WWE Divas, June 13th Smackdown Results – It’s Friday the 13th For Layla & Aksana
Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2014

WWE Smackdown, June 13 2014:

Alicia Fox vs Aksana


Well in the days since we last watched WWE programming, a routine purge of talent happened in the company. Along with JTG finally getting his pink slip, we’ve had to bid farewell to a Diva – former NXT contestant and blonde wig-wearing assassin Aksana. It seems oddly prophetic that on Raw we saw the abrupt and effective end of the Foxsana alliance. And now on Smackdown Aksana will be competing in her final match against Alicia Fox herself. There is also more development in the feud between Layla and Summer Rae.

Aksana sadly doesn’t get an entrance for her last match. Oddly Alicia Fox offers a handshake – Aksana slaps her instead. She hip tosses Alicia and hits two clotheslines, followed by a snap suplex. Alicia kicks out at two but falls prey to a duo of Aksana elbow drops. Alicia punches her in the face and goes for the scissors kick – but Aksana moves and hits the Devo Drop! Alicia kicks out at two and Aksana goes for a splash – but lands on Alicia’s knees. Northern lights suplex from Alicia for two. Chinlock on now but Aksana stunners Alicia to escape. Alicia is able to put the chinlock back on now but Aksana backs her into the corner. Alicia however connects with her scissors facebuster for the win! She celebrates by dancing and jumping around the ring, even trying to high-five a semi-conscious Aksana.

Winner: Alicia Fox via scissors facebuster

Later on in the show, Layla was at ringside as Fandango took on Adam Rose. The Exotic Express appeared to have recruited the infamous Gobbledegooker as one of the Rosebuds. After Fandango’s loss, the Gooker enters the ring and unmasks to reveal Summer Rae! Layla is too busy checking on Fandango to notice – but turns around and gets attacked! The two women catfight and Fandango pulls Layla away. Summer screams for Layla to come back and fight. Also check out a Summer Rae interview on Backstage Fallout.


I’m not used to Smackdown being so eventful. Starting off with Alicia/Aksana, it seems a little too coincidental that this was Aksana’s last match. She has yet to comment on her release; this coincidence gives me the suspicion that she could have asked to be let go. It was interesting to see her technically play the babyface in the ring for her last match. I like that she wasn’t automatically smiling and waving to fans. She was going against a heel and looked sympathetic but she played more of a tweener. She never got much of a chance to be a face in the ring on TV but she did okay here. She and Alicia worked well – and it was nice we got to see the two have a match at all. The spoiler reports simply said “Alicia Fox squashed Aksana” – so I wasn’t expecting to get a full match. I saw Alicia use that move a couple of times last year. Considering her hitting the scissors kick always goes 50-50, it’s a good idea to have another finisher ready. This one looked impactful and I could buy it as a finisher. She gets another win so this looks like WWE wants to keep pushing her (though there goes my theory of Paige vs Alicia vs Aksana). If you want to read my article about the highlights of Aksana’s career, click here.

I really loved the Summer/Layla stuff. WWE have really been thinking outside the box to promote this little feud. What I personally love is that all their segments and interactions have been fun and interesting – and they haven’t even had a match yet. Summer Rae is turning babyface before our eyes. I expected her to become one eventually – attractive long-legged blondes are kind of hard to boo forever – and I’m fully expecting Summer to start feuding over the Divas’ Championship before the end of the year. She’s a Diva that the creative team seem to be really high on. But before that, Summer has Layla to deal with. Given how much effort has been put into this little feud (compared to Summer & Fandango vs Emma & Santino), I think we’re going to see them go at it on PPV. If WWE are feeling especially generous they might even give us two Diva matches – if they can figure out what they’re doing with Paige. Oddly enough the first ever Money In The Bank PPV had two Diva matches – featuring Layla and Alicia Fox. Let’s see how things unfold on Raw.

  • daniel maldonado

    fandango is really becoming an afterthought in this feud. Layla & summer are getting more of a reaction than him. wwe should repackage him sooner or later. this feud just doesn’t disappoint I cant wait to see what happens on raw. I think they’ll have a grudge match at money in the bank then after that who knows. we’ll see what direction the wwe takes in this storyline. I think its kinda creative that theyre using twitter to help push the feud between the two.

    • Bobby Calloway

      yeah Layla and Summer are really making the most of this feud. I’m wondering if Adam Rose will be Summer’s partner to make this a mixed tag feud? Summer did sorta draw attention to him in her interview so you never know

      • daniel maldonado

        idk about adam rose vince isn’t too high on him and people are already calling him a flop. feud is fine the way it is imo. let summer & Layla continue the feud wether it be on tv or even on twitter. ive noticed they’ve also stopped doing the mixed tag matches at house shows with dolph & summer. a lot of people want the feud to continue till summerslam but I just don’t see it going that far. it will last till either money in the bank or battleground.

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