Bobby Between The Ropes: The WWE Highlights of Aksana, Top Aksana Matches & Segments…
Posted on Thursday, June 12th, 2014


Another soldier down. Another one bites the dust. WWE opted to do some late spring cleaning this week – and one Diva fell victim to it. Aksana first entered the company in 2010 – and got her start on the all-Divas season of NXT. Although not quite the most polished talent ring-wise, Aksana has been a favourite among Diva fans. She has always been a highly entertaining character, whether it’s playing the ditzy blonde funny foreigner in FCW and NXT – or else the seductive femme fatale she evolved into on the main roster. Aksana entertained us for five years in WWE – so let’s take a look at her best matches and segments.

Best Segments:

Lithuania’s Got Talent – NXT Season 3 2010:

Aksana didn’t get off to the best start on NXT – at least in my opinion. I couldn’t actually stand her and had her down as the first to be eliminated. Then on the actual elimination episode, she participated in a talent contest. When Matt Striker asked her talent, she simply replied “push ups”. And then she revealed that she was able to support her entire body weight on only her arms. It was an impressive sight and one of many fun Aksana moments on the season. Personally I regard it as the moment that made me warm to Aksana slightly.

Ding! Catfight! – Bragging Rights 2010:

One of the benefits of being an NXT rookie was getting to appear with your pro on the main roster. This didn’t happen with too many of the Diva rookies, considering who their pros were. But Aksana’s was Goldust – and he got a feud with Ted DiBiase over the Million Dollar Championship. At the time DiBiase was being managed by Maryse. There had been a few comparisons between Maryse and Aksana – both blonde, bold and bilingual. So at the end of DiBiase’s PPV match with Goldust, Maryse attacked Aksana to provide a distraction that helped DiBiase get the win. Of course Aksana then used her wiles to make sure Goldust got a hold of the championship anyway. Skip to 8:58 in the video.

There Goes The Bride – NXT Season 3 2010:

Aside from Kaitlyn’s tiff with Vickie Guerrero and Maxine disagreeing with Hornswoggle, Aksana was the only Diva on NXT S3 to get an actual storyline. As a worker from Lithuania, she was informed that there were troubles with her green card. An immigration officer threatened to have her deported unless she sorted her problems out. In order to save her from getting beaten with shovels back in Lithuania, her pro Goldust popped the question. Although there were a few hitches involving Ted DiBiase and Maryse, the ceremony went ahead. When DiBiase revealed he had bought the minister, none other than Ted DiBiase Sr appeared on the scene – as he is actually a real life ordained minister. The couple were wed and…shock! Horror! Aksana turned heel by delivering a slap to her husband. As someone who was really into this storyline, I actually marked out for the slap.

Talk Show With Fists – FCW 2010:

A lesser-known highlight of Aksana’s career was the role she filled in FCW. Realising that she had a flair for comic timing, she was given her own talk show segment. The Aksana Show featured Aksana interviewing a member of the FCW roster – asking them inappropriate questions, pronouncing people’s names wrong and usually offending them so much they’d up and leave. My favourite episode of The Aksana Show had her interviewing then-general manager Maxine. In addition to having trouble reading the teleprompter, Aksana also offended Maxine by asking her about kissing Hornswoggle on the day of her wedding. And following the show’s running gag, Aksana’s musical guest Captain Lewis & the Gator Tail Band – were unable to make an appearance.

Getting Crap Past The Radar – Smackdown 2011:

When Aksana re-debuted on the main roster, she was now a mysterious raven-haired vamp. She appeared in Teddy Long’s office with some smooth jazz music playing as she would drop innocent innuendos. These segments lasted for about six months – and at the time I was more interested in when Aksana would be wrestling. But I did enjoy these little skits, especially Aksana getting to push the limits of PG television. My favourite of them featured Alicia Fox getting hired by Teddy to help Aksana out a lot (the birth of Foxsana you might say). How does Aksana react? By jumping up and down with delight that “you got Rihanna!”

