about nine minutes. There was time for three entrances and a lengthy match. The two seem to have finally clicked in the ring and I enjoyed what I saw. Even though there was a war of words at the commentary booth, it didn’t take away too much from what was going on in the ring. As for the Paige/Cameron banter, I loved it. I love that we finally got to properly hear from Paige since she became the champion. She hasn’t been given any mic time since she won. But now I’m glad we finally got to hear her speak. She and Cameron played off each other very well and I loved Cameron’s bitchy attitude. She seems very natural on the mic and got her point across. And now we’re getting a Divas’ Championship match on Sunday. Paige and Naomi delivered something beautiful last week – so I have every confidence they’ll do the same on PPV. I fully expect Cameron to factor into things somehow. She’ll either try to help Naomi win (against Naomi’s will) or cause some kind of disqualification. I doubt we’ll see a title change; this is more likely going to be a building block to something bigger at SummerSlam. I’m just hoping that WWE will actually give Paige more mic time in the next few weeks.

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