WWE Divas, June 19th NXT Results – Bliss Breaks The Bank
Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2014

WWE Divas – June 19, 2014 NXT Results:

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss


Last week on NXT we saw the beginning of the end for the Beautiful Fierce Females – as they discovered they just don’t seem to work well in 6-Diva competition. But this week only one BFF will be in action. The Boss Lady Sasha Banks will be in singles competition – facing NXT’s newest Diva. Alexa Bliss challenged Sasha to a match last week. Already with a win over Alicia Fox under her belt, Alexa looks to prove herself on NXT. But with Charlotte and Summer Rae having to co-exist at ringside, Sasha may have her work cut out for her.

The BFFs bicker all the way down the ramp. Charlotte and Sasha especially aren’t giving Summer the time of day. Sasha also does a brilliant eye roll when Alexa’s music starts playing. Sasha shoves Alexa to start off and then puts her in a headlock. Shoulder tackle from Sasha, followed a nice lucha running spot. Alexa eventually takes over with a wheelbarrow arm drag, following up with her tilt-a-whirl small package and a dropkick. Alexa then delivers a monkey flip and goes for possibly a drop toe hold – but Sasha blocks and grabs her by the hair. Alexa gets back on top and goes for a headscissors…but Sasha counters into a backbreaker. She drives Alexa’s face into the canvas and now puts on a surfboard submission. But she’s forced to break the hold when she illegally grabs Alexa’s hair. Meanwhile at ringside, Summer Rae and Charlotte have gotten into an argument. Summer makes a crack about Charlotte’s hair being fake. This distracts Sasha and she has angry words with the two of them. Alexa sneaks up behind her and gets an O’Connor Roll for the win!

Winner: Alexa Bliss via O’Connor Roll

Sasha immediately leaves the ring and pushes Summer away. She’s arguing with Charlotte too. Summer screams abuse at her and walks off. Summer then poses on the ramp while Charlotte and Sasha don’t look pleased.

There’s also a backstage segment from Raw this week where Natalya is talking to NXT General Manager JBL. She suggests putting Tyson Kidd in a tag team with Sami Zayn.


Well now we see Alexa’s third match in front of the TV crowd. She’s already one of my favourite Divas and to see her go up against another of my favourites was a real treat. This was a much better showing from Alexa than in her two matches in the NXT title tournament. There she showed lots of potential but looked a bit ragged in places. Here I put it down to both having an experienced worker that knows what to do, as well as someone Alexa has likely worked with many times already. There were reports from a live event that Sasha and Alexa really impressed. This match does show little hints of a longer and more high energy bout that probably would have slayed. But live events are different ball games and here on TV they have to deal with time frames and multiple tapings. Alexa definitely performed very well, executing her moves nicely. The only thing that looked bad was that little moment before Sasha took control. It definitely looked like a miscue. I have no idea what they were going for but Sasha covered it up as best she could. Overall I was happy to see Alexa properly wrestling and not just hitting one or two spots, or get beaten around like a rag doll. Her selling was once again very good this week. She’s smaller than the rest of the girls and they seem to want to present her as this feisty underdog – so it’s good that she sells very well for her opponents. Her facials and movements when she was in the surfboard looked great. Alexa reminds me very much of former developmental Diva Angela Fong (later ECW’s Savannah). Both were former gymnasts and cheerleaders and both seemed to catch on to wrestling relatively quick. Alexa is already one of my ones to watch so I personally look forward to seeing more of her matches.

We also saw yet even more tension between the BFFs. I like how they aren’t automatically broken up after last week. WWE did have a tendency in the past to sort of rush break-ups. This time around the multiple tapings format probably helped them out a lot. It almost seems like the BFFs look to be imploding overall. Although Charlotte and Sasha were hostile towards Summer, there was fighting between the two of them as well. Although I would love for Sasha to turn back face and feud over the Women’s Championship, I expect her and Charlotte to sort things out. There is a lack of strong heels on NXT and so it’s more beneficial for Sasha to remain with Charlotte for the time being – until more girls can debut as heels. Speaking of which, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd lost their Tag Team Championships match. I see Tyson getting annoyed at Natalya for her meddling, resulting in her ultimately turning heel with him. There is a lack of heels on the main roster so Natalya could benefit from switching sides.

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