Best Matches:

10) vs Naomi – NXT Season 3 2010:

Well Aksana was no stranger to ‘main eventing’ NXT as a contestant. But on the penultimate episode before she was eliminated, she went out rather nicely in the main event. This was a follow-on from Aksana leaving Goldust at the altar and turning heel. Naomi challenged her to a match, accusing her of being an Attention Whore (and four years later Aksana would get revenge by kneeing her in the eye). Oddly enough nowadays I found Naomi and Aksana to be two Divas that did not click in the ring; this is easily their best match. It was also Aksana’s first time working as a heel. Although showing that she was green, there were plenty of highlights. Kaitlyn was the one who said she found Aksana generic as a face and worked better as a heel. Comparing this to her other NXT S3 performances, I’d be inclined to agree.

9) vs Maxine – FCW 2010:

Actually following on from the episode of The Aksana Show – Maxine really didn’t enjoy being publicly offended. So as the acting FCW GM, she booked herself and Aksana in a match. Although I feel Aksana always played a better heel, this is probably the best performance from her as a face. She bumps and sells well for Maxine – and gets nice and fiery in her comeback. If she’d ever had a babyface run on the main roster, maybe she could have made it work for her. For some reason I don’t think her femme fatale character would have made for a good face though. Anyway Aksana has the match won before Goldust’s music plays in the arena – leading to Maxine nailing the distracted girl with an X-Factor to get the win.

8) vs Layla – Smackdown 2013:

After moving to the main roster, the majority of Aksana’s matches became ‘throwaway’. She was there to make her opponent look good – and she was good at her job. Aksana was chosen to face the hometown girl Layla when WWE journeyed to the UK last year. They had a rough five minute segment and yet they worked very well together. The spots were creative and Aksana’s offence was pretty unique. This may be the shortest match on this list – but I say quality over quantity. Aksana and Layla always had nice chemistry together and I appreciate the effort they put in for the UK crowd.

7) vs AJ Lee – FCW 2011:

Shortly before AJ Lee got the call-up to Smackdown, she was dominating the scene at FCW. As the reigning FCW Divas’ Champion, she had one or two loose ends to clear up before heading off to bluer pastures. Her challenger was the reigning Queen of FCW. Aksana had defeated Rosa Mendes for the crown and AJ was her next target. Although this was a heel vs heel match, it ended up being quite entertaining. At the time I was impressed with Aksana’s progress and it signalled a good reign as champion. In the end she had help from Maxine to distract AJ and hit the Devo Drop – becoming the first woman to be both the FCW Divas’ Champion and Queen of FCW at the same time.

6) vs Natalya – Superstars 2013:

Natalya had spent most of 2012 as a jobber to the faces, while Aksana had done the same. Now Natalya was a face once again and Aksana was finding her feet on the C-shows. If there was any Diva that could help Aksana out, it would be Natalya. Although this match was short, it showed some good chemistry between the two. Aksana dominated a good portion of the match like a pro, busting out creative holds and tactics to keep Natalya down. She also showed off her gobby side, mouthing off to the fans – as in taking the time to get actual heat. Before her knee could break Natalya’s eye too, the latter moved out of the way and got the win with her trusty Sharpshooter. A short bout but good indication of what Aksana could be capable of.

5) Foxsana vs The Bella Twins – Raw 2014:

When this year began, there was a sudden rumour that WWE were considering bring back the Women’s Tag Team titles. Whether there was any truth to this rumour, four Divas started behaving as if it were. The Bella Twins began a mini tag team rivalry with Alicia Fox and Aksana – affectionately dubbed ‘Foxsana’ by their fans. This was the third in a series of tag team matches between the foursome. Both teams showed great awareness of tag team chemistry and psychology. I always say there’s an art to tag team wrestling – and it’s always nice to see today’s Divas embracing it.

