WWE Divas, June 20th Smackdown Results – Layla & Summer Need Some Jeremy Kyle In Their Lives
Posted on Saturday, June 21st, 2014

WWE Smackdown, June 20 2014:


Rounding off the Diva-related segments on WWE this week, Smackdown is offering us something different. We have no match to watch but rather we get to hear the Divas speak. And words of love are what they are planning to say. Although Summer Rae has mostly been all spice since her return last month – this week she’s showing us some sugar. It appears her feelings for Fandango were deeper than we all thought. And likewise it seems that Layla has a heart underneath it all too.

Fandango is waiting for Layla to finish getting ready. Summer approaches him. Oddly enough she seems to have abandoned her hard feelings for the whole situation. She says that she can see Layla truly does love him. But then she says Lay will never love him the way she does – cue passionate smooching (ironically ignoring their lack of chemistry on Total Divas). Layla opens the door and catches the scene. Rather than throwing a tantrum, she just looks hurt and goes back into her dressing room.

Fandango has a match against Bo Dallas later in the evening. Layla does not accompany him to the ring, presumably due to the sight she witnessed earlier. But before the match can start, Summer excitedly runs down to the ring. She seems to think that she’ll be managing him. But literally the second the bell rings…Layla’s here! She attacks Summer from behind. Fandango tries to break the catfight up and gets hit by Layla accidentally. He is able to pull Summer off her. Layla goes to kick Summer but she ducks and Fandango gets kicked instead. Summer throws Layla out of the ring but then chooses to high-tail it to the back, Layla chasing after her. Amusingly, Bo looks like he’s about to comfort Fandango.


Did anyone else find this set-up a little odd? For the last couple of weeks, WWE seems to have set things up to make Summer look like the face and Layla the heel. But before that, the roles were pretty ambiguous – with Layla coming across sympathetic. And now again, WWE appear to be swerving us. It feels like I just watched a classic Face Heel Double Turn. The thing I noticed is that Layla seemed like the injured party here; it looked like we were supposed to side with her. When she saw Summer and Fandango kissing, she didn’t get mad or play off it like a heel should. Later on in the show, attacking Summer looked like a face taking justified revenge. What’s more is that it was Summer who fled the scene this time. In a brawl, the face usually wants to fight and the heel will be a coward and run away. If you want to read that extra bit into details, notice that Summer broke away from Fandango as soon as Layla caught them. That made it look like she was kissing him purely to mess with Layla and hurt her – or else they’re trying to portray her as embarrassingly desperate. Either this segment was badly planned or else WWE have changed their minds. Now they want Summer to be the heel and Layla the face? Personally I think that’s probably the way it should be. Summer is a good heel (though maybe could be a good face) while Layla is superior as a face. The actual grudge match between them would be a lot better with Summer heel and Layla face. Plus the division lacks strong heel Divas to possibly feud with Paige. Turning Summer face would only further diminish the ranks. But I don’t have any idea where WWE are going with this. They’re keeping us guessing anyway and I’m still extra excited to see Summer and Layla face each other.

  • daniel maldonado

    I think Layla & summer deserves a raise after this feud. this is easily the best feud ive seen out of the wwe in years. it shows just how good Layla is as an actress she looked devastated when she saw summer & fandango kiss and im not gonna lie I kinda felt sorry for her. I actually read that wwe was gonna so an angle in this feud where fandango would question his decision to leave summer for Layla. now we have a week to go till money in the bank. im kinda interested in what happens and how will this storyline conclude. does Layla dump fandango or will fandango end up with summer or Layla or will fandango dump both summer & Layla. I guess we’ll have to wait till raw and see. also another thing you can see fandango wasn’t exactly fighting summer off maybe he was enjoying it I guess.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Yeah they’re doing a good job of keeping us guessing with this. I’m really hoping that they make it to PPV. A lot of people are speculating that Fandango will end up dumping both of them a la Charlie Haas, Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie

      • daniel maldonado

        I could see that with him saying hes tired of all the drama between them and he just wants to move on. maybe he’ll debut a new girl out of this too.

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