WWE Divas, Raw June 16th Results – Cameron Taps Out, Layla Powders Out
Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

WWE Divas – Raw June 16 Results:


It’s the start of a brand new week for the WWE Divas. We’ve got another PPV to build towards and at least one Diva feud going on. Last week we bid adieu to Aksana and seemingly Paige’s feud with Alicia Fox. The Divas’ Champion has a new opponent this week. The woman she defeated on Superstars a couple of weeks ago Cameron – has seemingly not learned her lesson. So the spunky cheerleader is getting Paige in a non-title match once again – with her partner Naomi feeling a little caught in the middle. Additionally, it will be the first time that Summer Rae and Layla will be in a sanctioned match; Layla teams with Fandango to face Summer and her partner of choice – Adam Rose.

Fandango & Layla vs Adam Rose & Summer Rae:

Kevin Hart is on commentary for this match – and he is blown away by Layla and Fandango being colour-coordinated. We get an extended replay of Layla attacking Summer during Main Event last week, as well as the catfight on Smackdown. Summer gets her own entrance and it’s decided the men will start the match. They lock up and Rose gets an O’Connor Roll. However Layla has made a blind tag and slaps Rose in the face. That’s all Summer needs to charge the ring and start brawling. Layla tags Fandango and then high-tails it out of the arena – with Summer running after her. Meanwhile in the ring, Adam Rose makes short work of Fandango with his Party Foul finisher. Afterwards Kevin Hart joins the Rosebuds in their partying.

Winners: Summer Rae & Adam Rose via Party Foul (on Fandango)


Paige vs Cameron

This match is all brought about by a segment on the WWE App – that pretty much went the same way as Cameron interrupting the press conference after Payback. Paige sells the animosity between them, daring Cameron to slap her. Then she gets a takedown into a cover. She then gives Cameron a succession of headbutts, followed by her series of knees to the chest. Cameron kicks out at two but decides to high-tail it around the ring. She then tries to make nice to Paige, offering a handshake. Paige shakes but Cameron kicks her downstairs. She goes outside the ring and slaps Paige right in the face. It’s Cameron’s turn for some hair pulling and abuse screaming – while Naomi looks on unimpressed. Cameron goes for a suplex but Paige reverses it with one of her own. Cameron is now cowering at the ropes but again gets a cheap shot by kicking Paige downstairs. However the champ punishes her with a trio of short-arm clotheslines and a dropkick. Paige slowly puts on the PTO and Cameron gives up.

Winner: Paige via PTO submission

Additionally you can watch a backstage argument between the Funkadactyls on Raw Fallout – showing even more of Cameron’s newfound bitchy side.


Starting off with the Summer/Layla stuff, I continue to enjoy what they give us every week. WWE have been thinking a little outside the box with this feud – doing more to progress it than just bland matches every week. I expected Summer Rae to pick Adam Rose as a partner based on what happened on Smackdown. But this wasn’t really about the match. I did enjoy that Layla got right in there and slapped Rose – to change things up a little. I’m impressed with WWE’s restraint. This is the first match the two have been in together – and they still haven’t given anything away. Having Layla run out of the arena was a nice touch and it kept the focus strictly on the Divas and their feud. I think it’s probably a safe bet that we will get a blow-off match at the Money In The Bank PPV. WWE have really put too much effort and thought into this feud to just end it on Raw or Smackdown. They also seem to be timing Summer properly turning face with her storyline on NXT. She didn’t come across as fully face yet – she just happened to be teaming with one. Again, I’m impressed with WWE’s restraint. I didn’t know they were capable of doing soft turns for the Divas any more.

Paige/Cameron was interesting to see – but it was left pretty up in the air whether or not it’s going anywhere. If they want Cameron to challenge for the title, then having her dominated and easily beaten by the champion probably isn’t the best way. But Cameron absolutely turned heel in front of the mainstream crowd. She’s teased it a couple of times on the C-shows but now it looks like it’s happening. This match isn’t really a good way to judge how Cameron will work in the ring as a heel – since all she did was sell for Paige. But she showed off some great character. She’s easily a great bitchy heel in the making. I don’t know if she will be Paige’s next challenger but I suppose it is something. The majority of fans have wanted Cameron to be a heel for ages – so WWE finally pulling the trigger on her could be something great. It’s all a mystery how this will factor in her partnership with Naomi. It could be interesting to see Cameron continue to chase the title and ultimately turn heel by defeating Paige. Then she could remain partners with Naomi for a bit before splitting them up for good. Or they could explore this on the side and have Paige feud with someone else. Either way, if we don’t see a big Funkadactyls grudge match on PPV I’ll be very disappointed.

  • daniel maldonado

    what are the chances we get a loser leaves wwe match at money in the bank. I think this feud would be 10 times better if they weren’t stuck fighting over fandango. they could’ve done Layla as the verteran diva a summer as the snobby young diva with no respect for the divas that came before her. imo fandango is a jobber and always will be. we’ll see what happens at main event & smackdown.

    • Bobby Calloway

      You’re probably not going to like what’s down in the Smackdown spoilers then. But then again this feud has been very creative and unpredictable. Fandango is lucky he had a Diva paired with him -- or else he would have lapsed into obscurity long ago

      • daniel maldonado

        I read the spoilers and I think its a very good twist in the storyline. especially when Layla caught fandango cheating on her with summer.

        • Bobby Calloway

          In hindsight it might be better to make Layla the face in this scenario. The division needs strong heels and Summer can be a credible title challenger. Plus the match would probably work better -- as face Layla is better in the ring

          • daniel maldonado

            it would be best if Layla wins the match and dumps fandango.

            • Bobby Calloway

              I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the outcome. Though they’ll probably stick Rosa with him after it’s over lol

              • daniel maldonado

                I want Layla to get on the microphone and say I don’t need you fandango you need me. without me no one cared about you and end with you and summer deserve each other and storms off.

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