WWE Divas, June 12th NXT Results – Best Friends For Never
Posted on Friday, June 13th, 2014

WWE Divas – June 12, 2014 NXT Results:

Beautiful Fierce Females vs Bayley, Emma & Paige


Last week on NXT, Charlotte competed in her first match as NXT Women’s Champion – scoring a win over her former BFF Bayley. But things didn’t seem to bode so well for her so-called *current* BFFs. None other than Summer Rae, founder of the faction, made her return to NXT. Although the BFFs joined in a group attack, there were obvious signs of tension between them. As their luck would have it, this week they’re in 6-Diva tag action. Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks – the Beautiful Fierce Females – face Bayley, Emma and the WWE Divas’ Champion Paige.

We have time for the face team to get individual entrances. Additionally the BFFs are bickering all the way down the entrance aisle – and notably they come out to Charlotte’s music rather than Summer’s. Charlotte starts the match with Emma, forcing her into the corner. Emma however gets a head-mare and follows up with her slide under sunset flip. Charlotte punches her in the side of the face and gets a slap in response. Charlotte knees Emma downstairs and tags Sasha (refusing to tag Summer). Sasha likewise tags Charlotte. Emma ends up on the apron and throws a punch at Charlotte. However Sasha sneakily pulls her down while the ref is distracted. A “you’re a ratchet!” chant starts as they go to a commercial break.

When we return, Emma is being stomped by Summer. Charlotte angrily tags in and also tags Sasha. Snapmare from Sasha into a chinlock. Emma fights out and puts on the DIL-Emma. When the hold breaks, Emma tags Bayley and Sasha tags Charlotte. Bayley is on fire with Polish Hammers and a running shoulder block. She then hits Charlotte with an Exploder Suplex for two. Sasha breaks the pin and now the Divas’ Champion is in. Sasha is able to throw her out of the ring but gets thrown out by Bayley. Summer gets hit in the face too but Charlotte is able to sneak up behind Bayley with Charlotte’s Web. Bayley kicks out of the pin. Charlotte kicks Summer out of the ring but gets rolled up by Bayley for the win! Charlotte and Summer argue afterwards, Summer saying “I made you two!” and walking off.

Winners: Bayley, Emma & Paige via school girl roll-up (on Charlotte)

There’s also a backstage segment between Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Tyson will be challenging again for the NXT Championship – and Natalya will be in his corner. She’s excited that she gets to go out there with him. He tells her that the match is about the title and not her.


Later on in the match, Natalya remains neutral – until the end that is. A frustrated Tyson goes for a steel chair. Natalya says no to this and grabs the chair. This distraction causes Tyson to lose the match. Afterwards she goes into the ring to comfort him but he refuses to look at her.


Well the BFFs had their first (and most likely last) 6-Diva tag attempt. This appeared to mostly be the breather match on this set of tapings. The in-ring action was kept pretty basic, with none of the girls over exerting themselves. It was odd that Paige never tagged into the match at all. You’d think they’d have Emma start off, Bayley get worked on and Paige be the hot tag. Or else have Paige start the match or something. It just seems rather needless to have Paige in the match and not do anything. I did like the fact that they promoted Bayley as the ‘star’ of the team. She was the one to get the hot tag and pin Charlotte. It’s nice because Paige and Emma are on the main roster now, while Bayley is slowly working her way up NXT. Now she will become the top face – and this match did a nice job of promoting that. Meanwhile the match was more about the story between the BFFs. They’re not wasting any time getting them split up. Although Sasha and Charlotte did show tension before NXT Takeover, they seemed pretty united here. They appear to have banded together to kick Summer out of the group. Due to lack of heels on NXT, we might see the BFFs continue as a twosome for a little while longer. I expect Charlotte to feud with Bayley after their little beef with Summer is done.

It was also interesting to see Natalya involved in Tyson Kidd’s budding heel turn. I didn’t think her brief interview last week had a point but I guess she’ll be sticking around for this storyline. I’m never too crazy about real life couples being involved in domestics in wrestling storylines. But we’ll see how this one goes. They might use this as a way to turn Natalya heel on the main roster too.

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