4) vs AJ Lee – NXT Season 3 2010:

Before AJ and Aksana faced off with the FCW crown jewels at stake, they had to deal with each other on NXT Season 3. This was an elimination episode, featuring the remaining four rookies against each other. Naomi had defeated Kaitlyn earlier in the night – so it was up to AJ to keep the spirit of the Chick Busters up. AJ and Aksana – despite being green – put on a highly entertaining and creative match. It’s also very watchable despite the annoying commentary team refusing to actually call the action. Although Aksana bent AJ up like a pretzel, it would be the Geek Goddess who got the win – forcing Aksana to submit to the move that would eventually become the Black Widow.

3) vs Natalya – Superstars 2013:

As the year drew to a close, these two would face off again on a C-show. Aksana had shortened her hair – and in exchange had been granted a longer match. Earlier in the year they had given us a taste of a potential hard-hitting affair. Now in the spirit of the holiday season, they delivered past expectations. Natalya could get a good match out of anyone but she really brought the best out in Aksana. The Lithuanian dominated and dominated some more, producing one of her most physical matches in WWE yet. Now a few months later, it’s one of the many highlights of her ring career she can give to her fans.

2) vs Layla – NXT 2012:

Up until this point, Aksana had been used sparingly on television; she had been dumped by Antonio Cesaro and had some rather patchy performances in the ring – showing some obvious ring rust since she had left FCW. But along came a match on the new NXT (before Divas got storylines there) that showed fans she might not be a lost cause. The match came about through a badly acted backstage segment where Aksana insulted Layla’s hair. Now you remember how I praised the two earlier for delivering a lot in a short space of time. Well here they got more time and they gave us even more. It’s one of my personal favourite Layla matches too. This was considered to be a potential title match for that year’s Money In The Bank PPV – so here’s very well something we could have got on PPV. Layla of course got the win with her Bombshell kick.

1) vs Natalya – Main Event 2014:

Well Aksana’s best match is a recent one; it came shortly after the match where she injured Naomi’s eye on Raw. So much like the match above, Aksana had some more heat to shake off. She faced the Ultimate Dungeon Diva in what many fans suggested was the first MOTY candidate for 2014. They took what was good about their previous Superstars match and just made it better. Going back to when I first recapped it, I gave them rave reviews. It was competitive, physical, entertaining and very back-and-forth. I didn’t even know Aksana was capable of producing a match like this. After many near falls and false finishes, Natalya blocked Aksana’s kick after her Catwoman Crawl – and made her submit to the Sharpshooter.

Well Aksana’s time in WWE was both eventful and lacking. The majority of her ‘Best Segments’ happened when she first arrived in the company. And the matches I listed happened mainly on Superstars. Not to mention she only won one of them. Aksana was a Diva that had a lot to offer WWE and you could always get the feeling that they were just waiting to pull the trigger on her. There were signs that their attitude towards her was changing – this year in particular. But after getting dumped by Cesaro, Aksana never really found her niche again. She wrestled and improved but WWE never saw fit to use her as anything more than enhancement talent. I could have feasibly seen her as a Divas’ Champion one day. She brought a lot of character and personality to all her matches. She was a Diva that was in full control of her personality – and knew how to present herself. But of course farewell Živilė Raudonienė; I personally enjoyed your five years with us. And I’m sure plenty of other fans did as well.


  • daniel maldonado

    Layla gave a nice farewell to aksana on her twitter she tweeted. “I had some of my Fav & best matches with @WWEAksana that never made Tv … Blessed to have worked with You” you can tell they were friends behind the scenes and this is one part of the business im sure they dread. it sucks seeing a friend lose their jobs and hopfully aksana can find work in another company if not find success else where.

    • Bobby Calloway

      I saw that tweet. I found it very beautiful and I agree. Layla and Aksana really did gel together in a nice way -- I would have liked to see Lay defend her title on PPV against her. You can actually see videos of some of their house show matches -- they are really good.

      • daniel maldonado

        yea I remember the tout videos they used to make hyping up their house show matches and you could tell they were having fun making those videos. I kinda wondered why that fued never got past just house show matches.

        • Bobby Calloway

          How long is a piece of string haha. I guess we can be happy that two made it to TV. They showed lots of chemistry together

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